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The Star Fox Adventures Script is a thorough list of the dialogue in Star Fox Adventures. It includes both mandatory, misc and optional cutscenes as well as quotes that are both spoken and written in the game. For the speech that is spoken in Dino, there are both English and Dino written translations for the appropriate quotes. Some quotes are not spoken with English language, sometimes using primal dinosaur caws or silence. Cutscenes are held together by bullet points.

Krystal's Story

From the depths of space, a girl named KRYSTAL is searching for the truth of her parents' death. Finding herself within a lost corner of the Lylat System, she receives a distress call from a world known as DINOSAUR PLANET. Being of a kind nature, Krystal decides to investigate.

  • Krystal: I received a garbled distress signal. It said something about a mountain hidden in a storm. Whoever they are, they sound in great danger!

(A hosoalot u wuhrcot tajkhojj jawduc. Ak juat jemokxadw ureik u meidkuad xattod ad u jkehm. Nxeoloh kxo0 uho, kxo0 jeidt ad whouk tudwoh!)

  • My staff! (M0 jkuvv!)

Boarding the galleon

  • Krystal: Thanks for helping me. I can take it from here. (Kxudbj veh xocfadw mo. A sud kubo ak vhem soho.)

Your adventure begins! Use [Control Stick] to move Krystal around the Galleon. Press [L] to center the camera behind Krystal. If you listen carefully, you might be able to hear a voice. Try finding the source of that voice.

When the A appears, check the A display. This will tell you what A can do at that time.

CloudRunner baby: By pressing A you were able to talk to me. when A appears again, check the display as this button can do many different things.

  • You need to explore below deck.

Krystal meets Scales

  • General Scales: General Scales. Ruler, tyrant, and dictator of Dinosaur Planet. What brings you to my world? (General Scales. Hicoh k0hudk udt taskukeh ev Dinosaur Planet. Nxuk rhadwj 0ei ke m0 nehct?)
  • Krystal: I'm not here to fight you. I came here because of a distress call. (A'm dek xoho ke vawxk 0ei. A sumo xoho rosuijo ev u tajkhojj succ.)
  • General Scales: Laughter A distress call? This whole planet is in distress. (U tajkhojj succ? Kxaj nxeco fcudok aj ad tajkhojj.)
  • Krystal: The CloudRunner told me about you, the evil General. (Kxo CloudRunner kect mo ureik 0ei, kxo olac General.)
  • General Scales: Laughter My girl, I am not evil. I rule over the many dinosaur tribes. You see, I must control this planet with fear. Otherwise the tribes always try to fight against me. You dare to challenge me? No-one can defeat General Scales! (M0 wahc, A um dek olac. A hico eloh kxo mud0 tadejuih kharoj. 0ei joo, A mijk sedkhec kxaj fcudok nakx vouh. Ekxohnajo kxo kharoj ucnu0j kh0 ke vawxk uwuadjk mo. 0ei tuho ke sxuccodwo mo? De-edo sud tovouk General Scales!)
  • Krystal: Bad luck, General. Maybe next time! (Rut cisb, General. Mu0ro dopk kayo!)
  • General Scales: This is not over! (Kxaj aj dek eloh!)
  • Krystal: Lets find the source of the distress signal. (Cokj vadt kxo jeihso ev kxo tajkhojj jawduc.)

Krazoa Palace

  • Krystal: I wonder if this is where the distress signal is coming from? (A nedtoh av kxaj aj nxoho kxo tajkhojj jawduc aj semadw vhem?)
  • CloudRunner: This is the Krazoa Palace. If you go inside, be careful. This is the dinosaurs' most sacred place. (Kxaj aj kxo Krazoa Palace. Av 0ei we adjato ro suhovic. Kxaj aj kxo tadejuihj mejk jushot fcuso.)

You have arrived at Krazoa Palace. When you want to save your game you must have a Memory Card inserted into Slot A. Press Control Stick to pause the game and display the Save/Quit Options. Highlight the required option by moving Control Stick left or right, then press A to select. Don't forget that you can save at any time.


  • The King EarthWalker sent us to protect Krazoa Palace. It's not safe for you here. If you find yourself in danger, press [X] to roll out of the way.
  • General Scales and his SharpClaw army attacked. We tried to stop them but there were too many. To safely look around before you enter an area, press [Z] to see from Head View.
  • You should leave this place. Scales has brought a great evil into the palace. To be extra safe, sneak around corners by holding down [L] and moving the Control Stick in sidestep mode.
  • Scales attacked the palace so he could capture the KRAZOA SPIRITS for himself. The Spirits hold great powers and have been safe within this palace for a million years. We fought hard against the SharpClaw and were able to hide the Spirits throughout the planet. Scales then unleashed an evil into the palace. In their hurry to leave, the SharpClaw sealed me inside.

The dying EarthWalker

  • EarthWalker: [cough] The Krazoa... Need your help... They are dying... (Kxo Krazoa… doot 0eih xocf… kxo0 uho t0adw…)
  • Krystal: Was it you that sent the distress signal? (Nuj ak 0ei kxuk jodk kxo tajkhojj jawduc?)
  • EarthWalker: When we were attacked, I signalled for help. We were massacred. (Nxod no noho ukkusbot A jawduccot veh xocf. No noho mujjushot.)
  • Krystal: But what were you doing here? (Rik nxuk noho 0ei teadw xoho?)
  • EarthWalker: The King EarthWalker sent us to protect this sacred palace, home of the Krazoa. The Krazoa are Peace Spirits, powerful beings that bring life to a planet. Without the Spirits, our planet is dead.(Kxo King EarthWalker jodk ij ke fhekosk kxaj jushot fucuso, xemo ev kxo Krazoa. Kxo Krazoa uho fouso jfahakj, fenohvic roadwj kxuk rhadw cavo ke u fcudok. Nakxeik kxo jfahakj, eih fcudok aj tout.)
  • Krystal: Is there something I can do? (Aj kxoho jemokxadw A sud te?)
  • EarthWalker: My girl, only the pure of heart can take the tests. Enter the Krazoa Shrine. Once inside, complete the Spirit's test and await your reward. If you succeed, then return to me... [cough] I'm not going anywhere... [cough] (M0 wahc, edc0 kxo fiho ev xouhk sud kubo kxo kojkj. Odkoh kxo Krazoa Shrine. Edso adjato, semfcoko kxo Spirit's kojk udt unuak 0eih honuht. Av 0ei jissoot, kxod hokihd ke mo… [cough] A'm dek weadw ud0nxoho… [cough])

You have found your way into a KRAZOA SHRINE, and within lies a KRAZOA SPIRIT. The Spirits have been hidden, as they hold great powers. Power that, if in the wrong hands, could bring terror. But in the right hands, the Spirits can bring peace. There are 6 Spirits to find and return to Krazoa Palace. If you can find the Spirit within this Shrine and complete its test, then it will be yours.

Krazoa Spirit:
TEST 1 - THE TEST OF OBSERVATION. Watch closely where I hide. When the urns stop moving, you must show me which urn I have hidden in. Find me three times in a row and I will be yours to return to Krazoa Palace.

