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The Star Fox Mission File Printout (任天堂公式ガイドブック スターフォックス ライラット防衛作戦指令書, Nintendo Kōshiki Guide Book Star Fox Lylat Bōei Sakusen Shireisho) is a Japanese strategy guide for the 1993 Super Famicom title Star Fox. It has notable elements that set it apart from other contemporary strategy guides, including artwork by Benimaru Itoh and a similar (but different) extension to the storyline as the Western comic adaptation. These "expanded universes" were discarded from the game series' canon starting with Star Fox 64.



The Lylat System had only known peace for over a century, but that all changed when Emperor Andross launched a massive campaign to take over the Lylat System, all in an effort to conquer Corneria, the world that driven him into exile. The Cornerian Defense Force was no match against the Imperial Guard - they had to resort to the Arwing, the latest combat fighter spacecraft equipped with G-Diffuser technology, but only a rare type of pilot can handle the Arwing.

The general of Corneria, Pepper, already decided he would entrust the Arwings to a band led by Fox McCloud, a chivalrous bandit who attacked only ships of the Imperial Guard from his base on the frontier planet Papetoon. This is the same Fox who was the son of his dear comrade, Fox McCloud Senior, who had disappeared into a Black Hole. Pepper contacted the bandits via hologram, careful to appeal to their pride. As Fox's allies were low on money despite their small victories and Fox himself recognized Andross as the cause of his father's disappearance, they accepted.

Two of the cornerian pilot borrowing Arwing to help.jpg

As Pepper expected, the bandits had no trouble piloting the Arwings and brought out their full potential. Fox's abilities inherited from his father and his teamwork skills proved invaluable, so Pepper did not doubt they would be the ones to bring peace back to the Lylat System. The general briefed the group on Lylat's current situation via a document containing valuable intelligence that had been acquired by the talented reconnaissance personnel Desslar Coba and Bear Noguccini. Overlooking the file, they discovered that Desslar and Bear were two of the most capable members in the Lylat Defense Force and had previously embarked in cutting-edge Arwing scouting vessels, using ether wave transmissions to broadcast round-the-clock visuals of the military theatre and information on the Imperial Guard. Until their mysterious disappearance, that is...

Flight Recorder 1

Sergeant Fox (McCloud) Senior (フォックス・シニア軍曹), Fox McCloud's father, was on the tail of some fearsome space pirates in the Asteroid Belt when he spotted an asteroid with a mischievous smiling face. He narrowly missed hitting it, but then it suddenly opened into a tiny Black Hole vortex. He went missing, and debris identified as pieces of his ship was later recovered at the Sector Y, Sector Z and Venom areas. It is now thought that the Black Hole was the result of Andross's experiments gone unchecked.

Flight Recorder 2

Sergeant Bear Noguccini (ベア・ノウグッチーニ軍曹), in an Arwing converted as an "M Scouter" (Mスカウター), explored Sector Y when he encountered a gigantic blue whale floating through space. He felt safe because the benign creature was offering him energy for his spacecraft. His communication then stopped short as he gave a yell of surprise. It is believed that there are unexplained disturbances in the area.

Flight Recorder 3

Sergeant Desslar Coba (デスラ・コバー軍曹), in an Arwing converted as an "M Scouter", reported seeing an unknown bird-like alien with huge wings deep within the Asteroid Belt. When Desslar Coba thought it would be intriguing to take a closer inspection, his transmission cut off abruptly as he felt a warping sensation and was never heard from again. It was deemed dangerous to approach any lifeforms matching that description.

Benimaru Itoh illustration in the instruction booklet.


  • In this early depiction, James (or "Fox Senior") appears to be a member of the Cornerian military.
  • The name Desslar Coba (デスラ・コーバ) was reused in an official Japanese Star Fox 64 guide book, in which the pilot discovered the Warp Gates in the Asteroid Field and nearly crashed into Katina.
  • The guide book is advertised on the last page of the original Japanese Star Fox manual, with a Benimaru Itoh picture of Fox holding the "Star Fox Mission".


『任天堂公式ガイドブック スターフォックス ライラット防衛作戦指令書』 小学館 、 1993年 。 ISBN 4-09-102424-6

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