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The complete list of in-game script and quotes of Star Fox Zero.

Opening Story

SF0 Star Fox Team Intro

Fox's team in the opening story.

Fox: The name's Fox. Fox McCloud. I'm the leader of Star Fox, an elite fighter squadron established by ex-Cornerian flying ace, James McCloud, my father.

5 years ago, my father was hired by General Pepper of the Cornerian army to investigate strange activities on planet Venom. He never returned. Despite being a backwater, little rock in space, Venom had become the base of operations for Andross, a crazed and banished scientist.

3 pilots flew out on that mission: My father, James, his best friend and wingman, Peppy Hare, and Pigma Dengar, an honorless slime-ball who 'volunteered' for the assignment. Turns out, Pigma was working for Andross the whole time. No one saw it coming.

Pigma betrayed Peppy and my father, and led them straight into a trap. In the chaos that followed, my father sacrificed himself to create a diversion so Peppy could escape. Barely making it home with his life, Peppy knew it fell upon him to report the courageous last moments of James McCloud.

At the same time, he delivered the news that Andross had amassed a terrifyingly huge army, and intended to conquer the entire Lylat System... And so began the Lylat Wars.

5 years have passed. The battle between the Cornerian army and Andross's forces is spreading to every planet in the Lylat System. To carry on my father's legacy, I brought Star Fox out of retirement. I've got the latest technology, and I'm filling the team with pilots I know I can trust.

Slippy Toad, a close friend and a gifted mechanic... Falco Lombardi, a hotshot flyboy who's got your back when the going gets tough... Peppy Hare, my father's old wingman, a seasoned pro, and the glue that holds the team together.

That brings us to today. While en route to planet Corneria, we received an urgent message from General Pepper. Apparently, Andross's army appeared out of nowhere, and launched a full-scale attack on our once peaceful capital. Now's our chance to honor my father's legacy and restore the Star Fox name.

You hear that, Andross? We're coming for you!

Mission 1

Corneria: Enter Star Fox

  • Fox: Entering Corneria's orbit.
  • Peppy: *sigh* It's been too long.
  • Slippy: Uh-oh, looks like trouble down there.
  • Fox: Urgent message from General Pepper!
  • Pepper: Star Fox, do you read me? We're under attack from Andross' army! We need your help immediately!
  • Falco: Guess we'll have to save the sightseeing for another time.
  • Fox: Check your G-Diffuser system!
  • Falco: Falco here. I'm fine. / Keep your reticle calibrated, Fox.
  • Peppy: This is Peppy. All systems go.
  • Slippy: Slippy here. I'm OK.
  • Peppy: Let's get goin'!
  • Fox: All right, boys, let's rock and roll!

Hurry to Corneria City

  • Peppy: I've never seen anything like that! Everybody, stay alert!
  • Fox: We're entering Corneria City now!
  • Slippy: Follow me!
  • Peppy: Slippy, get back here!
  • Slippy: A ring! Grab it if you need to refill your shield gauge.
  • Slippy: Whoa!
  • Slippy: Watch out, Fox! Use your boost!
  • Slippy: Help, Fox! I'm being chased!
  • Slippy: Good work, Fox! Keep it up!
  • Slippy: Charge your laser to take on tougher enemies.
  • Falco: Looks like they sent a welcoming party. Should we say hello?
  • Falco: On second thought, let's take the back way.

Hurry to Corneria City

  • Peppy: 'Is everyone alright?'
  • Slippy: Whoa, the tower's in bad shape...
  • General Pepper: 'Star Fox, I'm glad you made it! I'm holed up on the top floor! You must help!'

Mission 2

Sector Alpha: Frenzied Firefight

Destroy the Cannons

  • Falco: Heads up! The enemy fleet's closing in on our position.
  • Peppy: Do a barrel roll!
  • Peppy: They're targeting the Cornerian Fleet!
  • Cornerian Soldier: Thanks for the save, Star Fox!/Noooooooooo! (if fox doesn't save the ship)
  • Slippy: They just keep coming!
  • Cornerian Soldier: Thanks, Star Fox! /Aaaagh! (if fox doesn't save the ship in time)
  • Peppy: I let my guard down! Help me out!
  • Peppy: You're improving, Fox! That's what I like to see.
  • Falco: Fox! Eyes up top!
  • Falco: Man, that was a close one./ Cornerian Solider: Waaaah! (if fox doesn't save the ship in time)
  • Slippy: You can't run from me!
  • Slippy: Ha! You've been SLIPPED! / HEY!.. That was MY moment! (if fox downs Slippy's chosen targets)
  • Pigma: Come and get me! ('sub-mission)
  • Fox: Stay sharp! We've reached the heart of the enemy fleet!
  • Fox: OK, guys, I'm headin' in!
  • Peppy: Roger that. We'll clean up out here.
  • Slippy: Be careful, Fox!
  • Rob 64: Walker functionally engaged. The Walker allowes for more maneuverability in cnfined spaces

Infiltrate the Warship

  • Shogun pilot: Uhh, Commander? Yeah.. They've...broken into the ship.
  • Forever Train engineer: Hmph!... If he wants to meet his doom, then send in the attack robots!
  • Forever Train engineer: Looks like we've caught a Fox. It's the end of the line for you!
  • Rob 64: Tilt the right stick down to hover.
  • Rob 64: Tilt the right stick up to dash.
  • Forever Train engineer: Keep him back, you fools!
  • Shogun pilot: Uhh, Commander? Yeah.. They've...broken into the ship.
  • Forever Train engineer: Hurry and lock him out! Don't let him reach the reactor!
  • Peppy: Blow up that energy source!
  • Fox: This must be the power source.
  • Slippy: Enemy Shield analyzed.
  • Falco: Close enough for you?
  • Fox: All craft, check in!
  • Peppy: You're really coming into your own, Fox.
  • Falco: We took care of the rest while you were gone.
  • Slippy: Woo-hoo!

