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The plot to Star Fox Command.

In-game intro

  1. Years ago, a scientist named Dr. Andross became obsessed with controlling the Lylat system. He launched wave after wave of attack fighters from the remote planet of Venom and ordered them to strike Planet Corneria--the heart of the Lylat system.
  2. However, four brave pilots who made up a squadron known as Star Fox finally put an end to the doctor's mad ambitions. Andross himself was defeated by the leader of Star Fox, a brilliant pilot named Fox McCloud.
  3. In the time that followed, Venom became known as a quarantine planet. Due to that reputation--and the frequent patrols carried out by members of the Cornerian military--it has been years since anyone set foot on the planet's surface. But after a period of quiet, Venom struck back with devastating attacks on the Lylat system. Any and all attempts at resistance were brushed aside, and soon all cities came under the grip of this new, terrifying enemy. The occupiers were known as the Anglars, and operated under the control of the Anglar Emperor. Their headquarters were located in the toxic Venom Sea, a vast ocean so inhospitable that it was believed no living thing could survive there.  
  4. The members of Star Fox, the heroic and famous squadron that had come to Lylat's aid in her hour of need, had disbanded. Each pilot was living a new life, and it would prove a difficult task to bring the former team members back together.
  5. Fox McCloud, the team's leader, was wandering the galaxy with his friend ROB, a navigation robot that he inherited after his father's passing. Fox used this time to tie up a few loose ends and also ponder the course his life had taken.
  6. The Cornerian military hero General Pepper fell ill, and could no longer lead as he once did. He recommended that Peppy Hare, Star Fox team member and father figure to Fox, be promoted and given command of all Cornerian forces.
  7. Brash pilot Falco Lombardi lived as a loner. He drifted from job to job, searching for the same thrill he felt as a member of Star Fox. But his existence was mostly an empty one...something that annoyed him more than he would admit.
  8. The technical brains behind the team, and Fox's closest friend, was the good-natured Slippy Toad. Slippy met and fell in love with a girl named Amanda, and decided to leave the world of flying and start a new life with his beloved fiancée.  
  9. Star Wolf, the true rivals of Star Fox, continued to be involved in dirty dealings. Their work soon caught the attention of the Cornerian military, who put a massive bounty on their heads...
  10. And finally, Krystal. The lone female of the group, she had fought beside Fox and fell in love with him--much against her better judgment and professional concern. Her love was returned, however, and the two promised to remain together always. But Fox was quite wary of the danger that haunted pilots in the elite Star Fox squadron, and he eventually forced Krystal to leave the team. Heartbroken and ashamed, she fled from Fox and vanished soon after. No one knows what became of her...
  11. Now, the past has come to haunt them all. Unwilling or unable to face his former team, Fox has chosen to take on the entire Anglar armada by himself. Can he do it? Will the team put aside their differences and reunite? All Lylat waits for the answers...


Fox and ROB are on the Great Fox, where ROB reports the cities of Corneria under attack from the Anglar forces, and Fox tells ROB to set a course for Corneria, as well as asking how long will it take to reach their destination. ROB is still processing that information. But since it will be some time, he instructs Fox on engaging the Anglar forces in combat. ROB reveals the Anglar forces use a hive mind. One unit with a core controls many ships. If Fox can find and disable cores, other ships in the unit will be neutralized. Destroying enemies is how to find their cores, then flying over them to collect them increases Fox's combat superiority over the enemy. Also, the Arwing's rolling ability creates a localized magnetic field, which can be used to attract cores and other vital pickups.

ROB then asks Fox if he may set up some training because this is Fox's first taste of combat in quite a while, awaiting Fox's decision.


  • Do some training. »
  • Dive in! »


If Fox chose to do some training, he feels there are no second chances on the battlefield and asks ROB to give Fox every multiple training programs available. Being, controlling the ship, the basics of dogfighting and general airborne warfare. ROB then congratulates Fox after the training is over, thinking he has not lost a step and has nothing further to learn. Fox asks if they will we be arriving at Corneria, which ROB confirms they should enter the combat zone within the hour. Fox also thinks like they're going to be busy.


Fox decided they reached Corneria already and there was no time. ROB confers that they are entering the combat zone.



Corneria in Star Fox Command.

Corneria: The Adventure Begins!

Fox and ROB 64 arrive at Corneria's orbit in the Great Fox. ROB reports that the Anglars are responsible for the attacks on Corneria City, his sensors picking up multiple enemy contacts, and they have total control of Corneria. ROB then tells Fox that he will see a time display when he engages an enemy in combat, acting as remaining flight time, and if it reaches zero, he will run out of fuel, plummeting to an unfortunate end. Fox leaves for battle after telling ROB it's all up to him is he fails, which ROB responds with: "You are joking. Ha. Ha. Ha. That is a joke, correct?"

