General Pepper Assault Ending
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The complete list of in-game script and quotes of Star Fox 64. For the new and altered quotes featured in the 3DS release, see Star Fox 64 3D/Script. Quotes that are exclusive or mandatory to a mission are listed, while common quotes that are often repeated are listed under Misc. quotes. Cutscenes and continued conversations made by characters are headed by bullet points.

Priority one

  • ROB: Message from General Pepper. Priority one!
  • General Pepper: We need your help, Star Fox! Andross has declared war! He's invaded the Lylat system and is trying to take over Corneria! Our army alone can't do the job! Hurry, Star Fox!

Opening narration

Andross declared war on corneria

Andross unleashing his forces upon the Lylat system.

Narrator: Corneria, fourth planet of the Lylat system. The evil Andross turned this once thriving system into a wasteland of near extinction. General Pepper of the Cornerian army was successful in exiling this maniacal scientist to the barren, deserted planet Venom. Five years later, General Pepper noticed strange activity coming from Venom. James McCloud, Pigma Dengar, and Peppy Hare of the Star Fox team were sent to investigate. Upon their arrival, Pigma betrayed the team and James and Peppy were captured by Andross. Peppy barely escaped Venom and returned home to tell James’ son Fox about his father's fate. A few years have passed. Andross has again invaded the Lylat system. General Pepper has turned to a new Star Fox team headed by Fox McCloud to save Corneria and to free the Lylat system once again.

Mission No 1.

Corneria: Former Army Base; Enter Star Fox

SF64 Corneria Intro

Corneria's Intro.

  • General Pepper: It's about time you showed up Fox. You're the only hope for our world.
  • Fox McCloud: I'll do my best! Andross won't have his way with me.


  • Fox McCloud: Open the wings. Check your G-Diffuser system.
  • Falco Lombardi: Falco here. I'm fine.
  • Peppy Hare: This is Peppy. All systems go.
  • Slippy Toad: Slippy here, I'm ok.
  • Fox: I see em’ up ahead. Let's rock and roll!

Level begins

Peppy:Slippy, get back here!

  • Slippy, watch out! Bogey on your tail!

Slippy: Whoa! Help me!

  • Thanks Fox. I thought they had me. / (retire)

Fox: We’re entering Corneria City now.

Falco: This is horrible...

Peppy: Everybody stay alert!

  • You've got an enemy on your tail! Use the brake!


Falco: I'll get this one. Get the one behind me!

  • Something's wrong with the G-Diffuser.

Peppy: Use the boost to chase!

Falco: I could use some help here Fox!

  • I guess I should be thankful. / (retire)

Peppy: Do a barrel roll!

Mission Accomplished route

Falco: Pretty smooth flying Fox.

  • Follow me Fox!

Fox: Falco, where you going?

'Falco:' I found the target! Try to keep up.

  • Time for a little payback.
    • Gotcha! / Back off, Fox!

Attack Carrier Captain: Ah, someone wants to play.

Peppy: Incoming enemy from the rear! Drop altitude.

Slippy: Enemy shield analyzed.

Attack Carrier Captain: Deploy all units! Charge!

  • I’ve got a present for ya!

Falco: That's it, Fox!

Peppy: Aim for the open spot.

Falco: YEAH! It's working!

Attack Carrier Captain: Go!!

  • Who are you guys!?

Fox: We’re Star Fox.

Attack Carrier Captain: You'll never defeat Andross!

Mission Complete route

Peppy: Try a somersault!

Slippy: Enemy robot, dead ahead.

Falco: Let's go!

Fox: All-Range mode!

Granga: Ah, so this is Star Fox?

  • I'm going to crush you!

Slippy: Enemy shield analyzed!

Granga: Those who cross Andross will die!

Peppy: Aim for his back!/Try a U-Turn!

Granga: Stop moving so I can squash you!

  • I will not be defeated by this worm!
  • You are starting to annoy me!
  • You annoying little flies!
  • No!!! (If Granga is hit)
  • My emperor... I've failed you!

Mission Complete/Accomplished

  • Fox: We’re heading out! All aircraft report.
  • Slippy: You did it! I was worried for a moment.
  • Peppy: You're becoming more like your father.
  • Falco: I'm fine. You okay over there Fox?

Meteo: Asteroid Field; Into the Asteroid Field

SF64 Meteo Intro

Meteo's Intro.

  • General Pepper: Impressive Star Fox. Now watch out for enemies in the asteroid field!
  • Fox: I won't let you down, sir!

Heading into the asteroids

  • Slippy: Things are starting to heat up!
  • Peppy: Quit dinkin’ around, Slip!
  • Fox: We’re heading into the asteroids!

Level begins

Peppy: Don't mess up that Arwing!

  • It's quiet. Too quiet.
  • Be careful! It's a trap!
  • Use bombs wisely!
  • Try a somersault!

Slippy: Here comes a big one.

  • Whoa! Can you make it?

Peppy: Use the brake!

  • Use the boost to get through!

C>>> 1

Peppy: Incoming message from ROB 64!

Falco: / Slippy: / Peppy: Watch out Fox!

Peppy: They're on me! I'm getting careless.

  • Thanks Fox!
  • The enemy is coming from behind!
  • Do a barrel roll!