You did it! You collected the first KRAZOA SPIRIT! It will remain in your body until you take it to the Krazoa Palace, where it must be released.

The EarthWalker's last advice

  • EarthWalker: [cough] The Shrines keep the Spirits safe from harm but their powers are useless. Only when the Spirit has been released back into the palace can it be used to stop this war. ([cough] Kxo jxhado boof kxo jfahakj juvo vhem xuhm rik kxoah fenohj uho ijocojj. Edc0 nxod kxo jfahakj xuj rood hocoujot rusb adke kxo fucuso sud ak ro ijot ke jkef kxaj nuh. [cough])


  • Krystal: It's you... Aaaaaaahhhh!!! (Ak'j lei)

Dinosaur Planet

Enter Star Fox

General Pepper (Adventures)

Meanwhile, on a lost corner of the Lylat system...

  • Slippy: That should be it, Rob. All fixed.
  • ROB: Affirmative. I'll get back to work.
  • Peppy: Hey, Fox. Isn't this music getting on your nerves? I'm trying to work on my maps.
  • Fox: OK, old timer. Turn it down, Slippy!
  • Slippy: (mimicking)
  • Fox: Hey! ... Slippy! It's General Pepper!
  • General Pepper: General Pepper here. I have a new mission for you, Fox. You are approaching Dinosaur Planet, an ancient world on the edge of the Lylat system. As you will see, chunks of the planet have been torn from its surface. It's your job to get them back! If Dinosaur Planet explodes, it could affect the entire Lylat system. The only lead we have is that you must locate the Queen of the EarthWalker dinosaur tribe. Maybe she can help you further. By the way, your fee has been approved. If you are successful, then the money will be forwarded to you immediately. Pepper out.
  • Fox: You heard the general. Let's do it!

Dinosaur Planet

  • General Pepper: General Pepper here... Your mission takes place on ThornTail Hollow. Locate the Queen of the EarthWalker Tribe. She will help you further. Pepper out.

ThornTail Hollow 1

ThornTail Hollow

The Communicator

  • General Pepper: Great flying, Fox. For a moment I thought you weren't going to make it.
  • Fox: Very funny, sir.
  • General Pepper: I know. Now, on to business. By pressing the START button, you will open your communicator. Choose who you wish to speak to and then press the A button to contact one of us. Each team member will give you different information. It's not been tested in action so give it a try as soon as I've finished. And don't forget, you're looking for the Queen EarthWalker. Try talking to those ThornTail guys. Slippy is preparing a translator device but until it's ready, he'll translate for you.
  • Fox: OK General. But what about a weapon? Why couldn't I bring my blaster?
  • General Pepper: It's always the same with you, Fox, shoot first, ask questions later. This mission is about saving the planet, not blowing it up! It requires a different tactic. Try using your head. Ha ha!
  • Fox: Yeah, yeah. Very funny, sir. Fox out.

ThornTails: (Note that until the translator is working, all quotes are only written and spoken by dinosaur roars with a ThornTail head icon)

  • Hello stranger, I am a THORNTAIL. Scales has unleashed his army of SharpClaw upon us. They have taken the Queen EarthWalker and locked the doors. We are very worried about her safety. Let me give some advice about our world. All around us are many trees, some of which contain DumbleDang Pods. A lovely, tasty fruit. Try finding a way to knock them out of the tree. They are a great source of energy. Go and speak to the other ThornTails, the have much more for you to learn.
  • Hello there, friend. To the side of me you will see a circle of rocks. If you are very strong, you could try and lift them. Once a rock has been lifted high enough, watch carefully at what happens next.
  • I'd like to help you, but the Queen EarthWalker told me that I must not move. Only invited guests can visit the WarpStone.
  • Nothing to see here, just this tree. If you want some real help, you should go and look around the Store. It's over there through that doorway. Go down inside and take a look around. I'm sure there are lots of items for you to buy.
  • How are you, friend? Do you like my Magic Plants? They will give your Staff energy to allow you to use its extra abilities. You do have the Staff, don't you? Anywho, chop them down and collect the energy that they drop. And don't worry; they'll soon grow back.

Quiet ThornTail: Mumble...Mumble...Mumble... Not now... (Remains the exact same until later in the game).

Finding Krystal's Staff

Fox finds The Staff

Krystal: If you are receiving this message then I am in great danger. The Staff you hold in your hands is powerful weapon. You must learn to use it wisely. It will give you guidance when its powers can be used. My Staff's main use is in combat... and in time you skills may grow. Try different actions to unleash its powerful attacks. You can also use it to explore the world around you. Try lifting rocks or knocking items out of trees. I'm sure that you will find it very useful. Take care of my Staff and it will take care of you. (Av 0ei uho hosoaladw kxaj mojjuwo kxod A um ad whouk tudwoh. Kxo Jkuvv 0ei xect ad 0eih xudtj aj fenohvic noufed. 0ei mijk couhd ke ijo ak najoc0. Ak nacc walo 0ei wiatudso nxod akj fenohj sud ro ijot. M0 Jkuvv muad ijo aj ad semruk… udt ad kamo 0ei jbaccj mu0 when. Kh0 tavvohodk uskaedj ke idcoujx akj fenohvic ukkusbj. 0ei sud ucje ijo ak ke opfceho kxo nehct uheidt 0ei. Kh0 cavkadw hesbj eh bdesbadw akomj eik ev khooj. A'm jiho kxuk 0ei nacc vadt ak loh0 ijovic. Kubo suho ev m0 Jkuvv udt ak nacc kubo suho ev 0ei.)

  • It's time to use my Staff in combat. (Ak'j kamo ke ijo m0 Jkuvv ad semruk.)
    • This message will only play if my Staff feels you are ready to become its master. Before the Staff becomes your own, you must learn to see and feel its call through your hands. Follow its calls and discover what lies beneath. (Kxaj mojjuwo nacc edc0 fcu0 av m0 Jkuvv voocj 0ei uho hout0 ke rosemo akj mujkoh. Roveho kxo Staff rosemoj 0eih end, 0ei mijk couhd ke joo udt vooc akj succ kxheiwx 0eih xudtj. Veccen akj succj udt tajseloh nxuk caoj rodoukx.)

Queen EarthWalker

  • Fox: Is anybody there?... Are you all right? My name is Fox McCloud, and you must be the Queen EarthWalker.
  • Queen EarthWalker: (Dino Talk)
  • Fox: Did you get that Slippy?
  • Slippy: You've got to go to the Ice Mountain and rescue her son. The Prince Tricky.
  • Fox: Nice name. OK lady, I'll bring your son back to you. Can you give me some directions?
  • Queen EarthWalker: (Dino Roars and then more Dino Talk)
  • Slippy: You've got to talk to that big stone guy. She called him a WarpStone.
  • Fox: That's all I need to know. I'll be back soon, Queen. Don't you worry. Haven't you finished that translator yet?
  • Slippy: It's nearly ready, Fox. I just need a bit more time. Slippy out.