After the battle, ROB makes an analysis of the Anglar ships, that the enemy fighters consist mostly of aluminium and trace amounts of chrome, making their ships are impervious to corrosion and can even survive in the caustic Venom Sea. Fox realises that their home base is located in the Venom Sea, knowing it's time to make a plan and wants to increase their firepower, but is worried about an enemy attack.


  • Contact Slippy. »
  • Contact advance guard. »
  • Where is Falco? »

Corneria: Decision Time

Previous « Corneria: The Adventure Begins!

Pre Battle

Fox discovers the Anglars occupied all the cities, advancing much faster than expected, wishing Falco was still around, until ROB receives a transmission from Slippy. Slippy tells Fox and ROB they made it to the planetary access point with no trouble before he introduces Amanda, his fiancée. Slippy promises to meet up soon and hangs up, despite Fox disbelief of the awkwardness and ROB detects more enemy ships before departing for battle.

In the Battle, Dash Bowman of the Cornerian forces arrives and asks permission to join the fray, so Fox thanks him for the help, accepting all the help he can give. Afterwards, Dash prompts that he needs to be going, saying good-bye here as soon as Fox tells Dash thanks for the help and to take care, and maybe they'll see each other again.

(If the Mission ends before Dash has a chance to arrive, he compliments Fox and calls him an amazing pilot, but Fox thanks for his help anyway).

Post Battle

ROB confirms Falco's current position, where they can meet up near the asteroid belt. Fox then wonders if he should we call in Slippy, but ROB calculates Slippy will only increase the combat ability by only 20%. Fox knows Slippy won't be happy to hear those numbers, yet ROB's success matrix calculates a zero percent possibility of success if Fox goes alone. ROB tells Fox he would be best to gather together a group of skilled pilots to increase the chance of success. Fox considers the though of skilled pilots and automatically knows there's always Falco, so ROB asks if they will join up with him.


  • Meet up as planned. »
  • Go to Fichina instead. »

Corneria: Father and Daughter

Corneria: General Peppy

Corneria: Lucy and Krystal

Corneria: Reunion with Slippy

Previous « Corneria: The Adventure Begins!

ROB makes it clear that contact with Slippy is now possible. Fox and Slippy reunite on-line and catch up since it's been a long time since Star Fox separated. Fox asks Slippy if he can join the fighting with the Anglar forces. Slippy promises he's with Fox and asked for the rendezvous data and Fox orders ROB to send Slippy the data he asked for. Despite lateness, Slippy eventually joins the fray after he put a new plasma shot on the Bullfrog.

Afterwards, back at the Great Fox, Slippy remarks it's been a while since he saw combat and was kind of nervous. Fox compliments Slippy for his help and asks if he'll keep taking the fight to the Anglar forces with him. Slippy nicely agrees, betting Peppy's been run ragged since he became the Cornerian general. Fox claims he heard that General Pepper had been confined to his sickbed and was glad they were able to find a replacement. Slippy was just glad they make Peppy a general, knowing General Pepper is a good judge of character. Fox then realises they need to get in contact with Peppy somehow, until ROB intercepts a signal from Fichina, being an emergency request for support addressed to General Peppy from someone named Lucy. Fox and Slippy remember Lucy, who is Peppy's daughter, concluding probably means she's in danger, too.


  • Set course for Fichina. »
  • Locate Peppy first. »


Aquas in Star Fox Command.

Aquas: Amanda

Aquas: Beneath the Waves

Aquas: Octoman's Ruse

Aquas: Slippy's Resolve


Meteo in Star Fox Command.

Asteroid Belt: Falco's Decision

Asteroid Belt: Missile Attack!

Asteroid Belt: The Anglar Emperor

Asteroid Belt: The Meteorite Trap


Fichina in Star Fox Command.

Fichina: Fog of War

Fichina: Former Rivals

Fichina: Oikonny Strikes Back!


Katina in Star Fox Command.

Katina: Falco to the Fore!

Katina: Hold Firm, Katina!

Katina: Krystal


Sector X in Star Fox Command.