Falco: I guess it's your turn to be thankful.

Slippy: You want a piece of me?

  • Take that! / (Painful scream)

Slippy: Hold A to charge your laser!

Peppy: You can also lock onto enemies this way!

Peppy: Good going, Fox. / Falco: That's it, Fox! / Alright! / Slippy: Yippie! You did it!

Only if the player successfully flies through the first few warp rings:

Peppy: Never give up! Trust your instincts!

Mission Complete route

Peppy: Just shoot it, Fox!

Meteo Crusher Operator: I cannot allow you to go any further.

Slippy: Enemy shield analyzed!

Meteo Crusher Operator: Let's see what you've got.

Peppy: That shields absorbing the laser!

Meteo Crusher Operator: You're more cunning than I thought.

  • I‘ve underestimated you.
  • How about this?
  • I'm no match for you.
  • I admit defeat...

Falco: Are you gonna listen to that monkey?

Meteo Crusher Operator: Haha, you're not as stupid as you look!

If Falco is not present:

  • If this does not work...!


  • I can't believe I lost to this scum!

Fox: Sorry to jet, but I'm in a hurry!

Mission Complete

  • Fox: All aircraft report!
  • Slippy: Common Status Dialogue
  • Peppy: Common Status Dialogue
  • Falco: Ah, you're getting better Fox.

Mission No 2.

Sector Y: Combat Zone; Fierce Melee

SF64 SectorY Intro

Sector Y's Intro.

  • General Pepper: Fox, we’re under attack! Help us out here!
  • Fox:' I'm on my way!

Level begins

Fox: Let's back up the squadron.

Falco: Somebody's going to pay for all this.

Peppy: Don't let any of em’ through!

Slippy: Something's wrong. I don't see anything!

Below line is in Expert Mode only

C>>> ROB: Good Luck Fox.

Peppy: Surprise attack coming from above! Hold ‘em They’re trying to get through!

At this point, if the score is at least 30:

Peppy: Good job! Keep up the pace!


Falco: Fox, you're supposed to shoot them all!

Peppy: The enemy’s coming from behind!

Falco: I’ve got everything above. / Peppy: I’ll take care of everything below.

  • Peppy: He’s quick! Be careful!

Slippy: Ah Ha! Thought you could hide from me eh?

  • Escaping? I don’t think so!
  • Hey! Leave me alone.

Falco: Take ‘em down with one shot!

Fox: We're going to break through that fleet!

Same check as last is performed, only with 65 score.

Peppy: You’re becoming a better pilot. / Falco: Is that the best you can do??

C>>> 1

Slippy: Something’s up ahead. Looks different.

Fox: All-range mode!

Slippy: Enemy shield analyzed! / Slippy’s hit! / These guys are tough!

Falco: Geez! Quit movin’ around! / Shoot! I've taken damage!

Peppy: Good job. Keep up the good work. / Watch the radar carefully, Fox! / Dang! I'm hit!

Shogun Pilot: Don't party just yet.

  • It's time to try our new weapon.
  • I'm coming for ya! (when charging) / What's wrong? Is that it? (when not attacked for a while) / I'll take you guys out from the ship! (when he lands on his ship) / Cocky little freaks! (when attacked) 
  • Aaaaahhhhh!!!!

Mission Accomplished

  • Fox: We’re headin’ for Aquas. Report in.
  • Slippy: There you go!
  • Peppy: Your skills have improved, Fox!
  • Falco: I guess you're good for something.

Common dialogue is used in Mission Complete.

Fortuna: Former Defense Post; Enter Star Wolf

SF64 Fortuna Intro

Fortuna's Intro (Fichina).

  • General Pepper: Recover our base from the enemy army!
  • Fox: Roger, General!

Level begins

  • Fox: Split up and take it to ‘em!


The only dialogue at this point is not scripted, and is instead the characters's All Range Mode dialogue, which is randomly stated.

Slippy: Why are ships coming from the base?

ROB: A bomb has been planted at the base.

Fox: Geez! Can anyone take care of it?

Star Wolf Arrives

SF64 Fortuna Wolf CLYDTSF
  • Wolf: Can’t let you do that Star Fox!
  • Leon: Andross has ordered us to take you down.
  • Pigma: Peppy! Longtime no see! / Heh Heh, we're getting pay alotta cash for this!
  • Andrew: Andross’ enemy is my enemy.
  • Fox: Just what I need to see. Star Wolf. Let's take care of these guys first!


Wolf: You'll be seeing your dad soon Fox! (attacking) / You're not so tough! (when hit) /What the heck?! (when dodged) / I... Can't... Lose! (when defeated)

Leon: Annoying bird! I am the great Leon! (attacking) / Shoot me down if you can! (when hit) / This can't be happening! (when defeated)

Pigma: I'll do you fast, Peppy old pal! (when hit) / Come on, little man, shoot me! (when hit) / My beautiful reward! (when defeated)/ Aaaarrggghhh!!! (when plummeting)

Andrew: Stick to the pond, froggie! (when attacked) / I'm not afraid of YOU! (when hit) / Uncle Andross! (when defeated)

Mission Accomplished route

  • Fox: I'll take care of the bomb now! All aircraft report!
  • Slippy: Hey we made it!
  • Peppy: Fox, take it easy!
  • Falco: That was a close call, Fox!

