The plot of Star Fox Adventures, known as The Plight of Sauria was a major conflict between the various tribes on Dinosaur Planet. It began approximately eight years after the end of the Lylat Wars by the vicious tribe known as the SharpClaw, who were led by General Scales. Star Fox did not become involved until ROB expressed concern over its broken state. After being approved for commission by General Pepper, Fox McCloud traveled alone to aid the tribes in ending the conflict, staying in contact with his teammates only through radio from the Great Fox.


A Girl Named Krystal


Krystal arrives at the Krazoa Palace.

Amidst the chaos and turmoil of Sauria, warriors of the EarthWalker and SharpClaw tribes fought for Krazoa Palace, home to the Krazoa Spirits. In the skies above, Krystal received a distress signal sent by a dying EarthWalker after the palace had been conquered by the SharpClaw. When she approached the location, she was ambushed by General Scales’ flagship and was thrown overboard. She was saved by the aid of a CloudRunner who in return brought her to the source of the call. Krystal's Staff was lost during the flight to the palace and landed in the small village of ThornTail Hollow, where it would later be discovered by Fox.

She discovered the EarthWalker who called for her and learned that various landscapes of Sauria separated from the planet after General Scales removed the sacred SpellStones from the Force Point Temples. The Krazoa Spirits were the key component in reforming the planet and saving it, as well as the Lylat system, from further destruction. After setting out and completing the Test of Observation and releasing the Krazoa Spirit into its rightful place, Krystal was incarcerated by Andross, who had become nothing more than a disembodied spirit. In hopes to control the Krazoa Spirits, he absorbed Krystal's energy and awaited the time when someone pure of heart would find and release the remaining Krazoa Spirits once again.

Enter Star Fox


General Pepper explains that Sauria is breaking apart and has hired the Star Fox Team to investigate.

Since the end of the Lylat Wars, the Lylat system thrived in prosperity and peace, with the Cornerian Army keeping authority within its borders. The Star Fox team struggled for efficient funds in desperation to make repairs on the Great Fox. Falco Lombardi left the team earlier due to prior events involving a fight between himself and Fox. While near Dinosaur Planet's orbit, General Pepper's initial contact with them brought the attention of a civil war that had been waging on it. He also revealed that he had just approved their fee (a large sum of money) and stated that he would pay them if they were to save it from further destruction. Without hesitation, they took the opportunity and began their mission. However, Fox had to leave his blaster behind as a condition for accepting the job, as Pepper believed he has to rely more on negotiative measures as the mission was about "saving the planet, not blowing it up."


Rescue of Prince Tricky


General Pepper forbid Fox from taking his Blaster to avoid conflict, the real world explanation is so that the game could use elements from Rare's original version of Dinosaur Planet.

General Pepper thought it was best to negotiate with the local ThornTail tribe by using a communication device to speak their language. Fox was sent alone and ordered to holster his Blaster during the mission. Arriving in ThornTail Hollow with his Arwing, he discovered Krystal's Staff and spoke with the Queen EarthWalker. She informed him that her son, Prince Tricky, had been captured and taken to Ice Mountain, home to the SnowHorn tribe, and that the only way of getting to its location was through a being called the WarpStone.

Fox speaks with the powerful WarpStone.

Tricky was saved and was returned to his mother in ThornTail Hollow. She revealed that she was dying and that the only way she could be healed was with a unique fungus called a White GrubTub. Along with the help of Tricky, the fungus was found and her life was saved.

The EarthWalker army had been able to stop General Scales' attempts from taking control of the Krazoa Palace before, but a newfound power within him allowed the SharpClaw to breach its sacred walls and release the Krazoa Spirits. Within the palace were the Force Point Temples, which held together Sauria using magical artifacts called SpellStones. During the SharpClaw's invasion on the temples, the SpellStones were removed and the magical force holding the planet together was released, resulting in the separation. The Queen entrusted Fox with the mission of retrieving the SpellStones along with her son, whose breath was the key to activate them. Together, they headed for the SnowHorn Wastes in search of the GateKeeper, Garunda Te.

