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Defeat waves of rampaging robots via hi-tech wall-mounted cameras in Star Fox Guard, a fun and frantic game that comes with the retail version of the Star Fox Zero game.
1. Planning is key. Set up your cameras to help protect Grippy Toad's mining facility.
2. Use your cameras to locate the robotic invaders and blast away!
3. Stay alert because you never know what menace might show up in your next mission.
—Star Fox

Star Fox Guard is a tower defense spin-off of the Star Fox series. Both Star Fox Guard and Star Fox Zero simultaneously launched for Wii U on April 22, 2016. A standalone digital version of the game can also be purchased through the Nintendo eShop for $14.99, and customers that purchase the digital version of either Star Fox Zero or Star Fox Guard will receive an automatic $4.99 Nintendo eShop discount toward the purchase of the other game. A physical release is also bundled in First Print Editions of Star Fox Zero. The game is a prequel to the Cornerian conflict in the Lylat Wars, and centers around defending mining facilities owned by Slippy's uncle, Grippy.


When players begin the game, they are given an I.D. card with their Mii character's mugshot on it, showing that they have officially signed on as an employee of Grippy's mining company, Corneria Precious Metals Ltd. The player's main form of defense is the AegisCam, which is a security system comprised of twelve cameras armed with laser cannons. Each camera has its own screen lined up around the edge of the TV, with the center highlighting a currently selected camera.

The main objective of the game is to use the AegisCam system to guard a base's mining core from invading enemy robots to complete missions so that the player can rank up, unlock more missions, and earn rewards, such as new titles and emblems to customize their card with, and additional camera types, which can give the player bonus points depending on how they use them.

Before the player begins a mission, they are shown where the robots will appear from the map on the Wii U GamePad's touch screen, and can adjust the positions of their cameras accordingly. Once they're done, the enemy robots will begin their assault on the mining base. Some attempt to destroy the mining core, while others attempt to distract or disable the player's cameras. These are called Attack Robots and Chaos Robots, respectively. If the mining core is hit even once, it'll be destroyed, causing the mission to fail. To prevent this, the player can use the Gamepad's touch screen to select a camera, adjust their positions, and get a second view of an invading robot's whereabouts. The sticks and buttons are used to aim cameras and destroy enemy robots, respectively.

As they unlock new missions in the single player modes, players can customize the routes that the enemy robots will take on any chosen map, in order to take on other players for online VS modes. As they successfully defend their bases, and attack other bases, they can earn points that contribute to their overall score, and earn them a new colour on their card's badge symbol.


During the March 2016 Nintendo Direct, Nintendo announced Star Fox Guard, a new game from Shigeru Miyamoto. This isn't the same game as Star Fox Zero, the traditional Star Fox game fans knew would be coming to Wii U.

During the Direct, Shigeru Miyamoto introduced the game himself. Star Fox Guard is actually the finished version of a concept/tech demo Miyamoto showed at E3 2014, called ‘Project Guard.’ As Miyamoto explained, the game centers around Star Fox character Slippy Toad and his newly introduced uncle Grippy:

Slippy’s uncle, Grippy, is busy with the job of gathering rare metals in space, but is having trouble being attacked by all kinds of enemies. This is a game where you use Slippy’s newly invented security system to ward off these enemies. The player uses 12 cameras, setting them up in various locations to find and attack the enemies to protect the mining site.
—Shigeru Miyamoto

Miyamoto said there are about 100 missions in the game to complete, and also mentioned that the game features rare metals that would allow “new ways” to play the game, which are earned by uploading stages and playing stages uploaded by other players.