Sector X: Pigma's Revenge


  • « Asteroid Belt: Falco's Decision

Pre Battle

ROB detects an unknown craft in Sector X approaching Great Fox, with the Comm link open, he selects a channel, answered by a familiar voice, because Falco recognises it. "Team Suck Fox" PIGMA: ...Found you at last... PIGMA: Don't tell me you... Forgot me... FALCO: That's not possible. Now way! PIGMA?! PIGMA: Hrrfff hrrrfff hrrrfff! Finally chance for... revenge... PIGMA: I will... destroy you all! Falco can't believe it's Pigma, remembering he was destroyed for having joined with the Aparoids. Pigma also remembers what happened last time they met too, and this time swears no forgiveness. Falco guesses that Star Wolf are around, thinking Pigma wants to wheeze out some threats against then, too. Strangly, Pigma reveals they were his allies once and will leave them be, deciding enough talking and fighting: "little birdy", therefore Falco decides to make Pigma even MORE ugly.

In Battle

Katt arrives on the battlefield, feeling she can't just stand by and watch from the sidelines. Falco this time decides to accept and tells her to watch out for goons everywhere. Pigma appears after the Anglars are downed and compliments them for getting this far, but Falco replies he doesn't need praise from a "cardboard box", and Katt taunts that her lasers will burn Pigma up. Falco for once, compliments that Katt always seem to be in the right place at the right time.

Post Battle

After Pigma is destroyed forever, Falco instructs him about when getting to the afterlife, tell them Falco sent him. ROB then reports they are receiving a message from Fox at Sector A-5, in the asteroid belt. Falco orders ROB to depart, full speed ahead, but ROB recommends listening to the message before departure and plays it. Fox messages Falco, hoping he reads before he go flying off that Krystal and Star Wolf helped wipe out the Anglar forces to the point where it doesn't look like they're going to need him this time around. Lost for words, Fox teaches Falco that there's a limit to how late even HE can be, but wants Falco to come to Aquas regardless. Unable to comprehend what happened, ROB summarises that Fox and his companions have already eliminated the Anglar forces. Fox then says Slippy's getting married on Aquas Slippy jumps in and announces they're having a huge party, and they REALLY want Falco to be there and that Fox and Krystal are going to be there after they made up, calling it one way to end their adventures together. Falco calls it a bug, lame, Falco-less ending and rejects ROB's proposal to set a course for Aquas, asking how he can show his face after they won without him calling himself no good if he's not flying. ROB tells Falco he got into this situation because he failed to follow his advice, but he angrily replies: "Shut it, buckethead! I oughta turn you into a waffle iron!"


  • Ending 8: Pigma's Revenge »

Sector Y: The Curse of Pigma


Sector Y in Star Fox Command.


  • « Titania: Wolf's Plot

Pre Battle

ROB is still tracking Wolf, confirming he definitely passed through Sector Y. Falco tells Fox to come have a look at something heading their way. ROB tries to raise it on the comm channel. Falco can't understand who it is with all his wheezing, but Fox knows the voice to belong to Pigma, but knows it's not possible because of what happened during the Aparoids Invasion. Pigma calls himself strong however, claiming he survived, and still beautiful. Fox tells Pigma, they don't have time for this right now because they're chasing Wolf, not him. Pigma however tells them that Wolf is an old friend and ally, bringing them into a trap to unleash his frustration on them. Fox decides to give Pigma what he wants, as Falco brags they'll never lose to a breakfast side dish like him.

Post Battle

After their last dance, Pigma, Fox remarks is nothing but space garbage now, which Falco calls him "bacon boy", not believing he was just hanging out here this whole time. ROB is then receiving a message from General Peppy, which was broadcast to all inhabited worlds in the Lylat system: General Peppy Hare of Corneria announces out a total and complete victory, because a brave fighter squadron managed to penetrate the Venom Sea, wiping out all of the enemy ships and bases. To help mark the occasion of this most glorious of days, Peppy asked the heroic squadron leader to say a few words. The hero is none other than Wolf O'Donnell, the leader of the Star Wolf squadron. He knows that many people have a somewhat negative opinion of them, which saddens Wolf greatly, for he claims they love all the people of the Lylat system. But they placed our lives in peril with no thought of reward or glory, but perhaps now, hopes they might find it in their hearts to embrace Star Wolf as equals: "For even the coldest of hearts sometimes yearns for friendship." Leon then exclaims they're not done with the whole peace and love thing, either, they'll keep serving the community. Panther then introduces a new team member, saying they could not have saved you all without her help, who is a former Star Fox member, and the most beautiful pilot outside of him, Krystal! Some time ago Kystal was asked to leave team Star Fox and thought that pain would never end, but now has a new team and a new life, and couldn't be happier with her fantastic new partners, fighting with them for the glory of Lylat, helping this system know endless peace and harmony. Falco can't believe what he's hearing and feels sick with disgust over a snow job, feeling they're making that all up. Fox then invites Falco for a quiet drink on a nice little shop on the relaxed planet of Papetoon. Falco agrees, so Fox orders ROB to set course for Papetoon, and not to spare the horses.