Queen EarthWalker:You must go to the WarpStone. (Spoken in Dino because it is said before the translator is working).

Mother ThornTail: This isn't really a good time to talk. But if you see any Egg Snatchers, be sure to get them! Why don't you go and talk to the WarpStone? (Spoken in dinosaur caws because it happens before the translator is working).

ThornTail Hollow Store

ThornTail Store
  • ShopKeeper: Welcome to my store. Feel free to look at the many wonderful items within these walls. I have food, special goods, and many maps. And if you like to play games, then enter the Scarab Room! Yesss... Oh! And that's the exit.
  • Fox: Well... Ok. Thanks.
  • ShopKeeper: Now, if you find something that you like, then choose that item, and we'll discuss a price. Is that clear?
  • Fox: Well... I...
  • ShopKeeper: Good! Now hurry up and choose something. Or get out!

Buying items

ShopKeeper: (Quotes follow after selecting an item in the store.)

  • You pay this much.
  • No! That's too low.
  • Okay, I'll sell it to you.
  • I don't need business from cheapskates! Get out!"

Idle mumbles

  • Nope, I'm movin' to Cape Claw.
  • Oh, this drafty old cave!
  • Noisy WarpStone, gives me a headache!
  • For 200 years I've been pushing around these goods.

Scarab room

  • How about playing a little game?
    • Choose how many Scarabs you wish to gamble, I will then throw them into this cave and you have to collect them within my time limit. [Insert Scarab gamble]
      • Are you ready?!
  • I don't believe you did it! You win FAIR and SQUARE...
  • Not so good this time eh? I'll keep what you didn't collect...

Talking with Fox

  • Hurry and choose something, or get out!
  • Feel free to look around.
  • There are many surprises within my Store.
  • Put that down! You don't have enough Scarabs! (If selecting an item with a lower count of Scarabs than the price tag.)



WarpStone: Nobody ever brings me gifts anymore!

  • WarpStone: Ahhh. A lovely sweetie. Mmm! Who dares bother the mighty WarpStone? A thousand years I've been left lone to rest! What do you want?
  • Fox: Well... Can you help us?
  • WarpStone: Ha ha ha ha! Help you? No.
  • Fox: But you're a WarpStone. You're supposed to help!
  • WarpStone: Ah, right. Lets see if I can remember what I'm supposed to do. Now then, if you push left on the [Control Stick], then I'll send you to one of those WarpStone thingies. We'll get back to that in a minute. And if you push forward on the [Control Stick] then you can enter the maze. Now this ones a bit special. When you have collected a Krazoa Spirit and push right on the [Control Stick] then I'll send you to Krazoa Palace! Right! You know what I do so hurry up and make your choice. If not then press [B] so I can get back to sleep!

Rescue Tricky

Tricky's tortures

Fox on Ice Mountain

Fox: Whoa!

SharpClaw Race

  • Tricky: (Dino Talk)
  • Fox: Hey scale face. Pick on someone your own size!
  • SharpClaw: (Dino Talk)
  • Fox: I am Fox McCloud. Lead pilot of the Star Fox team. I've come to take the prince back to his... Home? Hey wait!

Fox and Tricky meet

  • Tricky: (Dino Talk)
  • Fox: What?
  • Tricky: (Dino Talk)
  • Fox: I...I can't understand you!
  • Tricky: (Dino Talk) ... hot spring or you'd be frozen by now!
  • Fox: Why you little...!
  • Tricky: Hey I wouldn't if I were you! My dad's a King EarthWalker and he'll bash you up!
  • Fox: I don't think he'll be doing any bashing, he's been captured. That's why I've been sent to rescue you.
  • Tricky: He's been captured?
  • Fox: That's right. It was your mother that sent me to find you.
  • Tricky: Is she... OK?
  • Fox: She'll be just fine. But we need to get you home.

SnowHorn Wastes


  • These Blue GrubTub Fungus are an EarthWalker's favourite food. Problem is they're too hard for me to catch. Try stunning them with your Staff, I'm feeling real hungry.
  • Way to go, Fox! Now when I am near, you can feed me the GrubTub Fungus using your C Inventory. Highlight the Fungus, then press A to feed me.
  • That's better, I feel strong enough to do some work now. First you need to look around for a crack in the ground. Then open the C Inventory and access the Sidekick Menu, that's the one with my picture on it! Highlight the icon that didays FIND SECRET and then press A. Maybe I'll uncover something cool!

Tricky: Hey, Fox, I thought we were teammates! Open the C Inventory, give me my STAY command and I'll sit on the switch for you.

Tricky: See that crack in the rock? Give me my FIND SECRET command and I'll see if I can get us out of here.

Heel Command

  • Fox: Tricky are you crazy? Just leave the SharpClaw to me!
  • Tricky: OK OK... I'm sorry. Hey Fox, if ever you need me to come back, you just use my Heel Command and I'll be right with you, Ok?

SnowHorn: I'm too hungry to talk to strangers!

Lonely SnowHorn

  • [Chomp] [Burp] That's better! I tell you what young 'un, I'll help you out! Here you are my boy. This is a Scarab bag. By collecting Scarabs, you'll be able to buy many useful items.

SnowHorn: Bring me another Root and I'll see what I can do.

SnowHorn: I'm sorry, lad, but you're on your own now.

This block can be pushed, pulled or moved sideways! Press and HOLD A to grab the block! You can then move it around in any direction.

Slippy: The water looks very cold, Fox! You'd better get out quick if you fall in! (Text with a Slippy Icon only).

Old SnowHorn: Oh what a sad day! My Gold Root has been stolen! (Only quote until later in the game, actually says Golden).


  • Do you hear that?
  • Travel through the mountains to reach the Hollow.
  • The SharpClaw have captured our leader. (Says it actually as SharpClaws)
  • Follow the path to ThornTail Hollow.

BribeClaw: You pay 25 Scarabs to pass. (Text only)

  • Cheapskate! Go away!
  • You pass. But don't tell Boss.

ThornTail Hollow

Queen's cries

  • Queen EarthWalker: ( Distant sobbing)
  • Tricky: That's my ma!


  • Please help our Queen.
  • The White GrubTub only grow inside the ancient well.
  • The SharpClaw came and attacked our Queen.
  • The White GrubTub that are inside the well are her only hope.
  • Prince Tricky, our thoughts are with your mother.

Mother ThornTail: I hope the Queen will pull through.

The Queen is sick

  • Fox: I've made it guys. Mission Accomplished. Contact General Pepper so we can get paid.
  • Tricky: She is gonna be OK... Isn't she, Fox?
  • Peppy: Are you sure you've finished down there? The planet's not back together yet.
  • Fox: The Queen needs my help. Fox out. Is there anything we can do for her?
  • Tricky: We need to find White GrubTubs. My Mom gives 'um to me when I'm not feeling well.
  • Fox: It looks like she'll need a lot. Let's take a look around. See what we can find.

Tricky: Fox, what are you playing at! Mom needs the GrubTubs. (Attempting to talk to the unconscious Queen, Tricky really says Mom needs the mushrooms).

