The Star Wolf team's role played in the games tends to be mission bosses, playable characters or supporting characters.

Star Fox 64 logo
SF64 Fortuna Wolf CLYDTSF

Star Wolf's appearance on Fichina (Fortuna) in Star Fox 64.

In Star Fox 64 and the 3DS release, Star Wolf appear at Fichina, Venom II and may appear at Bolse. Their arrival is hinted after certain cutscenes and when the music stops (or in the case of Venom II, doesn't play at all) and their leitmotif begins.
  • Wolf always targets Fox persistently, while remarking that he'll be seeing his dad soon. The fact that Wolf and Fox know each other hints that their rivalry has been going on for years, but the strategy guide hints that they may never have become enemies if not for Pigma's influence.
  • Leon always tails Falco, proclaiming that Falco is an "annoying bird" and he is the "Great Leon"
  • Pigma chases hold old wing mate Peppy without remorse, while taunting Fox to shoot him, calling him "little man".
  • Andrew goes after Slippy, telling him to: "Stick to the pond" and boasting about not being afraid of Fox, as well as telling him to bow before the great Andross.

Official Site descriptions

Funded and equipped by Andross, the Star Wolf team is a group of elite evil pilots who defend the key routs to Venom. The Star Wolf team is lead by Wolf O'Donnel, a vicious pilot who seems to be trying to prove that he is as good a pilot as Fox McCloud. Other members include the traitorous Pigma Dengar, who led Fox's father James McCloud into Andross's clutches; Leon Powalski, a mysterious reptilian pilot who likes to make his opponents suffer before he destroys them, and Andrew Oikonny, whining nephew of Andross. The Star Wolf team always flies the most advanced version of Andross's "Wolfen" class starfighters. These starfighter prototypes may even be superior to the Star Fox team's Arwings….
—Star Fox
The evil ying to Star Fox team's yang, this fearsome foursome of mercenary pilots have been recruited by Andross to hinder the progress of Fox and his team.
—Star Fox 64

Star Wolf Team

The war at Bolse is hardly a struggle until the fearsome foursome zoom in to put an end to the Star Fox team. Wolf, Pigma, Leon and Andrew know that they're the only ones who are left to stop you and your team from reaching Andross's home on Venom. They're not about to fail their boss, so they'll tail your Arwings like a vapour trail. Stay undaunted and rabidly dogfight your rivals, because their demise is your ticket to scoring at least 150 hits. Once you've started to disable Bolse's core, the battlefield will become frenzied with laser fire, son concentrate on downing the Star Wolf team before focusing your efforts on destroying Bolse. "Playtime is over," Wolf taunts. Make those his last words.
—Official Nintendo Power Player's Guide, pg 57
This is the final showdown between you and your longtime rival. If not for Pigma's influence, you may never have become enemies. Who knows? In another time, another place, you might have called him friend…
—Official Nintendo Power Player's Guide, pg 111

Star Fox Assault
Star Wolf Assault Sargasso

Star Wolf leave the scene.

In Assault, Star Wolf appear as the boss of Mission 3, arriving after every transfer device is destroyed.
  • Wolf as usual will go after Fox until he is shot down, where he will say: "You ain't your father after all…".
  • Panther will stay near Krystal but will not attack her, and will say after shooting him: "Make me mad and your life's as good as gone."
  • Leon will stay near Falco and will ask after he is shot by Fox: "Who do you think I am?".

When they are shot down and the mission is complete, Wolf reveals that Pigma was fired from the team and if he came near the hideout he would have been driven out. Panther is taken by Krystal and he slip gives where the team will find Pigma next.

In Missions 7, 8 and 10, Star Wolf appears with different motives and will shoot down aparoid enemies. Wolf saves Fox's life and takes him wing-riding for the remainder of the mission. In the final mission, if they player holds out long enough against the last aparoid defence, Star Wolf will lead them away to allow Star Fox to reach the Aparoid Queen.

Star Fox Command
Star Wolf Command

Star Wolf appearing on the challenge monitor.

Star Wolf, the true rivals of Star Fox, continued to be involved in dirty dealings. Their work soon caught the attention of the Cornerian military, who put a massive bounty on their heads…
—In-game backstory intro

Star Wolf return in Command where they survived the aparoid war and have become wanted fugitives with high bounties on their heads. Selecting creation paths will cause them to be encountered by Fox, and they play pivotal roles in three of the nine endings.

Fichina: Fog of War

After arriving on Fichina, liberating the planet from the Anglar forces, Star Wolf, who at this point are worried about the bounty that has been placed on them, emerge and attack Fox and Slippy despite Fox inisting they didn't come to collect their bounites and Wolf saying arguing makes him cranky, but subsequently lose. Fox tells them he is too busy to deal with them now.

