The plot for the Nintendo Switch version of Starlink: Battle for Atlas.


Star Fox meet Starlink

Fox following in his Zero design.

The game is set in the Atlas star system located in the Taurus constellation. Early on in the game, the players' mother ship, Equinox, was ambushed by The Forgotten Legion and crashed on a nearby planet. The captain of the ship was taken hostage by the Legion. The Forgotten Legion, lead by Grax, was obsessed with an extinct race called The Wardens, who had left a lot of their ancient technology behind. Grax, who wants to use such technology for his own legion, will become a constant threat that the player must face throughout their journey.

Exclusive to the Nintendo Switch version, is the cross over of the Star Fox series, where Fox McCloud, Falco Lombardi, Peppy Hare and Slippy Toad provide aid to the main Starlink characters while on their mission to hunt down Wolf O'Donnell. Originally, Fox commentated that Wolf was working alone, and wasn't in league with Andross, meaning he was operating independently. In an April 2019 update for the game, this turned out not to be the case as Leon Powalski, Pigma Dengar, and Andrew Oikonny joined in on Wolf's plans, requiring Fox's respective teammates to get involved against them.

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