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Fan-translation of Star Fox 2.

The list of in-game script and quotes of Star Fox 2.


  • Andross: I have returned! I shall make the Cornerians suffer! Inhabitants of Corneria–you shall fear my vengeance. I will demonstrate my awesome power on all of Lylat!
  • General Pepper: Star Fox team–do you read me? I have terrible news. Our sworn enemy, the fiend Andross, is alive! Even as we speak, he is launching an assault on Corneria. The Battle Carriers and attack forces of Andross are now advancing on Corneria. Enemy bases have been established on overrun planets. Planetary missiles will be fired from these enemy bases. Once again, we must ask you for your assistance, Star Fox. Corneria will survive if it sustains minor damage, but if damage reaches 100 percent, it is all over. Engage the forces of Andross while at the same time keeping damage to Corneria at the lowest level possible. Good Luck!
  • Manual: (Easy Only) Select a destination by moving the cursor, then press B. To engage the enemy, land on planets and intercept ships. Switch positions with your wing man by pressing SELECT. Return to your Mothership to warp to any free planet.

Game Over

Andross: (voiced) I control the Lylat System!

Wing Man: (if available) Continue as wing man? ("Yes" or "No")

General Pepper's Map Descriptions

  • You must infiltrate the enemy base and annihilate it.
  • Fly into the Battle Carrier and destroy its energy core.
  • This is our Satellite Defense Platform. It protects Corneria.
  • Your Mothership. Use the ship to power up shield and warp.

Manual: (selecting Mothership) Warp via your Mothership? ("Yes" or "No") Place the cursor on your destination and press B.

Ally Quotes

Fox: Don't forget to press Y to fire your boosters!

Miyu: If you want to speed up, use Y.

Miyu: (enemy fleeing) They are escaping! Catch the enemy by pressing Y!

Fox: Remember, press SELECT in order to transform.

Fox: (carrier destroyed) Okay! We took it out! Now our job is easier.

Miyu: (carrier destroyed) Destroying the carrier destroys the fighters, too!

Falco: (carrier destroyed) It was big, but not too tough for us to handle!

Falco:(base destroyed) Ha! Andross' bases are nothing!

General Pepper: (carrier destroyed) Good show! Now we can expect fewer attacks.

General Pepper: Warning! Planetary missile headed for Corneria!

Miyu: Yow! Corneria's been targeted by a missile!

General Pepper: (taking damage) We have been hit by a planetary missile!

General Pepper: The defense system destroyed an enemy target.

Star Wolf

  • Pigma: (Intro) "I'm Pigma of the Star Wolf wing! Behold my talent!"
  • Pigma: Andross paid me well. This will be an easy job!
  • Pigma: (half shield) You're not bad–for an amateur!
  • Pigma: (defeated) Unbelievable! I must be getting old or something!
  • Leon: (Intro) Ha! Leon of the Star Wolf wing is now here!
  • Leon: Cap'n Wolf has ordered me to crush you.
  • Leon: (half shield) Ho, ho! You have some skills, but I will not lose!
  • Leon: (defeated) Yikes! Cap'n Wolf is gonna have to deal with you!
  • Algy: (Intro) My name is Algy, and I own you. Come on!
  • Algy: Cap'n Wolf told me the Star Fox team was nothing!
  • Algy: (half shield) There is no safe place for you now!
  • Algy: (defeated) Aaaargh! We won't forget this! Nooo!
  • Wolf: (appearing on the map) Hear me, Star Fox! I, Star Wolf, will defeat you now!
  • Wolf: (Intro) Worthless cowards. You act tough, but I'll destroy you.
  • Wolf: Pepper deceived you. I am the best pilot in Lylat
  • Wolf: (half shield) My opponents always evaporate into space dust!
  • Wolf: (defeated) I'm impressed Star Fox. You are talented... Today I lose. But tomorrow I shall crush you!

Astropolis Activity

Normal Mode

  • Andross: (map partially cleared) It appears a puny pet rat is running about...how cute!
  • Andross: (sending Mirage Dragon) Go play with your pet. Just play nice...Gwah ha ha!

Hard Mode

  • Andross: (map partially cleared) Hyorg! Hyorg! Hyorg! If you think you do well, you're a fool.
  • Andross: (summons a random boss) Play time is over! Destroy the weaklings!

Expert Mode

  • Andross: (map partially cleared) Ah! So your resolve is strong! Now it's time to get serious.
  • Andross: (summons two random bosses) Show no mercy. Crush them by any means possible.

Andross: (when his forces are nearly wiped out) Star Fox, you mangy cur, how dare you challenge me again?

Andross's Forces Defeated

General Pepper: Finally, Andross's forces in the Lylat system are defeated! Press on! you must neutralize Andross once and for all!

Andross (after Wolf's defeat) Gwarg!! You pathetic fools are completely worthless!

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