Mission Complete route

ROB: Danger, one minute till explosion!

Fox: Let's take care of these guys first!

ROB: 30 seconds to explosion.

  • 15 seconds to explosion
  •  Bomb exploding. Keep clear.
  • Wolf: Looks like we win today Fox.
  • Leon: Close...but no cigar. Hahaha!
  • Pigma: I've got two words for ya! LO-SER!
  • Andrew: Score one for Andross!
  • Fox: Emergency maneuvers! Get out of there!
  • Fox: All aircraft report!
  • Slippy: They almost got us.
  • Peppy: I'm not too crazy about those guys.
  • Falco: So that's Star Wolf...

Katina: Frontline Base; Reunion

SF64 Katina Intro

Katina's Intro.

  • General Pepper: Katina is battling the enemy. Will you help them out?
  • Fox: Affirmative general!

Help's on the way

  • Bill: Hang on guys, help is on the way!

Level begins

Bill: Fox! You made it!

Fox: Bill?! Is that you? I don't believe it!

Bill: We can catch up later, Fox.

Slippy: Hard to tell the good guys, from the bad!

Randomly stated dialogue:

Bill: Husky unit, cover the base! / Bulldog unit, don't let anything through! / All units report!

If the player keeps following Bill:

Bill: Just like old times, eh, Fox?

Bill: Try shooting the bad guys, Fox! (If the player shoots a Cornerian Fighter without shooting it down)

Bill: Fox! That's one of ours! (If the player shoots down a Cornerian Fighter)

Bill: Hey! See if I help you again! (If the player open-fires at Bill)

Peppy: Enemy down... Wait! That was one of ours! (when defeating a Cornerian Fighter)

Bill: Enemy mothership approaching! / You've become quite a pilot.

Falco: Here they come! / Man, there's just no end to these guys!

Saucerer arrives

Bill: Go for the four hatches on the underside!

  • The hatches are open.
  • There's some sort of energy reaction. (Phase 2 start)
  • The core has appeared, stand by to attack!
  • Hurry up, take out that core!
  • There's not much time left! Hurry! (when 12 seconds are on the clock)
  • Yeehaw! You did it! (after the Saucerer's defeat)

Mission Accomplished

  • Bill: Take care Fox!
  • Fox: You too Bill...

If the player manages to not shoot any Cornerian Fighters:

  • Bill: I'm glad we're on the same team, Fox!
  • Fox: You owe me one!

Mission Complete

  • Bill: Fox, get out of here NOW!
  • Fox: All aircraft, break away.
  • Dang!
  • Peppy: Don't get so down, Fox.

Mission No 3.

Aquas Ocean: Terror of the Deep

SF64 Aquas Intro

Aquas's Intro.

  • General Pepper: Star Fox, I want you to take out the enemy bioweapon!
  • Fox: Yes sir! Deploy the Blue-Marine!

Level begins

Fox: I'm going to check out the bio-weapon.

  • I'm sending the data to you guys.

Falco: Shoot a torpedo to help you see.

Peppy: Looks like the pollution has started.

Slippy: It's awful!

  • Wow! Look at that! It's beautiful!
  • How's the Blue-Marine Fox?

Peppy: It's a good thing you prepared Slip.

Falco: This thing will never hold together!

Slippy: Whoa! Watch out!

Peppy: Do a barrel roll!

Slippy: Look out behind you!

  • Keep shooting. We’ve got lots of torpedoes.

Peppy: You're the best Slippy!

Slippy: Thanks, Peppy!

Falco: This thing will never hold together.

Peppy: I’ve got a BAD feeling about this Fox.

Slippy: Watch out, Fox!

Fox: I’ve found the bio-weapon.

Bacoon arrives

Slippy: Enemy shield analyzed!

Peppy: Aim for the two columns!

Slippy: Fire a homing torpedo! (when Bacoon exposes her tendons as she opens her mouth)

Falco: That's it Fox! (when Bacoon's tendons are hit)

Peppy: Aim for the two columns!

  • Go for the eyes! (Phase 2 start)

Slippy: Yeah! yeah!

  • Yipeee! You did it!

Mission Accomplished

  • Fox: We’re preparing to dock.
  • Thanks, Slip. Blue-marine came through.
  • Peppy: Slippy's not such a screw up after all.
  • Slippy: Thanks, a lot Peppy!
  • Falco: I'll take the sky any day.
  • Slippy: Sheesh! Falco. You too?

Sector X: Combat Zone; Mystery of the Space Base

SF64 SectorX Intro

Sector X's Intro.

  • General Pepper: Reports indicate that Andross is working on some secret weapon.
  • Fox: I'll check it out.

Level begins

Fox: Let's take out that weapon boys.

Falco: Let's have a little fun!

Peppy: Stay alert!

  • He's quick! Be careful.

Falco: Enemy groups behind us. Man they're fast!

Peppy: We’re getting close to the base!

Falco: Somebody beat us here. It's all gone! (when Fox enters the Space Base)

  • What the heck is that?!

Peppy: They're on me! I'm getting careless!

  • Thanks, Fox!

Left Route (Warp) 

Falco: I can't wait to see the secret weapon!

  • I found a gate! Looks like a warp.