Fichina: Former Rivals

Fox heads to Fichina in order to try and convince Wolf to join in his cause. Despite R.O.B.'s somewhat pessimistic outlook on the likelihood of Wolf's assistance, Fox continues onwards, only to find that the Anglar forces have invaded here as well.

After eradicating the Anglar settlers, Star Wolf emerge to attack Fox thinking that he came to collect the bounty on their heads, telling Fox that talking is for: "little girls and tea parties", but they too are defeated. After Fox won the battle, Panther instead claims that he actually merely grew bored, but Wolf then orders Panther to take his defeat like a man. When the skirmish is over, Fox asks Wolf if he will attack the Anglar forces with him. Despite his obvious disdain at the prospect, Wolf agrees, but also inquires as to whether he will be paid. The two then head to Solar to reunite with Falco (The Red-Hot Planet).

Venom: Star Wolf Returns

After stealing Andross's neutralizing device from Star Fox, Wolf returns to his team (with ROB 64 since there are now more Star Fox characters left). Leon is delighted to know the world will call them heroes after tired of being saddled with a horrible rep, wanting flowers and a parade. Wolf immediately orders ROB to fire the device into the Venom Sea, while Panther asks Krystal if she is still stuck on Fox, but she claims she's done with him before they leave for Venom to clear the Anglars and defeat the Emperor.

In the aftermath, Star Wolf had taken on the world and emerged triumphant, believing they can stride large upon the world with their heads held high. Wolf and Krystal however feel bad because they cheated star Fox out of their victory. Leon doesn't believe Wolf's negativity, think its because Wolf was getting too close to Fox McCloud, but Wolf deneis it by responding with: "Not in a million years!". The entire team rejoice in their efforts: Leon is pleased to shed the fugitive label once and for all, Panther is glad to know they can walk down the streets any other citizen, but asks Krystal if something bothering her, but insists that she's part of Star Wolf and proud of it, Wolf can't wait to see the look the general's face. ROB then sets a course for Corneria.

Boss wolfen

In Star Fox Zero, Star Wolf return acting as they did before in previous games. Using Wolfen identical to the ones seen in Star Fox 64 3D, the ships are highlighted with arrow headed lettered initials above indicating the pilot, being W (Wolf) L (Leon) P (Pigma) and A (Andrew). Pigma retreats after taking enough damage promising to settle his score with Fox later while Caiman protests that they had a deal. Wolf also retreats after taking enough damage in Sector Alpha while the rest of his teammates are shot down in the same mission, alluding to Wolf's earlier role in Star Fox 2.

Team Star Wolf

A fearsome foursome of mercenary pilots who have been recruited by Andross to stop the Star Fox team by any means necessary.
—Star Fox

Star Wolf Team

The Wolf Team in Star Fox 2.

Star Fox 2 was set to mark the team's debut under the name of the Wolf Team and the Star Wolf wing. Since the game's elements were adopted by Star Fox 64 it is likely that their roles were pretty much similar. Their roles in Star Fox 2 are the same; they were hired by Andross to take out the Star Fox team, yet each member is fought individually instead of all at once, and a different member named Algy (who appears on harder difficulties) takes the place of Andrew Oikonny. The order for easy mode is: Pigma, Leon, and Wolf. Wolf is always fought last in every difficulty, and is the penultimate boss of Star Fox 2. With the exception of Wolf, all members are shot down when defeated, similar to their later appearances (Wolf instead retreats, much to Andross's annoyance).

Mysterious Mercenary Squadron, Star Wolf description

Not much is known about the shadowy squad of unscrupulous mercenaries known as Star Wolf. Bankrolled by Andross, this four-person team are wanted and feared throughout the galaxy, and will stop at nothing to achieve their goals.
—Official Nintendo Website

Theme Music

StarFox 64 3D - Star Wolf Theme Extended

StarFox 64 3D - Star Wolf Theme Extended

The Star Wolf leitmotif has made an appearance in every one of the team's appearances (except for Star Fox 2, which uses a different theme altogether).
  • The Star Wolf theme first appears in Star Fox 64, followed by an orchestra remake for Star Fox: Assault and then returning for Star Fox 64 3D and Zero.
  • The theme returns as the Star Wolf team boss battle and Wolf's personal theme during his gameplay in Star Fox Command.
  • The theme also appears in Super Smash Bros. Brawl in a new version and the Star Fox: Assault version is included as an unlockable soundtrack.
  • The theme returns in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U, included in a version mixed with the Sector Z theme. Ironically, Sector Z and Fichina share themes as well as Star Wolf appearing mainly at Fichina in Star Fox 64, and the Wolfen make cameos in the original Super Smash Bros.' Sector Z stage.


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