SF64 NP Guide

The guide's front cover.

The Star Fox 64 Official Player's Strategy Guide was published by Nintendo Power in 1997 and made available after June 30th as a promotional guidebook for players to assist in playing Star Fox 64.Nintendo Power magazine assembled all the best tips, tactics, maps and secrets into one comprehensive game briefing in the Official Star Fox 64 Player's Guide. This 128-page full-color Player's Guide will help players go boldly where no Fox has gone before, learning all the top secret intelligence on how to get the highest scores, win the medals, get the best endings, find all the hidden routes to Venom, and where all the mysterious worm holes are located. Along with all this great game play information, the Player's Guide contains exclusive interviews with the game's creators, and behind the scenes character information.


SF64 NP Guide Rear

The rear cover.

Character Biographies, Gameplay instructions, Maps, Gaming secrets, Creator interviews.


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