Bill: I'm gonna open the gate. Back me up!

Fox: Bill! You're okay!

Bill: Of course! I'm here to help.

Falco: Something's not right here!

  • Who took this base out?
  • Yeah! Just one more.
  • Hurry up or you're toast!

Bill: Take it easy Fox. Don't let us down.

Route Right

Peppy: I'll attack from the outside.

Slippy: Interceptor system dead ahead.

Peppy: Where is the secret weapon?

ROB: Location confirmed. Sending supplies.

Peppy: I'm going ahead. Back me up Fox!

Spyborg arrives

Falco: What the heck? Fox, look behind you!

Fox: So this is the secret weapon.

Spyborg: Destroy! Destroy!

Slippy: Enemy shield analyzed!

Spyborg: I will terminate all enemies.

  • You are an enemy.
  • Where is the creator?!

Fox: What's he saying?

Slippy: Yippee! You did it!

Fox: Huh? What? (Phase 2 start)

Spyborg: The view is clear.

  • Destroy. Destroy.

Falco: Destroy what? He's crazy!

Slippy: Let me handle this!

Peppy: Slippy, get back here!

Slippy: Fox!!! (If the player fails to defeat the Spyborg within 10 seconds of the second phase's beginning)

Fox: Slippy!!!

Spyborg: Destroy. Destroy.

  • Where is the enemy?
  • I must be complete.

Mission Complete

  • Fox: ROB, can you confirm Slippy's location?
  • ROB: Distress signal coming from Titania.
  • Peppy: Looks like he's on Titania.
  • Falco: Slippy can be such a headache.

Common status dialogue plays if the player earns a Mission Accomplished.

Solar; Out of the Frying Pan…

SF64 Solar Intro

Solar's Intro.

  • General Pepper: That area's an oven. Don't go burning that Arwing. Be reasonable Fox!
  • Fox: I'll be careful.

Solar's surface

  • Fox: Keep an eye on your shield gauge!

Level begins

Falco: The Arwing might not make it...

Slippy: This baby can take temperatures up to 9,000 degrees!

Peppy: Don't fly too low! Your ship can't take it!

  • Shoot the rocks!

Bill: Looks like you could use some help Fox.

Fox: Bill!

Bill: Don't get too excited. Here we go!

  • Watch yourself Fox.

Peppy: They're attacking in groups!

C>>> 1

Falco: I ain’t your buddy! Go away! (when chased by a Gores)

  • Good riddance. I almost got burned!

Slippy: It's too hot! I can't take it anymore!

C>>> 1

Vulcain arrives

Peppy: THIS is the enemy bio-weapon!?

Falco: Andross is an insane fool!

Slippy: Data analysis complete! Here it comes!

Peppy: Maybe it's an arm. Aim for the arm!

Falco: Here they come!

Slippy: Yippee! You did it! (After Vulcain is defeated)

Mission Accomplished

  • Fox: All aircraft report!
  • Slippy: I'm having some trouble here.
  • Peppy: I've taken a few hits, but I'm ok.
  • Falco: You worry about your own hide!

Zoness; Toxic Waste Area: Invasion Aftermath

SF64 Zoness Intro

Zoness's Intro.

  • General Pepper: There's an enemy base there!?
  • Fox: Affirmative, general!

Level begins

Fox: Let's sneak in low and surprise them.

Peppy: THIS is Zoness?

Falco: I can't belive they did this...

Slippy: What a dump!

Falco: I hear ya, Slippy.

Slippy: Watch out for the search light!

Falco: Let's take ‘em all out!

Slippy: Fox, get this guy off me!

  • This is really starting to tick me off! / Hoo! That was too close!

Peppy: Follow your father’s example, Fox!

Katt: We’re closing in on them, Falco!

  • Take the right lane boy, I'm on the left.

Falco: Katt?! What are you doing here?

Katt: Is that any way to greet a girl?

Slippy: Whoa! Watch out!

Katt: I’ve got somebody on my tail!

  • Beautiful! I could kiss you for that. / Mess with me, and you'll get scratched!

Peppy: Aim for the ruder, Fox!

C>>> 1

Peppy: You’ve got an enemy on your tail!

Slippy: Here I go!

Falco: Enemy fighters spotted! Take them down!

Katt: Make way for Katt!

Falco: These guys don’t quit!

  • Back off, Fox!
  • Looks like we’ve got company!
  • That was a close call, Fox!
  • Jeeze Laweez! What is that?!

Peppy: Be careful it might be a trap!

Slippy: Something's coming from the sea!

Sarumarine arrives

SF64 Sarumarine01

Sarumarine Captain: Disrespectful little welps!

  • I’ll teach ye some respect!

Slippy: Enemy shield analyzed!

Sarumarine Captain: Adjust 10 degrees right. Fire!

  • Pressure, angle ok. Fire torpedo!
  • I can't see anything. Fire anyway! (if the crane is destroyed)
  • Prepare to surface!
  • All sections ready, engage!
  • Ar ha ha ha harr!

Peppy: Destroy the two exhaust pipes!

  • His armor's tough. Use bombs wisely!

Sarumarine Captain : Aaarh. Drop the crane now! (when a port is destroyed during Phase 2)

Peppy: Quick, destroy the crane!