Ancient Well

  • Fox: OK Tricky, you stay here, I'll go search down there.
  • Tricky: But I need to help my mom!
  • Fox: And you will be by staying out there.
  • Tricky: Ok Fox but hurry up! My mom looked real bad!

Crazy Thorntail

  • Crazy ThornTail: Fifty years alone I've been... Thinking of entering the lower sanctum without the lantern to light your way? You must be as mad as me! Go and see the ShopKeeper, he should be able to help -- at the right price! Wahahaha hoo hee HEH! (Spoken only without purchasing Firefly Lantern)

Crazy ThornTail: Ah! A lantern to light your way! Good... Oh yes... Good... Good, good... Oh... Excellent... (after purchasing Firefly Lantern)

The Queen's story of Dinosaur Planet

Starfox Queen Earthwalker 2
  • Queen EarthWalker: Thank you, Fox. Thank you for saving my son and for saving me.
  • Fox: Ok ok enough of the thanks. Now I need some help from you. Can you just tell me what's going on?
  • Queen EarthWalker: This is all the work of General Scales. He is the ruler of the SharpClaw Tribe. A nasty bunch of pirates who have always wanted to rule Dinosaur Planet. We have always been able to stop his attacks but this time he's somehow become stronger and defeated our army at the Krazoa Palace.
  • Fox: Right, a bad guy. But how did he planet get in such a mess?
  • Queen EarthWalker: Within the Krazoa Palace he broke the seals of the ForcePoint Temples.
  • Fox: I'm listening.
  • Queen EarthWalker: This planet is rich with a magical force. A force so strong that is continually push our world apart. To stop this, four SpellStones were placed inside the ForcePoint Temples.
  • Fox: OK, that's a bit weird, but I understand.
  • Queen EarthWalker: With the seals broken, Scales entered the temples and removed the SpellStones. With nothing to stop magic force, the planet was torn apart!
  • Fox: At last! It all makes sense! So, the bad guy takes the SpellStones, your planet falls apart, and I've got to FIND the SpellStones, and bring them back to the ForcePoint Temples.
  • Tricky: See Mom. I told you he was good. Star Fox... yeah!
  • Queen EarthWalker: My son will remain with you. For only a dinosaur of noble birth can breathe life into the SpellStones.
  • Fox: What? Uh that's Ok, but don't you think he's a bit... young? I mean it's going to be very dangerous... Loads of bad guys, fighting, death!
  • Queen EarthWalker: He knows the planet well. And I'm sure he's shown you his Sidekick skills.
  • Fox: Oh, yeah... I forgot about those.
  • Tricky: C'mon, Fox, we'll make a great team!
  • Fox: OK, but if you mess up just once, I'll send you straight back to Mommy!
  • Tricky: OK, yeah. Yeah!
  • Queen EarthWalker: Good. Now, our spies have indicated that Scales was last seen in DarkIce Mines. I know the GateKeeper, Garunda Te, a silly fellow, but he can guide you to the SpellStone. Go back to the SnowHorn Wastes and find him.
  • Fox: Got it!
  • Queen EarthWalker: And Fox. I think you'll need this. The SharpClaws dropped it when they attacked me. Maybe it'll come in use somewhere?
  • Fox: OK, enough already. Can I just get on with it?

Queen EarthWalker:

  • DarkIce Mines floats in the skies above.
  • Take care of my son, Fox.


  • The Queen is now well, thanks to you.
  • The beacons seem to burn brighter now that the Queen is well.
  • Have you visited the WarpStone Shop yet?
  • Scales must be stopped before it's too late.

Mother ThornTail:

  • The cave is the only place I feel safe.
  • Who does Scales think he is?
  • It's strange, but sometimes I hear a girl's cries coming from the WarpStone.
  • Where will Scales appear next?

SnowHorn Wastes


  • If you help the GateKeeper then I'm sure he'll reward you.
  • Fighting isn't always the answer you know.
  • As your journey ends, you'll meet us again.
  • The SnowHorn by the river has suffered a great loss.
  • The SnowHorn by the river never seems happy.

Garunda Te: Hurry boy! / Over here! (Distant echoes).

Garunda Te's plight

  • Garunda Te: The SharpClaw have imprisoned me in this infernal cave. If you can bring me FrostWeeds, I'll be strong enough to get myself out. Perhaps the young prince can help you. Hurry boy!
  • Garunda Te: Aaah, the young prince! Err who is this with you?
  • Tricky: This is my friend, Fox McCloud. My mother sent us to find you.
  • Garunda Te: Well I am Garunda Te. SpellStone GateKeeper of DarkIce Mines.
  • Tricky: We're looking for a SpellStone.
  • Garunda Te: A SpellStone? (Hmmmm.) It is my duty as a GateKeeper to guard the land from which a SpellStone is forged. General Scales took the SpellStone, and discovered that I was a GateKeeper. He gave me an ultimatum. Allow him to take the SpellStone back into the sacred land, or he would destroy my tribe. I could not risk the safety of the entire planet, so I refused to help. My daughter did not think this way. And so to save the tribe, she opened the gateway herself. Scales did not destroy my tribe, he enslaved them instead. My daughter dishonoured me. You must search for the SpellStone within DarkIce Mines and return it, to the Volcano Force Point Temple. Only then, will the SpellStone's power return. I will open the gateway.

(Communicator rings, which is Slippy telling Fox to check out Peppy's Dinosaur Planet Map.)

Garunda Te: Use your flying contraption to reach DarkIce Mines.

  • Time is running out. You must find the SpellStone!

ThornTail Hollow

ThornTail nearest to the SnowHorn Wastes ladder:

  • I hear terrible things are happening to the GateKeeper of DarkIce Mines. (Actually says SnowHorn)

DarkIce Mines

DarkIce Mines

  • Slippy: The SnowHorn Tribe is in great danger. General Scales has enslaved them to work in the DarkIce Mines. If you can locate the GateKeeper's daughter, she will be able to help you. Free the SnowHorns by finding that SpellStone! It's up to you Fox. Slippy out.”

Various SnowHorn: Find a way into the mine, but beware the Galdon.

Shackled SnowHorn: Can you find a way of releasing me?

Pleas for Belina Te

  • Shackled SnowHorn: Thank you for releasing me. If you're heading down into the mine, then please look out for Belina Te, the GateKeeper's daughter. She didn't mean to get us into this mess by telling Scales about the SpellStone. She did what she thought was right. Please help her.
  • Fox: Okay, lady. I'll keep a lookout for her.
  • Shackled SnowHorn: This might be of some use to you. I found it while I was working. It looked important so I hid it from the SharpClaw.

Flame Command

  • Tortured SnowHorn: I am forever in your debt. I see your little friend has yet to learn his Flame Command. Go on, youngster, give it a go! If I wasn't so so exhausted, I could help you through the main gates. I need some food.
  • I feel much better now. Get on my back. Let's smash those gates!


  • Fox: Tricky? Tricky!!!
  • SnowHorn: Your little friend will turn up, err, they usually do. Maybe I can help, until he does?

