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General Pepper Assault Ending
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The complete list of in-game script and quotes of the original "Star Fox" game.


Star Fox (1993) title screen

Title Screen




(c) 1993 Nintendo

SF SNES Training


Character Script
SF 93 Pepper
OK, Fox!! Let's see your real ability!!
SF 93 Peppy
We've got to fly through all the rings!!
SF 93 Falco
I can't believe Pepper has to test us!!
SF 93 Slippy
Hit START to go back to the game, ribbit!!
SF 93 Pepper
I recommend you use control type A or B!!

Ring Training

Character Rings Script
SF 93 Pepper
5 Ahhh... you are quite skillful, Fox!!
SF 93 Pepper
10 OK, you passed!! Go fight the real enemy!!
SF 93 Pepper
15 I'm sorry I doubted you!! Press START!!

Formation Training

Character Script Action
SF 93 Slippy
Hit START to go back to the game, ribbit!!
SF 93 Falco
Follow me, Fox!!
SF 93 Peppy
Stay in formation!! slip out of formation
SF 93 Falco
Roll, Fox!! Rock'n roll!! don't roll when they do
SF 93 Falco
What's wrong with you today, Fox?!! Perform poorly
SF 93 Slippy
Yer g-g-great, Fox!! Ribbit!! Perform perfectly

General Pepper's Area Briefings

SF 93 Pepper
Mission Start Good luck!!
General Pepper (SNES)

Pepper's briefing.

Level 1

Mission Script
CORNERIA - THE BASE Star Fox Team, our last resort is to counterattack Venom!! Good luck!!
ASTEROID BELT Andross's forces intend to build a base in this area!! Destroy their rock crusher!!
THE AWESOME BLACK HOLE This space grave yard, created by Andross's experiments, is where your father vanished, Fox!!
THE ANDROSS SPACE ARMADA The Space Armada consists of powerful battleships!! Destroy their energy cores!!
THE BATTLE BASE METEOR Be sure to use your retros if you're going too fast!! Be careful with my Arwings!!
VENOM - THE FINAL GOAL Andross is hiding on Venom!! Fox, you must find his core brain and destroy it!!

Level 2

Mission Script
CORNERIA - THE BASE Star Fox Team, our last resort is to counterattack Venom!! Good luck!!
SECTOR X Andross's forces intend to build a base in this area!! Destroy their rock crusher!!
THE PLANET TITANIA Corneria's resource world has been overrun!! You must re-take the weather control unit!!
SECTOR Y How are the Arwings handling? If an amoeba clings to your ship, use L or R to get rid of it.
VENOM - THE FINAL GOAL Is everyone all right, Fox?!! You're on course to sneak into Venom's back door!!

Level 3

Mission Script
CORNERIA - THE BASE You've chosen Course Three... A good choice to take Venom by surprise!!
ASTEROID BELT Use the L or R button to escape the tractor beam of the enemy battleship!! You can do it, Fox!!
OUT OF THIS DIMENSION Come in, Arwings!! Fox, where are you?!! We need you to protect Corneria!!
THE PLANET FORTUNA Andross has taken control of the huge creatures who live on Fortuna!! Take care, Fox!!
SECTOR Z Your team is doing well, Fox!! I hope you're taking good care of my Arwings!! Go for Macbeth!!
THE PLANET MACBETH The hollow interior of Macbeth is ideal for a base!! Prevent Andross from building here!!
VENOM - THE FINAL GOAL You've made it this far... it's your fate to destroy Andross!! We're counting on you, Fox!!

Scripts that normally play in specific missions.

Character Script Trigger
Alarm Emergency, emergency! Emergency, emergency! Incoming enemy fighters -

prepare for launch!

Mission Start
SF 93 Fox
All ships check in!! Mission Start
SF 93 Falco
Ready, Fox!! Mission Start
SF 93 Slippy
OK!!!! Mission Start
SF 93 Peppy
Yeah - let's go!! Mission Start
SF 93 Slippy
Look, look!! Did you see me? Level 1, beginning of stage
SF 93 Falco
The attack-carrier will be mine!! Level 3, end of stage


Character Script
SF 93 Falco
Here they come!!
SF 93 Peppy
Incoming enemy craft!!
SF 93 Slippy
There's too many of them!!

Approaching ships

Character Script
SF 93 Falco
Let's head in!!
SF 93 Peppy
I'll follow you in!!
SF 93 Slippy
Should we go in?!!

