Star Warriors are starfighters manufactured in the weapons labs on Macbeth and utilised by the Venom Army's space fleets during the Lylat Wars.


Star Warriors are star-arrow sharped star fighters (hence the name) that tend to fly in rotation, sometimes in a formation of six. They have only been sighted at the Venom air defence zone.

Star Warriors

These Venom Fighters are using a new tactic:linking together to form a star-shaped mega-figher. This gives their weapons far greater range and power than usual. Take them out with two charged lasers or one bomb. The payoff is a Laser Upgrade.
—Official Nintendo Power Player's Guide, pg 104

Andross on Line 1

That's not ROB 64 on the com-link, that's Andross! The vile monkey has tapped into ROB's subspace frequency just to taunt you. Since you're busy with a squadron of fighters (hit them with charged, by the way), just ignore his hail.
—Official Nintendo Power Player's Guide, pg 103

Medal Tips

You may not have many bombs by time you reach this stage, but these high explosives will come in handy to destroy missiles and the ships that link up into one. You can destroy the big cruisers by shooting them in the bridge, but it takes a lot of shots. Be sure to clear their decks of guns before you go after the bridge. Good luck getting this medal; it is one of the toughest in the game!
—Star Fox

In the games

Star Fox 64 logo.png
With Butterflies, Rock Gunners, Vipers and Venom Space Fighters, Star Warriors were stationed at the Venomian air defence zone where they appeared in two of the three space fleets. They notably appeared just as Andross attempted to contact Fox McCloud to offer discouraging threats. A squad of six linked together just before the third and last line where they tried to combine firepower for greater effect.

Assault logo.png

Star Warriors in "Assault".

Star Warriors also appear in "Assault", as star fighters in the army of Andrew Oikonny. These Star Warriors have a powerful thrust engine, allowing it to dart from place to place before unfurling its claws to attack. Its weapon system is a large concentrated plasma bolt cannon located in the center of the body. The armor is capable of taking four or five derect hits before giving. Often they attack singly, in pairs, or in groups of three. Usually one or two hits can take off a wing.

Star Warriors reappear in "Star Fox Zero" under the name Venom Fighter III.


  • The name Star Warriors, is also shared with particular members of the Galaxy Soldier Army in the English dub of the Kirby anime, which coincides with that they are both members of space armies within the Nintendo universe. However, the Kirby anime was not released until 2002, five years after the release of "Star Fox 64", but also the same year as related games "Super Smash Bros. Melee" and "Star Fox Adventures".