Mission 3

Space Colony Area 3 - The Key to Victory

  • Caiman: Huh...? Battle formations! NOW!
  • Falco: Gotcha!

Hurry to the Colony

  • Fox: Let's head toward the colony!
  • Pepper: We can't let the enemy take back the Gigarilla!
  • Slippy: Woah! The colony's completely surrounded!
  • Falco: I say we take 'em head-on. C'mon, let's go, Fox!
  • Fox: Switching to all-range mode. Let's take the offensive!
  • Caiman: You guy again?! You beat us on land, but we're unbeatable in space!

Defeat 30 enemies

  • Caiman: What?! They can beat us in space too?!
  • Pigma: Well, if it isn't the usual goody-goodies! Come to muck things up for us?
  • Fox: Wait a second-Pigma?! What are you doing here?
  • Pigma: I'm here for a job, of course! And looks like I get to have a little fun.


  • Pigma: You can't beat me! I'VE got a better ship./ Too bad Dad's not here to see ya fail./Hey! stop treatin' me like a pork roast!

Pigma Withdraws

  • Pigma: That wasn't half-bad... This was just a warning! Next time, you won't be so lucky!
  • Caiman: Where are you going?!  No!.. I can't BELIEVE we have to retreat again.
  • Fox: Pigma really slow down. Quick! To the colony!

Activate the Gigarilla

  • Gen. Pepper: Andross's army is attempting to recover the Gigarilla. The good news is we've already overwritten its programming. The bad news is we need specialized vehicle to activate it. That's where you come in, Fox. Retrieve the vehicle right away!
  • Falco: Head to the underground hanger, Fox!
  • Slippy: I got one!
  • Gen. Pepper: There it is. The Gigarilla. You must prevent Andross from taking it back!

Gyrocopter Tutorial

  • Rob 64: That is the Gryowing, a vehicle built for high-tech utility purposes. The controls are simple. Tilt the Right Stick up or down to ascend or descend and left or right to turn. The Gyrowing has an onboard robot named Direct-i. Press the A Button to lower it.
  • Gen. Pepper: Fox! The clock is ticking!
  • Rob 64: Hold the ZL Button to look directly below you. Direct-i can hack into computer systems. Opening this hatch is as easy as 3.1415926...

Hatch opened

  • Falco: Where you been, Fox? Andross wants his Gigarilla back!
  • Slippy: Hurry, Fox! Do something!
  • Rob 64: Do not exhibit concern. Access the tower to restore power to the colony.
  • Direct-i: Analysis in progress.../ Accessing Computer!

Power Restored

  • Rob 64: Power and communications have been restored to the colony. The Gigarilla is ready to be rebooted.
  • Peppy: That's the way, Fox!
  • Direct-i: Analysis in progress... Operation systems activated!
  • Gen. Pepper: Good! The Gigarilla is fully operational!

Mission 6

Sector Gamma (γ): Cooperhead Chaos

  • Gen. Pepper: Andross has launched missles from Fichina! They're currently passing through Sector γ. You must stop them before they reach their destination!
  • Fox: Moving out!


  • Gen. Pepper: Star Fox! We located one of Andross's portals! He's using as a wormhole to launch us a surpise missle attack!
  • ROB 64: Enemy missiles ahead. Destroy them before they reach the portal.
  • Peppy: That them?
  • Fox: Nothing like a challenge. Let's take them down! 
  • Falco: I hear you!
  • Slippy: Say good-bye, missiles!
  • Falco: It's working!
  • Peppy: Nice! It's breaking apart!
  • Slippy: Look! More weak points have been exposed!
  • ROB 64: Distance: 100./ Distance: 50./ Distance: 30/ Distance: 20/ Distance: 10.
  • Falco: Don't celebrate just yet!
  • Peppy: We need to boost!
  • Peppy: Bogey on your tail! Use your brakes!
  • Fox: (death scream) / ( if too close to the missile's explosion)
  • Fox: Missile destoryed! Moving to engage the next one!
  • ROB 64: Unidentified threat heading for the Great Fox. Enemy drones have been attached to the hull of the Great Fox.
  • ROB 64: Good job/ (if the enemy drone gets destroyed before it reaches the Great Fox)
  • Fox: Is the Great Fox alright?
  • ROB 64; The Great Fox cannot sustain any more damage.
  • ROB 64: All enemy drones have been destroyed. The Great Fox is safe.
  • Peppy: Take care of those missiles, will ya?/Falco: I'll deal with the pests/ Slippy: Fox! you go for the missiles!
  • Fox: One more to go. Let's take it down!/ Looks like this is the last one. Let's do it!
  •  ROB 64: A new threat has been detected. Enemy drones have been attached to the hull of the Great Fox.
  • Peppy: I can't shake this drone critter! Help me out, Fox!/ Falco: I got an enemy drone right on top of me!/ Slippy: HELLLLLP! A drone's almost through my shields!...
  • Peppy: You saved my hide! Now let's go take care of those missiles/ Falco: I HAD it covered, Bu-but thanks, Fox. Slippy: Thanks, Fox. I...nearly croaked back there.
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