Tricky: Help me! / Help! / Get me out! / Anybody there?! (Quotes are randomised, echoing when down in the mines).

Tricky: Fox! I lost you in the blizzard! Some SharpClaws found me and through me in that stinky cell!

Belina Te

  • Belina Te: Who are you?
  • Fox: I am Fox. And this is the crown prince of the EarthWalkers. We've been sent here by the SnowHorn GateKeeper to find the SpellStone. Do you know where it's hidden?
  • Belina Te: My name is Belina Te. The GateKeeper is my father. Did he send you to rescue me?
  • Fox: I'm sorry Belina, but he feels you have betrayed the beliefs of the GateKeepers. We were only sent to find the SpellStone.
  • Belina Te: The old fool! I had to save the tribe! If it wasn't for my father being a GateKeeper, none of this would have happened in the first place! (Bellows).
  • Fox: Belina! Are you there?
  • Belina Te: Listen carefully. Find a way to the bottom of the mine. I'll meet you there.

Bottom of the mine

  • Fox: Belina!
  • Belina Te: You made it!
  • Fox: It wasn't easy! Now where is that SpellStone?
  • Belina Te: My father didn't exactly say where the SpellStone was, but he knew General Scales had hidden it somewhere close by. I'm sure you and your little friend can find it.
Galdon for wiki.

Boss Galdon

  • Tricky: He's got the SpellStone!

Inside Galdon's mouth

  • Fox: Oh no...


  • Fox: (Sigh) You must forgive your father. You must work together to lead the SnowHorn Tribe together against Scales, instead of fighting each other.
  • Belina Te: I will, Fox. Because of you, my people shall no longer live as slaves!
  • Fox: OK, we'll see you soon. We gotta take this SpellStone back to the planet!

Dinosaur Planet

Dinosaur Planet

  • 150px-Star Fox Adventures Volcano Force Point Entrance
    General Pepper:
    Great job, Fox! You saved the SnowHorn Tribe and collected the SpellStone. But it's not over yet. You need to return the SpellStone to the Force Point Temple. Peppy has indicated that it's located beyond Moon Mountain Pass. I'm sure the ThornTails can point you in the right direction. Pepper out...

ThornTail Hollow

To be added...

CloudRunner Fortress

  • Scales Threatens the Queen of the Clouds
    CloudRunner Fortress has been attacked by General Scales and his SharpClaw army. It would make an ideal base from which he could rule over the planet. The fortress stands on ground that is rich with gold and diamonds. With this wealth, Scales would become unstoppable. Find the SpellStone and save the CloudRunners! Peppy out!

To be added...

Dinosaur Planet

  • General Pepper:

ThornTail Hollow


To be added...

Walled City

  • WalledCity
    This is dangerous ground Fox! Walled City was once the EarthWalker's home, but it has been overun by the deadly RedEye tribe. General Scales has imprisoned the King EarthWalker within its walls. You must rescue the King and find that SpellStone! Hurry Fox! Those nasty beasts are mighty hungry! Peppy out!


  • Our king is being held within the temple.
  • With the RedEye's support, Scales will soon control the planet.
  • Your Staff will be useless against the RedEye.
  • Our tribe will not return until the RedEye have been banished.
  • The secret of the river can be found amongst the leaves.
  • Your Staff is indeed a powerful weapon. The RedEye are vanquished.

To be added...

Dinosaur Planet

General Pepper:

ThornTail Hollow

To be added...

Dragon Rock

  • 4-02-DragonRock.
    General Scales has unleashed the full force of the planet's dark energy, mutating Dragon Rock into a desolate wasteland. He has captured a number of Dinosaurs and is planning to change them into powerful killing machines! It's rumoured that one such creature already exists! This final SpellStone should bring Dinosaur Planet back together. Slippy out...

To be added...

Dinosaur Planet


General Pepper: General Scales cannot harm any dinosaurs ever again. You stopped his evil mutant army plans! This is the final SpellStone, Fox. You need to get it back to the Ocean Force Point as quickly as possible. With this seal closed, Dinosaur Plant will be saved! Pepper out...

ThornTail Hollow

To be added...

Walled City

  • Peppy: Hurry, Fox! There must be another Krazoa Shrine hidden within the Walled City. When you land, go directly to the King EarthWalker. He Should be able to tell you where to start looking. Peppy out...

To be added...

Dinosaur Planet

  • General Pepper:

To be added...

VS General Scales

  • General Scales: I've been waiting for you, Fox McCloud! You may have returned the SpellStones, but the war is not over yet! Now... you must face ME!

A strange voice

  • Andross: Stop! Scales! You are no longer any use to me!
  • General Scales: Who are you? I demand you show yourself!
  • Andross: I am the one you brought to Krazoa Palace. The EarthWalkers could see me, but you could not.
  • General Scales: I... don't understand?
  • Andross: No, I didn't think you would. Your desire for power overwhelmed you, and blinded you to the truth inside. Now give Fox what he's looking for! Give him the final Krazoa Spirit!
  • General Scales: You will regret this... (Roars)
  • Fox: It was in him all this time! But that voice... I recognise it from somewhere...

(SharpClaws cheer)

  • Fox: Yeah!


Andross revived
  • Fox: What's going on? You said this would save her! No! Wake up! Wake up!
  • Andross: I am reborn! The mighty Krazoa God! (laughter) Kneel all those that stand before me! (laughter)
  • Krystal: We will never kneel to you! Give me that!
  • Fox: Hey! ... Wait! Well thanks for nothing. If t wasn't for me you wouldn't be standing here at all.
  • Krystal: My Staff! You're back!


  • Andross: I've been looking forward to this day. To see you again, Fox McCloud!
  • Fox: Andross!
  • Andross: And now to destroy the Lylat System!
  • Fox: I've got to stop him!

Falco's help

  • Falco: Hey McCloud! Different time, different planet, and you still need Falco's help. It's good to see ya, buddy.


  • Peppy: We did it, Fox!
  • Slippy: Dinosaur Planet is saved!
  • Peppy: Andross is defeated once again!
  • Fox: You all did a great job.
  • General Pepper: General Pepper here. Good work, Star Fox team. I've received a message from the King and Queen EarthWalker thanking you for saving their world. Oh, and Tricky says Hi! I was, however, very surprised to hear that Andross was still alive.
  • Slippy: Not as much as we were!
  • Fox: It seems that Andross had discovered the ancient power of the Krazoa. And by trapping Krystal, who had the ability to channel this power, he was able to use this energy to revive himself.
  • General Pepper: At least this time we'll see the last of him. I'm transferring your fee as we speak. Pepper out.
  • Slippy: Whoo hoo hoo! Yeah!
  • Peppy: We can finally repair this ship.
  • ROB: And I really need some oil. These joints are not what they used to be.
  • Falco: And I can't wait to get back with the Star Fox team. Hey guys, you don't mind if I hang with you again, do you?
  • Fox: ...Sure Falco. It's great to have you back.
  • Slippy: The Star Fox team is back together again!
  • Peppy: Oh, Fox! I almost forgot. I received this message from Krystal.
  • Krystal: Hi, Fox. I really appreciate what you did for me. I'm just so sorry we didn't get much of a chance to talk. I'm left with just one thing to do... And that's to say, thank you.
  • Fox: ...Well uh, OK. I mean, sure, no problem!
  • Slippy: (laugh) You're not shy, are you, Fox?
  • ROB: My sensors indicate Fox's temperature is rising. Are you OK Fox?