Sarumarine Captain: Oh SHOOT! (when the crane is destroyed)

  • Fire! Fire! (Phase 3 start)
  • Aaaarrggghhh!!! (upon defeat)

Mission Accomplished / Complete

  • Fox: All aircraft report
  • Slippy: I'm fine! I'm fine! / I’m havin’ some trouble here!
  • Peppy: Everythings A-OK! (Mission Accomplished) / Look's like we're heading for Macbeth! (Mission Complete)
  • Falco: Katt, where'd you go?

Titania: Arid Desert; The Search for Slippy

SF64 Titania Intro

Titania's Intro.

  • General Pepper: What are you doing? Its too dangerous there!
  • Fox: I can't leave Slippy hangin’!.

Level begins

  • Fox: Deploy the Landmaster!
  • Give me Slippy's location, ROB.

ROB: Life form indicated at 12 o’clock.

Peppy: There's rocky terrain dead ahead.

Falco: A magnetic storm! We'll search here.

Peppy: Use bombs wisely!

Falco: I think you look better in tank.

Fox: Why don't you come down here Falco?

Falco: I'll pass, Fox.

  • He can sure be a pain in the neck.

Peppy: Don't go too fast, Falco!

Falco: Enemy fighters comin’ at you Fox.

Peppy: Try hovering!

  • To barrel roll, press Z or R twice!
  • Are you okay?
  • Use the boost to get through!
  • Try hovering!
  • Use bombs wisely!
  • Lock on the enemies!

Falco: These guys just keep coming!

Peppy: Incoming!

  • Don't be dead Slip.

ROB: Location confirmed. Sending supplies.

Falco: Shoot! He's right behind me!

  • I guess you're good for something!

Peppy: You okay? Hold together, just a bit further.

Slippy: Aahh! I'm hit!

Fox: Is that you Slippy?

Falco: I'll be there soon.

Fox: Slippy!

Slippy: I knew you would come help me!

The Goras Appears

If the player takes too long to shoot the arms upon initial reveal:

  • Do something!

When the player takes out all his arms in the first phase:

  • Fox!

Falco: Let me get a piece of that action Fox! (Phase 2 start)

Peppy: Take out his arms Fox!

Falco: Slippy, what are you doin! Hurry up!

Slippy: It's impossible this way!

Falco: Pipe down Slippy,Just hold on!

Slippy: I made it! I'll analyze right away! (Phase 3 start)

  • Data analysis complete. Here it comes.

Peppy: Go for the chest!

Mission Accomplished

  • Fox: All aircraft report.
  • Slippy: I thought I was a goner!
  • Falco: We’re always savin’ your hide, Slip.
  • Peppy: I'm sure he's learned his lesson.
  • Fox: When we get back, we'll head to Venom!

Macbeth: Venom Army Supply Base; The Forever Train

SF64 Macbeth Intro

Macbeth's Intro.

  • General Pepper: So you're going to attack the enemy base!? Great idea Fox!
  • Fox: It'll be a piece of cake General.

Level begins

Fox: I spot the train. I'm taking it out!

Engineer: Here come the little hyenas, now!

  • Here you go!
  • They're not taking me seriously.

Falco: Here they come!

If the first few cars from the back are still intact:

Engineer: Take THIS!

Peppy: Just shoot it Fox!

Katt: Starting without me? Boys I'm crushed.

Falco: Katt!! Not you again!

Katt: Is that anyway to greet a girl?

Slippy: Incoming!

Engineer: Take THIS!

Slippy: How's the Landmaster Fox?

Peppy: Try hovering!

Engineer: Dang! Detach the rear vehicle!

Peppy: Don't let them get to the supply depot!

Falco: Shoot! He's right behind me!

  • I guess I should be thankful.

Engineer: What's wrong? Come a little closer!

Peppy: Try hovering!

Falco: I see the fuel bunker on the right side!

Peppy: Change the switch ahead!

  • Shoot the eight switches to open the lock!

Katt: Make way for Katt!

  • I've got the left. You take the right, hon.

C>>> 1

Engineer: I didn't expect to have to use this.

  • You're very lucky.
  • I'll lure these guys to the front.

Slippy: Enemy shield analyzed.

Falco: I'm here to rescue you.

Missing the switches

Engineer: Step on the gas!

Peppy: Well at least we can take this boss out.

Engineer: Heh heh heh... What's wrong?

  • Try, this!

Falco: Hey! I’ve got my hands full up here!

  • Gee! I've been saved by Fox, how swell!
  • Forever Train Engineer: You're too slow! It's time to end this! (if the player takes too long)

Engineer: No! Get away! (defeated)

  • Gwaa!!!

Route by Hitting Switches

Peppy: OK, now shoot the switcher!

Engineer: Step on the gas.

Peppy: Good goin’ Fox.

Engineer: NO! hit the brakes!

  • I can't stop IT!

Mission Accomplished

  • Fox: All aircraft report.
  • Slippy: I can see the look on their stupid faces.
  • Peppy: I'm sure we hurt ‘em this time.
  • Katt: You're pretty good tiger. see ya again!
  • Falco: Now it's our turn to kick some tail.

Common status dialogue plays during Mission Complete.

Sector Z: Combat Zone; The Ambush of Great Fox

SF64 SectorZ Intro

Sector Z's Intro.