Rescue of the SnowHorn

General Scales gave Garunda Te an ultimatum after discovering he was a GateKeeper, allowing him to either take the SpellStone or kill off the SnowHorn tribe. He blatantly refused to give into General Scales’ will, but his daughter Belina Te, by trying to protect the tribe, opened the gateway to the SpellStone's location in the DarkIce Mines. The tribe was imprisoned and Garunda Te was left to die within a frozen lake, where he was saved by Fox. Belina Te dishonored her father, leaving him to charge Fox in retrieving the SpellStone and returning it to the Volcano Force Point Temple.

Galdon approaches Fox from behind.

In the mines, Fox and Tricky released many of the SnowHorn, including Belina Te. With her guidance, they were able to find the SpellStone, which was guarded by Galdon. Galdon was killed by being choked from the inside of its neck, and Fox retrieved the SpellStone, saving the SnowHorn from further enslavement.

After, Fox traveled to Moon Mountain Pass to take the Spellstone to the Volcano Force Point Temple. Then, he heard Krystal crying for help. Just then, the Krazoa God appeared right in front of Fox, saying that he must collect the remaining 5 Krazoa Spirits, and take them to Krazoa Palace. Fox collected the Ground Quake and found a Krazoa Shrine hidden in Moon Mountain Pass. After progressing in the palace, Fox found the Krazoa Spirit and completed The Test of Combat. After collecting the Krazoa Spirit, the Krazoa God appeared once more and told Fox that he must release the spirit at Krazoa Palace to save Krystal. Fox traveled back to ThornTail Hollow and went to the Warp Stone to warp to Krazoa Palace. He then got to Krazoa Palace and traveled through it. He released the spirit just like the Korazoa told him to. Fox went back to ThornTail Hollow and went to see where the second SpellStone was located.

Invasion of CloudRunner Fortress

In the HighTop land of Cape Claw, the Queen CloudRunner was imprisoned within a dark cavern. The WarpStone directed Fox to find and rescue her along with her people, whose land of CloudRunner Fortress was invaded by the SharpClaw. As a GateKeeper, she was able to open a gateway to the fortress, allowing Fox to journey there and save the CloudRunner tribe. Also, Prince Tricky refuse to go to the fortress.
Scales Threatens the Queen of the Clouds

General Scales captures the Queen CloudRunner.

Upon his arrival, Fox and the Queen were seized by General Scales and locked up. Fox escaped by using a SharpClaw disguise sent to him via Peppy Hare and freed a member of the BoneHead tribe, helping him reach the Queen. When she was saved she asked him to find and return her children, who fled in fear when she was captured. She rewarded Fox by exposing the location of a SpellStone, which was heavily guarded by the SharpClaw. Fox reclaimed it after a confrontation with General Scales and replaced it within the Ocean Force Point Temple.

Tests of Chief LightFoot

Fox saved a member of the LightFoot tribe after the SharpClaw near the Ocean Force Point Temple attacked him. Instead of being grateful, the LightFoot fled in terror and lied to the Chief by saying Fox stole a precious item from him. In the LightFoot Village, Fox was ambushed and tied against a pole, where he was to be executed through torture. A CloudRunner descended from the skies and saved him from being killed, forcing the Chief to beg for his people to not be attacked.

The LightFoot accuse fox of stealing their treasure.

The Chief threatens Fox after mistaking him for a thief.

Fox agreed to stop the CloudRunner and the Chief cooperated by telling him the location of a Krazoa Shrine. In order to be shown the way, however, the Chief asked that three tests be completed in a competition against the tribe's most feared warrior, MuscleFoot. Fox was successful and became an honorary member of the LightFoot tribe by the Chief's word, who showed him the way. The Test of Fear involving the ferocious ShadowHunters was completed, and the Krazoa Spirit was returned to Krazoa Palace.

Rescue of the King EarthWalker

The King EarthWalker was captured and confined within the Walled City, guarded by the most feared of all tribes, the RedEye. He was a GateKeeper as well and had blocked off the gateway to its location in fear that General Scales would use it to his advantage. Krystal's Staff held the power to open the sealed gateway and allowed Fox and Tricky to travel to the EarthWalker's homeland and rescue their King.