  • Fox: I'm gonna be just fine.

Gameplay quotes

Misc quotes


  • Find! (Find Command)
  • Stay! (Stay Command)
  • Flame! (Flame Command)
  • Go get it! (Play Command)


  • Let's play! / (Laughter) (Randomly plays, even at untimely moments)
  • Food! (Tricky exclaims this when spotting Grub Tubs whilst following Fox throughout Dinosaur Planet.)
  • Bad guy! / Somebody stop the SharpClaw! / Get 'um Fox! (Tricky says whenever Fox faces SharpClaw foot soldiers.)
  • Where are we going? / Wait for me! / Wait up Fox! (Tricky sometimes says this when Fox starts running to a certain location.)
  • I'm not doing it! (Tricky will stubbornly say whenever Fox whistles for him in places he cannot reach.)
  • Can you find any blue mushrooms? I'm feeling real tired. (When talking to Tricky when his energy is fully or nearly empty.)
  • I'm hungry... / Aw, c'mon Fox! I'm hungry! (Tricky grumbles this when Fox tries to use his sidekick commands on an empty stomach.)
    • Mmm... Tasty! / I'm stuffed! (After being fed / reaching a full meter.)
  • Dum di dum... (Tricky sings a tune likewise of this when he 'Stays' for some time.)
  • Look at this! / There's something near! (Tricky may say if he spots a solution to a problem that requires the use of a Sidekick Command)
  • Yeah!!! / Cool!!! (Occasionally plays when defeating enemies or performing the Staff's Rocket Boost)


  • You cannot go to Krazoa Palace until you have collected a Krazoa Spirit!
  • Are you ready to go to Krazoa Palace?
  • Are you ready to warp?

Creature in well: Throw me 20 Scarabs and I'll give you a Cheat Token.

Scarab Toll: Pay 60 Scarabs to enter CapeClaw!

  • Go on. In you go!

Mother LightFoot: Look out for my 3 babies! I think they are in the forest!

Item descriptions

This is a KEY from the KRAZOA PALACE. When you pick up an item it will be placed in your C inventory. Move C in any direction to display your Inventory. Then push C left or right to rotate the Inventory. Each slot will hold different types of objects.
—Gold Key
  • C inventory: Use Gold Key

This is a FUEL BARREL GENERATOR. It has been left here by General Scales who uses the fuel to power his SharpClaw Army. Each time you use a barrel, another will be generated at this location.

When the C is displayed, you can use an item from your C Inventory. Move C in any direction and it will automatically go to the correct slot for you. To use the item, simply press A.

These are tasty PUKPUK EGGS... A SharpClaw delicacy! Don't worry, they are not dinosaur eggs. They come from the huge PukPuk Birds that the SharpClaw breed just for this tasty snack. Walk over the egg to collect and recharge your energy!
—PukPuk Eggs
You have collected a DUMBLEDANG POD. It is a delicious fruit found only on Dinosaur Planet. You will find them in SHarpClaw Baskets and Crates or hanging in DumbleDang Trees. Even baddies will sometimes drop them.
—Dumbledang Pod

This is a Krazoa Shrine Entrance Warp. Stand in the center and press A to enter the Shrine.

P.D.A. Scanner Information

WARP PAD _ Warps you around the planet

This is a LIFE-FORCE DOOR. The Spirits floating on it tell you how many bad guys you must defeat before the door will open.

This is a BOMB SPORE PLANT. Find a way to make it explode and it will throw out Bomb Spores. Collect these Spores, as they will become very useful when you need to get through solid walls. Though when you plant a spore it will not throw out any new spores.

This is a Bomb Spore PLANTING PATCH. Plant a Spore here and see what happens.

P.D.A. Scanner Information

PLANTING PATCH _ Bomb Spores will grow here

This is a FUEL CELL. It is used to power the Arwing. Rob had a few problems getting them down to the surface of Dinosaur Planet. This means they have been scattered around everywhere! You will need them to enable you to fly to the floating worlds in orbit around the planet.
—Fuel Cell
This is a SCARAB. They are the currency of Dinosaur Planet and come in many different values. The more valuable the Scarab, the harder it is to catch! Until you find a Scarab Bag, you can only carry 10 Scarabs.

P.D.A. Scanner Information

  • KRYSTAL'S STAFF - Weapon of magical power
You picked up a STAFF ENERGY GEM! They come in many different values and are used to power the Staff Upgrades. Once chopped down, walk over them to pick them up.
—Staff Energy Gem

P.D.A. Scanner Information

  • BEACON_ The ThornTails feel safe when it's lit

You have collected your first Staff Upgrade, the FIRE BLASTER! With power from the Energy Crystals, it can be used for many tasks. Move C to activate the menu and highlight the upgrade, the press A to use it! If you need to use it quickly, assign it to Y for instant access.

This is a BOMB SPORE. It is full of explosive goodness! Find somewhere to plant it and see what grows.
—Bomb Spore
This is ROCK CANDY. It is a very tasty, sweet rock that would make a great gift.
—Rock Candy
  • C Inventory: Give Gift

P.D.A. Scanner Information


This is a BLUE GRUBTUB FUNGUS! They are an EarthWalker's favourite food!
—Blue GrubTub Fungus
  • C Inventory: Feed to Tricky

This is a ROCKET BOOST PAD. Use the Staff Boost Upgrade in your C Inventory when next this pad to boost up to the ledge above!

This is the [ ] MAP. Use the PDA to zoom in and out of the map to reveal all the hidden caves and passageways.
—Maps (Same description for every map in the Store).

LEVER SWITCH- Use Staff to change

P.D.A. Scanner Information

ALPINE ROOT - SnowHorn food

You have found an ALPINE ROOT. The SnowHorn love to eat these tasty roots. Problem is, they can't dig them out themselves!
—Alpine Root

This a STAFF ENERGY METER. It increases the maximum amount of magic gems that you are able to carry. These holders are ONLY found inside their underground hiding places! (Same description for every meter upgrade).

This is the SMALL SCARAB BAG. It allows you to carry a maximum of 50 Scarabs. When you get back to ThornTail Hollow pay a visit to the Store and see what you can buy.
—Small Scarab Bag
This is a BAFOMDAD! It is a magical creature whose powers can restore life! If you have collected a BafomDad and die it can be used to restore you back to good health! Until you buy the BafomDad Holder, you can only carry 1 at a time.

This is the STAFF ROCKET BOOST. Look out for special boost pads on the ground. They are used to give your Staff extra rocket power to lift you off the ground and onto ledges above!