  • General Pepper: The enemy army is gunning for you, be careful.
  • Fox: Don't worry, sir.

Enemy approaching

  • ROB: Enemy approaching from the left!
  • Fox: We'll gladly take this one.

Level begins

Falco: Nice welcome!

Missiles arrive

ROB: Six missiles coming from the left!

  • Missile one is heading for Great Fox!

Fox: Here it comes!

ROB: Missile approaching. Distance 50. (If a Missile is within 25 seconds of hitting the Great Fox.)

If the player lets the missiles go close to the Great Fox, eventually:

ROB: Missile approaching. Distance 20. (If a Missile is within 10 seconds of hitting the Great Fox.)

ROB: Distance 10. Unable to evade. (If a Missile is within 5 seconds of hitting the Great Fox.)

ROB: Missiles 2 and 3 approaching! (Phase 1 start)

Slippy: / Falco: I'm heading for the missile now! Peppy: I'm going for the missile!

Katt: Are you going to hog all the fun?

Falco: Katt?! Can't you go bother someone else?

Katt: Let me help you out.

ROB: Missile 4, 5, and 6 approaching!

Katt: Make way for Katt!

Peppy: One missile destroyed!

Falco: One missile down!

Slippy: Scratch one missile!

Falco: / Peppy: / Slippy: I got the last one!

Katt: Beautiful! I could kiss you for that! / I took care of a missile for ya!

Katt: You owe me, Falco.

  • You're on your own. Good luck little man.

Mission Failure:

  • Too bad, little man!

Mission Accomplished / Complete

  • Fox: ROB, is everything ok?
  • ROB: Great Fox is OK. / Damage to rear left section of the ship!
  • Falco: THAT was a close call. / Dang, NOW they've done it!
  • Peppy: We’ve got the bad guys on the run! / It could be difficult to attack Venom.
  • Slippy: Don't worry. Slippy's here! / Doggone it!

Bolse Defense Outpost: The Last Hurrah

SF64 Bolse Intro

Bolse's Intro.

  • General Pepper: If you destroy the satellite we can go straight for Venom! Be careful Fox.
  • Fox: I'm on it!

Level begins

Fox: Ok guys, destroy all barriers!

Peppy: Aim for the six energy towers!

Falco: I'll cover you, Fox!

Slippy: You're not getting away that easy!

  • Your carcass is mine.
  • Those ships are shielded too!

Falco: You are NOT taking him down today!

Slippy: They don't give up.

Peppy: Whats taking so long Fox?

Fox: Hey! The force field is disappearing!

Falco: Looks like we’ve got company.

Star Wolf arrives

  • Wolf: Playtime is over, Star Fox!
  • Leon: I think I'll torture you for a while!
  • Pigma: Daddy screamed REAL good before he DIED!
  • Andrew: You'll be sorry you crossed us!
  • Fox: Star Wolf again? Why now? (If the player visited Fichina.)

Peppy: Good! I see the enemy core!

Andrew: Bow before the great Andross!

Leon: You're not as tough as I thought.

Peppy: Destroy the satellite's core!

Mission Accomplished

  • Fox: Venom here we come.

Area 6; Defense Station: Through the Middle

SF64 Area6 Intro

Area 6's Intro.

  • General Pepper: It's almost over! We’re in your debt. Come back in one piece Fox!
  • Fox: Will do, General!

No problems

  • Caiman:Caiman here, no problems.
  • Do you copy? Emergency maneuvers!
  • Falco: Too late! Game over pal!

Level begins

Fox: Entering Venom air defense zone!

Peppy: Everybody stay alert!

Slippy: Space mines ahead!

Falco: Bogey behind me! Am I gettin’ slow?

  • Let's clean up this mess!
  • Time for a little payback!
  • Hold still and let me shoot you!
  • I guess you're good for something! / Gotcha!

C>>> 2

Slippy: Incoming enemy missile!

Peppy: Shoot em’ down we’re being marked.

  • Peppy: Ahhhhh / Falco: / Ahhhhh / Slippy: Ahhhhh

Commander: Did we get em’?

Caiman: Not yet sir! (if the player survives)

Peppy: They're on me! I'm getting careless!

  • What's taking you so long Fox? / Thanks, Fox!

C>>> Andross: Ah, the son of James McCloud! Those tin cans are no match for me.

  • I'm looking forward to this. (99- hits) / Ha ha ha, you can NEVER defeat ME! (100+ hits)
  • I'll make those fools pay!

Caiman: They've broken through the first line! (after first checkpoint)

Fox: We’re gonna break through that fleet.

Caiman: They're through the second line!

C>>> 2

Commander: Fire! Fire! Don't let them through!

Slippy: Venom's right there!

  • Hoo! That was too close!

C>>> 1

The Gorgon Appears

Caiman: The last line has been breached!

Commander: These guys is crazy! Dang deploy it now!

Slippy: Enemy ahead! This ones different...

Falco: Crud! We were so close to Venom!

  • YEAH! It's working! (Phase 2 start)

Slippy: Enemy shield analyzed!

  • Yeah, Yeah! (Phase 3 start)

Peppy: Shoot the tentacles to open the core!

Falco:Watch out, Fox! (when the Gorgon fires her laser after she loses her arms)

Peppy: Destroy all three energy balls!