  • Ending 9: The Curse of Pigma »


Sector Z in Star Fox Command.

Sector Z: We Meet Again


Solar in Star Fox Command.

Solar: The Red-Hot Planet

Solar: The Ultimate Weapon


Titania in Star Fox Command.

Titania: Andross's Legacy

Titania: Dash

Titania: The Worm

Titania: Wolf's Plot


The Palace of the Anglar Emperor within the depths of the acidic Venomian sea.

Venom: Dash Makes a Choice

Venom: Fox and Krystal

Venom: Good-bye, Fox

Venom: Star Wolf Returns


As players progress through the game, they will be able to choose to go different routes upon completing certain levels. Each route has its own character dialogue to accompany it, and players will be able to visit differing planets depending on what routes they choose. The game features 9 different endings altogether. Players can access all of them by playing the game multiple times, selecting different routes each time. Instead of merely giving different perspectives on what happens to the Star Fox team, each ending is unique — the characters go in various directions depending on what ending is chosen.

In a 2017 Reddit AMA, Dylan Cuthbert stated that none of Command's endings are the actual one. This confirms what was already mentioned in the 2006 interview with IGN where Dylan Cuthbert and Takaya Imamura said, a potential Command sequel wouldn't depend on the endings and rather start in the middle.[1][2]

Once again, Fox and his friends have saved the Lylat system. But this time, something is different. Fox has finally realized the true value of friendship... and love. Fox and his friends head for Aquas in order to meet Amanda, Slippy's fiancee. Amanda has come to a life-changing decision. She is going to join team Star Fox and fly alongside her love... With the support of her new colleagues, she will soar across the galaxy and get into all manner of adventures along the way! Thanks to team Star Fox, Venom has changed. The oceans are warm and life-bearing, and the climate mild. Dash, grandson of Andross and Venom's new steward, strives to build a brave new empire on Venom, with himself at its pinnacle.
—Fox and Krystal

The Star Fox members vote to disband the squadron, and Fox promises to spend his remaining days living a quiet life with Krystal. But if a new threat threatens the peace, will Fox keep his promise? To never fight again is a hard thing to ask a warrior… Their son, Marcus, grows into a fine young pup, and the Fox family enjoys a happy life together. Marcus enters the Cornerian Academy and follows his father's path. The apple does not fall far from the tree, as Marcus is gifted with unbelievable flying skill. Marcus soon forms an elite squadron to defend peace wherever it is threatened. He teams up with Slippy's son and Peppy's granddaughter, and tracks down the legendary pilot Falco Lombardi. And with that, a new Star Fox is born!
—Good-bye, Fox

The members of Star Fox had reunited once more! Again they put differences to one side and took the fight to the enemy. And when the dust cleared, peace had once again returned to Lylat. Yet Fox is still troubled by complicated feelings… Months pass. One dark day Krystal makes a startling confession: "I'm sorry, Fox! I can't do this anymore. I'm going back to be with Panther and the rest of Star Wolf." Fox was overcome with grief and begged Krystal to stay... but her mind was set. Once again, Fox McCloud was forced to wander the world alone...and unloved. But Krystal has no such regrets. She is perhaps the toughest of all the pilots, and she proves it by starting a new life in the elite Star Wolf squadron…
—The Anglar Emperor

Star Wolf rises! Across Lylat, people talk of Wolf O'Donnell and his courageous crew. But they are less kind to Krystal, feeling that she was wrong to abandon Star Fox. But she ignores the talk and proceeds with her new life as a member of Star Wolf. Eventually, the slings and arrows of the populace are too much to bear. They begin to hiss as she walks by, and name her traitor to her face. She is alone... and hated. She pulls away from Star Wolf and tries to find meaning in this new, cruel world. Haunted by her past, Krystal abandons her life and flees to a distant galaxy. Changing her name to Kursed, she survives by collecting bounties on the worst scum in the galaxy. Years later, she runs into Fox during a job on planet Kew... He does not recognize her.
—Star Wolf Returns

With the battle over and the day won, the entire team chips in to prepare a huge celebratory feast. Everyone stays up eating and drinking and telling stories until long into the night. Peppy and Lucy slip away to reminisce about Vivian Hare, the wife and mother they lost to illness many years ago. Bringing up memories both joyful and bittersweet, father and daughter sit and talk until the morning light. And Krystal and Fox, reunited after so long, are finally able to speak of their true feelings for each other. With new hope for the future, and a pledge of eternal love from Fox, Krystal decides to rejoin team Star Fox.
—Lucy and Krystal