P.D.A. Scanner Information

STONE BLOCK_ Grab hold and move it around

This is the FIREFLY LANTERN. If you find yourself in dark caves, open the lantern to release a FireFly, and your path will become clear. Don't forget that the lantern is useless without FireFlies inside it!
—FireFly Lantern
This is Fox's HI-DEF DISPLAY DEVICE. Slippy air-dropped it to you but the ShopKeeper got it first, so that's why you've had to buy it. That ShopKeeper never misses a chance to get Scarabs! Press Z to bring up the display and use C to zoom in and out.
—Hi-Def Display Device
This is the BAFOMDAD BAG. Allows you to carry a maximum of 10 BafomDads.
—BafomDad Bag
This is TRICKY'S BALL. It can only be used in certain areas. Tricky will tell you where he can play! If you play with him lots of times he will have a surprise for you.
—Tricky's Ball

P.D.A. Scanner Information

  • TRICKY'S BALL - Use to change Tricky's style
This is a WHITE GRUBTUB FUNGUS. You need to collect 6 of these and feed them to the Queen EarthWalker.
—White GrubTub Fungus
  • Feed to Queen_ C Inventory
This is a FIREFLY. It will be stored inside the FireFly Lantern. Let one out when you been to see in the dark.
This is a SHARPCLAW PRISON KEY. The SharpClaw must have dropped it when they attacked the Queen EarthWalker.
—SharpClaw Prison Key

P.D.A. Scanner Information

  • LOCK_ You need a key
    • Use Gate Key_ C Inventory

P.D.A. Scanner Information

TOKEN WELL - Throw in Scarabs to get the Token

You have collected a CHEAT TOKEN. Now take it to the Maze!
—Cheat Token
This is a SHACKLE KEY. Use it to unlock SnowHorn Leg Shackles.
—Shackle Key

Main menu

Quotes are randomised but always play when selecting / deselecting a character icon.

Slippy Toad's Advice


Slippy: Hi Fox, its Slippy! Seems like you need some help! / Slippy here! Got yourself stuck again?

  • Hope that helps you Fox! Slippy out! / Come back when you need me! Slippy over and out!
  • 0. Hey, Fox. Check out PEPPY'S DINOSAUR PLANET MAP to see where to head next. (Always reads when it is time to travel to a new destination.)
  • 1. Hi, Fox. I'll be here to help you if you ever get stuck, and I guess you're talking to me, so you must be stuck already! You need to find a weapon of some sort. Look for something sticking out of the ground.
  • 2. Fox, the girl mentioned something called a Magic Cave. Maybe there's one in this area. And remember, she said that the Staff would react in a strange way if the cave was close by.
  • 3. Find the source of those dinosaur calls. It sounds like the Queen is in distress. I'm sure that new upgrade you collected will be useful somewhere. Look out for the same symbol that you targeted in the Magic Cave.
  • 4. The gas that those plants produce is highly explosive. Try planting their Spores in other areas and see what you can do.
  • 5. It's always good manners to give gifts, Fox. I'm sure that WarpStone fella would be very happy if you gave him something. Why don't you look around in the Store for something you can afford?
  • 6. Hey, Fox! Don't let them get away! Try ramming their bikes to stop them, though all you really need to do is reach Tricky before they do. Watch your path and avoid the mines they drop behind. Good Luck!
  • 7. I think that furry SnowHorn might know how to get out from here. And keep an eye on Tricky, as he'll show you when his commands can be used. He's sure happy when he's digging holes...
  • 8. You need to get through the mountains back to ThornTail Hollow. But, to get past the BribeClaw, you'll need to fill his pockets with Scarabs! There should be plenty of them around, hidden under rocks.
  • 9. C'mon, Fox! You can't just be taking much notice of what's around you! It's very easy! Just open the portcullis with your Staff!
  • 10. I'm sure Tricky was very excited about seeing his mother again. Maybe that's where he's run off to?
  • 11. White GrubTub can only be found deep underground. You need to find six. Use Tricky to check out the huge stone well that you walked past when you first arrived from SnowHorn Wastes.
  • 12. It's dark in the underground caves, Fox. Maybe there's a Lantern in the Store?
  • 13. The GateKeeper has opened the vortex to DarkIce Mines but the Arwing needs extra fuel. Search high and low in the areas you've already visited, and I'm sure I noticed these in the Store...
  • 14. ..Can me, Fox? The sensors ca...just make...out that ...Fr..t is ...eak spot. Did you...get that?
  • 15. You've got to move fast, Fox! Get back to Thorntail Hollow and find the Queen EarthWalker. She must know more about what's going on. And if you haven't got them already, I think you might need the Hi-Def Display Device!
  • 16. This is it, Fox! You got the last Krazoa Spirit, so go and release it!

Peppy Hare's reports


Peppy: Hi Fox! World Map downloading! / Peppy here! I'll display the World Map!

  • Fox, I have been studying your mission. Read the information onscreen! / Check the detail readout Fox! I think it might help you.
  • Scanners indicate that this is your current position.
  • The flashing dots show where you need to go next.
  • You're not finished here yet Fox! If your stuck, contact Slippy. (When still needing to complete objectives in the current area.)
  • Keep going Fox! You're doing good! Peppy out! / I hope my information is helping you Fox! Peppy signing off.
Peppy's Dinosaur Planet Atlas
  • ThornTail Hollow_ Home to the ThornTail dinosaurs and the mighty Warp Stone. The Hollow is a safe place to stock up on supplies via the ShopKeepers Store.
    • Map Data_ There are a lot of hidden caves within this area. Check the map closely to find them all.
  • SnowHorn Wastes_ Covered in snow and ice and home to the SnowHorn Tribe. You will find Garunda Te, one of the SpellStones GateKeepers within its lands.
    • Map Data_ You may think you've seen everything in this snowy land, but the map is sure to show you new areas where you may not have been!
  • Cape Claw_ A beach paradise taken over by the SharpClaw. There is a giant Krazoa Head Statue there that hides the path into the Ocean Force Point.
    • Map Data_ Use the map to guide you around the beautiful beaches and hidden water-filled caves.
  • Moon Mountain Pass_ Millions of years ago, the second moon of Dinosaur Planet came crashing to the ground, bringing with it strange creatures from from space and creating a mutant race of dinosaurs called the SharpClaw!
    • Map Data_ This land has so many hidden passageways and platforms that, without this map, you'll never discover all its secrets!
  • LightFoot Village_ Misty swamps and ancient trees create a mysterious home for this reclusive dinosaur tribe.
    • Map Data_ Surrounded by a deep wood, use the map to uncover the hidden Token Well.
  • Krazoa Palace_ An ancient palace of mysterious power. Once home to the magical Krazoa. A race of beings who could control Dark Matter!
    • Map Data_ This map is very useful for locating the Krazoa Spirit Release Points.
  • Ice Mountain_ A huge mountain that towers above the planet. Used by the SharpClaw as a makeshift prison.
  • Volcano Force Point_ The Fire SpellStones must be returned to this blazing temple.
    • Map Data_ This Force Point is so huge. Use the map to ensure that you do not get lost!
  • Ocean Force Point_ The Water SpellStones must be returned to this waterlogged temple.
    • Map Data_ Hidden within the depths of this Point is a Token Well. This map should be very useful to enable you to find it!
  • DarkIce Mines_ The SnowHorn have been imprisoned here by the SharpClaw.
    • Map Data_ A vast land covered with hidden passages aboveground and many places to discover deep within the mine.
  • CloudRunner Fortress_ Home to the CloudRunner Tribe. Though soon to be the base of the SharpClaw Army unless you can stop them.
    • Map Data_ An impressive fortress built on many levels. Use the map to uncover the hidden Treasure Rooms or find your way through the dungeon.
  • Walled City_ Home to the EarthWalker, currently overrun by the RedEye tribe.
    • Map Data_ With its vast open spaces and huge temples, keep a close eye on the fine details of this map to uncover all its secrets.
  • Dragon Rock_ Nobody knows what lies withn this mutated land.
    • Map Data_ A mutated land full of dangers.