  • The shield is gone, shoot the core! (when the core is exposed to attack)

Slippy: Yippee! You did it!

Mission Accomplished

  • Fox: Hold on, we’re entering Venom air space!

SF64 Venom Fighters

Venom's first wave of fighters.

Venom: Andross’s Homeworld; The Battle With Andross

Fox: Don't relax, we’re not done yet.

Falco: Time to show the monkey who's boss!

Peppy: They're everywhere!

Falco: These guys just keep comin’! Don't go dyin’ on me.

Peppy: Brace yourselves!

Slippy: You'll be sorry punks!

Slippy: I'm going left! / Woah! Can you make it? / Watch out Fox! / Incoming!

Falco: I'll take the left. / These guys don't quit. / Geez! Quit movin’ around! / Here they come! / Gotcha!

Peppy: I’ve got the right. / Watch out Fox! / You okay? Hold together, just a bit further. / You've got an enemy on your tail! / Incoming! / Just shoot it Fox!

C>>> 1

Peppy: This brings back memories of your dad.


Andross: Those tin cans are no match for me! / I'll make those fools pay!

Falco: Jeez Laweez! What is that?!

Slippy: That temple gives me the creeps.

The Golemech Appears

  • What's going on? He's running away!

Peppy: Stay alert!

Falco: Don't get too close Fox.

Slippy: Data analysis complete. Here it comes.

Peppy: Never give up. Trust your instincts. / Falco: Hold together! / Slippy: Fox, are you okay?

Venom: Andross’s Homeworld;The Final Battle

SF64 Venom WolfenII

Star Wolf arrive in their new ships.

Arrival on Venom

  • Fox: Say your prayers Andross!

Star Wolf Arrives

  • Wolf: Don't get too cocky Star Fox!
  • Leon: Let's see how you handle our new ships!
  • Pigma:Too bad dad's not here to see ya FAIL!
  • Andrew: We'll make sure you never reach Andross!
  • Fox: We'll just see about that Star Wolf.

Falco: You guys don't give up! / I see you've got new ships!

Slippy: Hey! Nice aircraft, guys!

Pigma: You can't beat me! I've got a better ship! / This can't be happening!

Andrew: Stick to the pond, froggie! / Give it up. You can't win! / You're not welcome here! / Aaaaahhhhhh!!!

Leon: Annoying bird! I am the great Leon! / Not yet. The party's just begun! / I'll take care of you! / He's too strong!

Fox: There's one more to go.

Wolf: You're good, but I'm better. / No way! I don't believe it!

Enter Venom's tunnels


The battle between Fox and Andross.

  • Fox: I'll go it alone from here. / It's all coming down to this... (if Fox is on his own)
  • Slippy: / Falco: / Peppy: Fox!

Andross: I’ve been waiting for you Star Fox!

  • You know that I control the galaxy.
  • It's foolish to come against me.
  • You will die, just like your father! / NOW, you will feel TRUE pain!

Andross's Brain

Andross True Form SF64

Andross's true form in Star Fox 64.

  • Andross: Only I have the brains to rule Lylat!
  • Fox: So Andross, you show your true form!

Say your prayers, Andross!

  • Andross: If I go down I'm taking you with me!
  • Fox: Aaaaaaahhhh!
  • James: Don't ever give up my son.
  • Fox: Father!?

Follow me Fox

James: Follow me Fox.

  • This way Fox.
  • Never give up. Trust your instincts.
  • You've become so strong Fox.

Mission Complete / Accomplished

  • Peppy: Fox are you ok? / Fox, you're Ok!
  • Slippy: YES!  You did it! / Way to go, Fox!
  • Falco: Ok I'll admit it, you did good Fox. / That's our leader!
    • Peppy: What's wrong Fox?
    • Fox: Nothing... Nothing's wrong.


Shigeru Miyamoto


Takao Shimizu

Art Director

Takaya Imamura

Chief Programmer

Kazuaki Morita

Sound Composers

Koji Kondo
Hajime Wakai

Sound Effects Programmer

Yoji Inagaki

Graphic Designers

Yoshiki Haruhana
Satoru Takizawa
Masanori Sato

Course Designers

Yasuhisa Yamamura
Takuji Hotta
Daisuke Tsujimura
Yasuyuki Oyagi


Yuichi Yamamoto
Nobuo Okajima
Shigeki Yoshida
Takamitsu Kuzuhara
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Masumi Tarukado

Script Writer

Mitsuhiro Takano

Character Voices

Mike West
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David White
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Technical Supporters

Kenji Matsutani
Atsushi Nishiwaki
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Yasushi Ida
Hirohito Yoshimoto
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Tsuyoshi Takahashi
Shin Hasegawa


Takashi Tezuka
Toshihiko Nakago

Progress Managers

Kimiyoshi Fukui
Keizo Kato

Special Thanks to

Benimaru Itoh
Super Mario Club
Ear Force

English Version Staff

Jim Cornell
Kenji Okubo
Greg Richardson
Kayomi McDonald

Executive Producer

Hiroshi Yamauchi

End Credits

Star Fox 64 Ending

The ending ceremony.

Time for us to go now

  • General Pepper: Star Fox, we are in your debt, I would be honored to have you as part of the Cornerian-
  • Fox: Oh no, sir. We prefer doing things our own way.