Dash, left on Venom at his own request, begins to make the planet a more hospitable place to live. After years of terraforming, immigrants begin to arrive on the now lush and green world of Venom. Venom flourishes under Dash's leadership, and soon equals Corneria in terms of both its environment and its scientific expertise. The planet is at the heart of an empire ruled by Dash, who then makes an epic and inflammatory speech: "Corneria is no longer the center of Lylat power! Venom's time has come!" his citizens are enraptured by Dash's oratory skills and his furious message. Weeks later, a small conflict leads to war, and Venom once again threatens the galaxy…
—Dash Makes a Choice

Slippy decided to leave Star Fox behind and make a new life on the beautiful planet of Aquas...with Amanda by his side. There was no indecision or regret on his part. He would live for his family now… The years passed. Slippy and Amanda had a veritable army of children, and Slippy thought he could never be any happier. His children grew tall and strong in the clean Aquas air, and love to hear stories of how Dad flew with the legendary Star Fox team. Several decades pass. Slippy is now an old man who loves to recount tales of the good old days for visiting children. When he finishes a yarn, he often thinks of his friends. Do they still cross the galaxy righting wrongs? He can only watch the sky and wonder…
—Slippy's Resolve

Falco is consumed with rage. If all had gone to plan, he, Fox, and all the rest would be heroes writ upon a galactic stage, reveling in endless retellings of their victory. Instead, fate has seen fit to ostracize Falco from the Star Fox squadron. And then, just when things were bleakest, Falco got a message from Katt Monroe. "Forget those losers! Grab a couple of friends and form a new squad!" Falco was usually too stubborn to heed advice, but this message came at the right time. Falco took Katt up on her offer, and they hunting for a third pilot, eventually they found their man--an elite Cornerian pilot named Dash! Together the three of them formed Star Falco, a unit that rivaled even Star Fox!
—Pigma's Revenge

Fox was despondent. Star Wolf had taken from him everything that he loved. Falco's attempts to comfort his old friend were futile. Fox lived as one already dead, barely eating or sleeping. But then Falco had an idea that changed everything… Falco had a brainstorm: retire as pilots and engineer their Arwings into racing machines. They would enter the high-speed world of G-Zero Grand Prix racing! When Falco saw excitement return to his friend's face, relief coursed through him. Fox and Falco turned out to be a great G-Zero team. Winning race after race, they become household names across a countless number of planetary systems. Their days as part of Star Fox faded to a distant memory…
—The Curse of Pigma


  • Only "The Anglar Emperor" ending can be received in the player's first playthrough, as the choices which deviate the player's route are locked until the game is beaten the first time. Despite it being the third in the list, this makes it the "default" ending.
  • Viewing every ending in the game will unlock the title screen and "Mission Accomplished" theme of Star Fox 64 as the title screen fanfare. The main menu music will also change into the Star Fox team's leitmotif.
  • In the Japanese version of the "Star Wolf Returns" ending, it is not mentioned that Krystal went by the alias "Kursed" - this was added by the English localization team. In its place, Kew is mentioned as being located in the Krazoa galaxy. This might be a translation error since Ayano Harumaki, a Japanese Krystal Cosplayer, has stated on Twitter that Krystal calls herself "Krazoa" (instead of "Kursed") in the Japanese version. This would mean that there is no Krazoa galaxy, and that the system Kew lies in remains unnamed in both versions.
  • In the Japanese version of "The Anglar Emperor" ending, Krystal refers to Wolf and the rest of Star Wolf; in the English release, this was changed to Panther, likely because he is a secondary love interest.
  • In the Japanese version of the "Lucy and Krystal" ending, Vivian's last name is not mentioned.
  • In the Japanese version of the "Dash Makes a Choice" ending, a timeframe of several decades is mentioned. In addition, it is not said that a conflict with the Venomian forces sparked warfare, but simply that they may pose a threat to Corneria.
    • The fact that Venom was terraformed may be a reference to Venom's appearance in the unreleased Star Fox 2.
  • Dash Bowman wears the same exact outfit in the "Dash Makes a Choice" and "Pigma's Revenge" endings, although he assumes a different role in both outcomes. This is likely because the render was recycled.
  • In the Japanese version of "The Curse of Pigma" ending, Fox was said to binge continuously on the plates of food at the restaurant; in the English release, this was changed to Fox refusing to eat, and a reference to Fox unable to sleep was added.


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