General Pepper's reports


General Pepper: General Pepper here! I'll display your current mission status.

  • Check the display Fox. / Detailed report downloading!
  • What are you doing, Fox?! You need to collect this first! / You can't get a report on something you do not have! Pull yourself together Fox!
  • Fox, I can't wait around for you! You need to get on with your mission! / Fox! If you wanna get paid, you better get on with the job! (When spending time on doing nothing on Pepper's screen.)
  • Don't let us down Fox. I know you can do it! / There's a lot of money resting on this Fox! Keep up the good work!
General Pepper's Sidekick Command Reports
  • Flame _ The power of fire is very important to Dinosaur Planet. Many devices require fire before they work.
  • Play_ Have hours of fun playing ball with Tricky. You throw the ball and he'll go get it! Keep playing and maybe you'll discover a cool secret…
  • Stay_ With this command, Tricky will stay put when you tell him.
  • Find_ With this command, Tricky can use his extra senses to find many things that you cannot. He will dig tunnels and uncover secrets!
  • Heel_ Use this command to call Tricky back to you at any time.
General Pepper's Item Reports
  • Fire SpellStone_ This is a Fire SpellStone from the Volcano Force Point. It contains Dark Matter which is used to hold the planet together.
  • Water SpellStone_ This is a Water SpellStone from the Ocean Force Point. It contains Dark Matter which is used to hold the planet together.
  • Bafomdad_ Collect these magical creatures to restore your life when you die.
  • Zoom Goggles_ Zoom Goggles. Hi-Def Display Device.
  • Dinosaur Horn_ If you need the help of a friendly dinosaur, find the pad and blow this horn!
  • FireFly Lantern_ FireFlies can light your way.
  • Scarab Bag_ This is used to hold Scarabs. It is found in three different sizes - 50, 100 and 200.
General Pepper's Krazoa Test Reports
  • Test of Observation_ Krystal collected this by completing the Test of Observation.
  • Test of Combat_ Earned by completing the Test of Combat.
  • Test of Fear_ Gained from the Test of Fear. You weren't scared, were you?
  • Test of Strength_ Collected by completing the Test of Strength.
  • Test of Knowledge_ Earned from the Test of Knowledge. Good to see you remembered the places you had been!

P.D.A. Scanner Information

  • PRINCE TRICKY - Use his Sidekick Commands to help you
  • KING EARTHWALKER - Tricky's father
  • QUEEN EARTHWALKER - Tricky's Mom
  • THORNTAIL - Friendly, grass eating dinosaurs
  • EARTHWALKER - Soldier of the EarthWalker Tribe
  • QUEEN CLOUDRUNNER - Leader of the CloudRunner Tribe
  • CLOUDRUNNER - Ruling tribe of Dinosaur Planet
  • GRADABUG - Chief Engineer of the fortress.
  • HIGHTOP - Not many members of this tribe left
  • SNOWHORN - Big, furry and friendly!
  • WARPSTONE - Big, heavy and friendly
  • LIGHTFOOT - Jewel crazed dinosaurs!
  • KRAZOA SPIRIT - Collect and return to Krazoa Palace
  • STORE KEEPER - Likes to haggle.
  • SHARPCLAW - Members of General Scales' army
  • BRIBECLAW - Only moves for Scarabs
  • FIRECRAWLER - Use your Ice Blast!
  • KALDA CHOM- Stun him before you can attack.
  • SNIPLUK- Deadly little critter.
  • SNAPLAK- Can pop out anywhere
  • KOOSHY - Deadly little pests!
Items / Vehicles
  • ARWING - Has seen better days
  • DINOSAUR HORN - Summon SnowHorn and EarthWalker
  • MOONSEEDS - Plant and Flame to grow
  • GOLDBAR - The HighTop loves gold.
  • METEOR - Could be used to plug holes
  • FUEL BARREL - Throw for explosive fun
  • SHARPCLAW BARREL - Can only be picked up by SharpClaw
  • SHARPCLAW ONLY - (SharpClaw Feetpad)
  • MOON STONE - Use to reveal the Krazoa Shrine
  • SUN STONE -' Use to reveal the Krazoa Shrine
  • ITEM BOX -' Use the Staff to get the item from within
  • SHARPCLAW CRATE - Break to open
  • LARGE BASKET - Smash to open
  • SMALL BASKET - Throw or smash to open
  • SHARPCLAW RACER - Get on and race
  • SHARPCLAW CANNON - Use it's blasting power!
  • LIFT ROCK - Use Staff to find what's underneath
  • SPELLSTONE SEAL - Show the stone to gain entrance
  • SCARAB TOLL - Pay Scarabs to open gate

Arwing missions

General Pepper:

  • Fly through 1 Gold Ring to reach Dinosaur Planet.
  • Fly through [3/ 5 / 7 / 10] Gold Rings to open the GateKeeper's Force Field.
  • The Force Field is open. (When collecting enough Gold Rings)
  • Where are you going, Fox? You have not collected the SpellStone from that level yet. If you keep going like this, you'll never save Dinosaur Planet! Get to work if you want that bonus! (If going back to Dinosaur Planet without a SpellStone)


  • Good job, Fox!
  • Watch out for mines!
  • You missed a Gold Ring! (When missing a Gold Ring)
  • You did it Fox! The Force Field is down! It's safe for you to land! Slippy out! (When reaching the end of the route with the number of required Gold Rings, the last two quotes are not scripted on-screen)


  • Keep going!
  • You failed to get all the Gold Rings. The Force Field remains closed. You'll have to try harder next time! (When missing the number of required Gold Rings and reaching the end of the route)

Andross: You lose again, Fox McCloud! (When losing all health units during Andross's battle)


  • During the cutscene where Krystal encounters General Scales and he grabs her and is about to throw her overboard after he questions her daring to challenge him, the quote: This is not over! (Kxaj aj dek eloh!) is spoken but not scripted on-screen for unknown reasons or a programming error. Since he says it again after Krystal says "Bad luck, General. Maybe next time!", it is likely that he was not intended to speak it the first time, and the lack of subtitling reflects this.
  • Note that the Crazy ThornTail in the Ancient Well will not wake up again after letting Fox into the lower levels.
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