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The Star Fox Zero Official Strategy Guide published by DK/Prima Games is a comprehensive guide to Star Fox Zero. The guide has six sections.

Character Gallery:

Introductions to the in-game characters.

Star Fox:

Fox McCloud, Peppy Hare, Slippy Toad, Falco Lombardi, ROB 64 and DIRECT-I


General Pepper, Katt Monroe, Bill Grey,

Enemy of Peace:


Star Wolf:

Wolf O'Donnell, Pigma Dengar, Andrew Oikonny and Leon Powalski.

Flight School:

Details of the Arwing, Walker, Gyrowing, Landmaster, Gravmaster and Roadmaster, as well as how to play the game.

Story Mode:

A full guide of the in-game Missions and how to successfully play the game.

Satellite Missions:

A guide to the secret Missions and the requirements.

Andross's Army:

A gallery of the in-game enemies, ranging from Andross's air force, ground force, artillery and wildlife.

Medal Checklist:

A full chart of in-game Medals to acquire.