  • ROB: Great Fox is ready to go.
  • Fox: It's time for us to go now.

Training Mode


The Star Fox 64 Training Mode.

  • ROB 64: Welcome to training mode. Let's practice the basics.
  • Yaru DePon: Use the control stick to fly.
    • To ascend, pull back. To descend, push forward.
    • Press Z or R to move left or right quickly.
    • Press Z or R twice to barrel roll. It repels enemy fire.
    • Press B to bomb. Press again to detonate.
    • If you hold A, it'll charge your laser.
    • Press A once more to shoot.
    • Lock on enemies when charging laser.
    • You get bonus pts. if 2 more foes are destroyed. (possible translation errors)
    • You can lock on and shoot bombs, too.
    • A silver ring refills the shield gauge.
    • 3 gold rings will increase your shield gauge.
    • Collect 3 more for an extra Arwing.
    • The laser item will power up your laser.
    • Hyper is more powerful than twin.
    • Wing repair will repair your wings.
    • Let's practice speed and U-turn.
    • Press C< for boost.
    • Press C (down) to brake.
    • The effect is greater if you hold the button.
    • If boost gauge is red, no techniques will work.
    • To somersault, press (down) and C<.
    • You can U-turn in all-range mode.
    • Press (down) and C (down) to U-turn.
    • This only works in all-range mode.
    • Press C^ to change the camera angle.
    • To respond to messages, press C>.
  • C>>> ROB 64: This is ROB64. Keep up the good work.
  • ROB 64: Great! Now let's get back to the game. (Only played if the player flies through all 100 blue/white rings)
  • Yaru DePon: Now moving on to all-range mode.
    • You can fly anywhere in all-range mode.
    • The yellow mark on radar shows your position.
    • If your reach the edge of the map, you'll U-turn.
    • Press START and choose QUIT to quit.
  • Yaru DePon: (Quotes will be randomised and continued until the player chooses to exit back to the main menu)

Misc. quotes

These are quotes that are either repeated in more than one mission or mandatory reactions to gameplay performance. Fox makes a deathly scream when no teammates are active to react to his death, such as during Andross's battles. ROB will only speak when the player has pressed the right C button, so his quote may go unsaid if allowed. If any Ninjin Missiles explode at Area 6, wingmates will react in a painful scream, depending on who is present on the field.


  • There's one more to go! (When one Wolfen is left).


  • Hey Einstein! I'm on your side! (when hit by Fox).
  • Get out of my way! (Colliding).
  • Oh, man! I'm gonna have to back off. (Retire).
  • Go find your own target Fox! (when you take out his target).
  • Time for a little pay back! / You're dead meat, pal! / Hold still and let me shoot you! / Scratch one bogey! (attacking an enemy)
  • Shoot! He's right behind me! / I can't shake this guy! (attacked)
  • Move it, Fox! He's right behind you!
  • Gee, I've been saved by Fox! How swell. / I guess I should be thankful.
  • Come on Fox! Let's kick some tail! (Flying close by).
  • Ah, you're getting better, Fox. / You worry about your own hide. / See my ship? Does it look OK to you?


  • Hey, what's the big idea? (when hit by Fox).
  • I'm monkey food if I don't leave! (Retire).
  • Fox! Get this guy off me! / This is really starting to tick me off! / Oh, No! (attacked)
  • You're not getting away that easy! / I've got you now! / I've got one! / Your carcass is mine! (attacking)
  • Hey, he was mine! (when you take out his target).
  • What do you think you're doing Fox!? (Colliding).
  • Whew, that was too close!
  • Let's take it to 'em, Fox! (Flying close by).
  • I'm fine, I'm fine! / I'm having some trouble here! / I thought I was a goner!


  • Knock it off, Fox! (Hit)
  • Sorry guys. I gotta sit this one out. (Retire)
  • What's the big idea, Fox? (K'O his target)
  • I won't let you get away from me! / You're mine! (when attacked)
  • There's one down! (K'O enemy)
  • Watch where your flying! (Collision)
  • Take care of the guy behind me, Fox! / Shoot they've got me! / They're on me! I'm getting careless! / I can't break free! (S.O.S)
  • Thanks Fox. / Your father helped me like that too!
  • Come on Fox! You can do it! (Flying close)
  • Everything's A- OK. / I've taken a few hits, but I'm okay. / I saw my life flash before my eyes!


  • You trying to damage my pretty face? (Hit)
General Pepper:
StarFox Team Service Invoice

The Star Fox team's services receipt, as signed by Fox McCloud and sealed by General Pepper.

  • This is one steep bill, but it's worth it! (-$70,000 due).
    • Wha-a-a-a-a-a-a-t? (+$70,000 due).

ROB 64: (ROB will only speak if his messages are answered and will go unsaid if ignored).

  • Location confirmed. Sending supplies. (C>>>1)
  • Great Fox will cover you. (C>>> 2)
  • Peppy's/Slippy's/Falco's ship is in the docking bay.
  • Peppy's/Slippy's/Falco's ship is in for repairs.
  • Repairs complete on Falco's/Slippy's/Peppy's ship.
  • Falco's ship is under maintenance.
  • Maintenance complete on Falco's ship.

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