He killed off the remnants of the RedEye tribe and saved the King and the city from further destruction. The enormous King RedEye protected a SpellStone within the lowest corridor of the city, and was a creature even General Scales feared. Fox traversed through the tunnels of the city's sacred temples and was attacked by the King RedEye. Careful tactics and planning led to Fox ultimately killing the King RedEye and he retrieved the SpellStone. He returned it to its rightful place within the Volcano Force Point Temple, leaving only one SpellStone left to find.
King RedEye 2

The King RedEye, guardian of the SpellStone in the Walled City.

Rescue on Dragon Rock

Deep within the SnowHorn Wastes the Blue SnowHorn was sought and given the Golden Root that was stolen from him by the ShopKeeper of ThornTail Hollow. In much appraisal, he helped Fox and Tricky discover a Krazoa Shrine, which held the Test of Strength. Another Krazoa Spirit was released into Krazoa Palace and the WarpStone charged Fox with the duty of finding the silent GateKeeper within ThornTail Hollow.

When he was found, the GateKeeper admitted he had lost the final SpellStone in a battle against the SharpClaw. During the battle, his closest allies were captured and taken to the desolate land of Dragon Rock where they were imprisoned. Entrusting Fox with the mission to save them, the GateKeeper opened the gateway to its location.


Drakor, the guardian of the SpellStone on Dragon Rock.

The GateKeeper's allies were of the HighTop, EarthWalker, and CloudRunner tribes, all serving unique abilities in their escape from Dragon Rock. Within a large volcano, Fox was attacked by a biological creature called Drakor and was almost killed. Drakor's programming forced it to protect the final SpellStone by any means necessary. Fox, using Krystal's Staff, caused Drakor to fall into a pit of magma, destroying it.

He returned the final SpellStone to the Ocean Force Point Temple, but Sauria did not become whole again. Without the Krazoa Spirits, the magic holding the planet together was weak and could not withstand the energy. Fox flew back to the Walled City and discovered the final Krazoa Shrine, completing the Test of Knowledge.

Return of Andross

Andross revived

Andross revealing himself to Fox.

Fox released the fifth Krazoa Spirit within Krazoa Palace, but was attacked by General Scales. While they fought, Andross interfered and demanded General Scales to give up the last of the Krazoa Spirits so that he may become fully revived. Scales appeared unaware of Andross presence, and thus questioned his identity and motivations. The sixth and final Krazoa Spirit had been inside General Scales the entire time and when he was forced to give it to Fox (who also heard the disembodied voice of Andross and recognized it, although he could not remember where he heard it) Scales collapsed and fell to the ground and his servants took his belt. Fox released the Krazoa Spirit, freeing Krystal from her prison. The head of a great statue of the Krazoa God overlooking the palace emerged, proclaiming to have been reborn, but was in fact Andross. Krystal's Staff did little to nothing against the statue head's structure as it ascended into the planet's skies where Fox chased it down in his Arwing.

In space, Andross revealed his true identity and motivations, starting a fight between Fox and himself. Fox was nearly killed but was saved by a Smart Bomb sent by Falco, aiding him in the fight. Together, they defeated and destroyed Andross, ending the conflict on Dinosaur Planet and saving its inhabitants.



Krystal joins the Star Fox team.

For his assistance in ending the civil war on Dinosaur Planet, Fox was personally shown gratitude by the King and Queen EarthWalker. With the defeat of General Scales, the SharpClaw were freed from tyranny and rejoiced with the other tribes. Tricky was rewarded with a badge from Fox making him an honorary member of the Star Fox team. Before he left, he promised Tricky that they would someday meet again.

Aboard the Great Fox, Pepper transferred the rewarding funds and thanked Star Fox for their efforts. Falco rejoined and Krystal expressed her gratitude by also becoming a member. In the short time following, the Great Fox was repaired and Fox started a relationship with Krystal.


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