Inside vessels

Character Script
SF 93 Falco
Slow it down, Fox!!
SF 93 Peppy
Retros!! Fire retros!!
SF 93 Slippy
Let's turn back, okay?!!


  • - also apply to times when slowing down on other stages is ideal


Character Script
SF 93 Falco
Roll, baby!! Rock 'n roll!!
SF 93 Peppy
Roll over!! Shake it off!!
SF 93 Slippy
Something's sticking to me!!


  • These lines are reused during the fight with Blade Barrier in stage 3-2


Character Script
SF 93 Falco
SF 93 Peppy
SF 93 Slippy
Beware of the big stingray!!

Plasma Hydra

Character Script
SF 93 Falco
SF 93 Peppy
Shoot down its arms to hit its body!!
SF 93 Slippy
Let's be careful!!

Monarch Dodora

Character Script
SF 93 Falco
Make the neck and tail shorter, Fox!!
SF 93 Peppy
Please make the neck and tail shorter, Fox!!
SF 93 Slippy
Let's be careful!!


SF 93 Andross
Level 1 Fox, you are indeed a worthy foe... But, your foolish efforts are futile!! Your Arwings have no chance against me!!
Level 2 I thought you might make it eventually... General Pepper has guided you well!! However, you will not escape here alive!!
Level 3 Ah.. your choice of routes took me by surprise!! Your father was a reckless fighter too... But this will be the McCloud's last battle!!


  • Wingmen are invincible from the player's Arwing (bomb, laser blast, or collision - though that last item will cause damgae to the player). This doesn't stop them from complaining, however.
  • Under "SHIELD OF TEAMMATES" on the scoring screen at the end of each stage, if a wingman is down their picture will be shorted out and the caption will read "[NAME] IS DOWN".

SF 93 Falco
Script Action
Gameplay Bogey on my six!! S.O.S.
Gameplay ...This one could be trouble... S.O.S. First hit
Gameplay I'm hit!! S.O.S. Second hit:
Gameplay They got me!! I'm gone!!!! Downed
Gameplay Mind your own business, Fox!! Rescued
Gameplay Eyes forward, Fox!! He rescues Fox
Gameplay Watch it, Fox!! Hit by Fox
Action This one's mine!! Targeting enemies
Action I'll blast 'em all!! First phrase
Action There's more on the way!! Second phrase:
Action You can run, but you can't hide!! Third phrase
Action Bogies, I'm comin' through!! Fourth phrase
Action Hey!! That one was mine!! Steal a target
Shield status No sweat, Fox!! Shields: 100%
Shield status It's looking good, Fox!! Shields: 75%:
Shield status Be a bit more careful, Fox!! Shields: 50%:
Shield status It's going pretty badly!! Shields :25%

SF 93 Peppy
Script Action
Gameplay Get lost, you fiend!! S.O.S.
Gameplay Hurry!! S.O.S. First hit
Gameplay Ouch!! Ouch!! S.O.S. Second hit:
Gameplay Aargh!!!! I'm a goner!! Downed
Gameplay Yeah!! Thanks!! Rescued
Gameplay Be careful, Fox!! He rescues Fox
Gameplay Watch your aim, Fox!! Hit by Fox
Action You're not getting away!! Targeting enemies
Action Let's smash 'em!! First phrase
Action I got one!! I got one!!!! Second phrase:
Action Take this, enemy brute!! Third phrase
Action Out of my way!! Fourth phrase
Action Hey!! He was mine!! Steal a target
Shield status Ok, ok!! What's next?!! Shields: 100%
Shield status We did it, let's go!! Shields: 75%:
Shield status Please tread carefully, Fox!! Shields: 50%:
Shield status I don't think I'm going to make it!! Shields :25%

SF 93 Slippy
Script Action
Gameplay Croak!! Help me!! S.O.S.
Gameplay Hurry up, Fox!! Croak!! S.O.S. First hit
Gameplay Ribbit!! I'm hit!!!! S.O.S. Second hit:
Gameplay No!! No!! Crrooakk!! Downed
Gameplay Ribbit!! Thanks fer the save!! Rescued
Gameplay This time, I saved you!! He rescues Fox
Gameplay Hey!! It's me, Slippy!! Hit by Fox
Action I'll get this one!! Ribbit!! Targeting enemies
Action I'll get him -- ribbit!! First phrase
Action Piece of c-c-cake!! Second phrase:
Action Take this, j-j-junk heap!! Third phrase
Action C-c-clear out, astro-geeks!! Fourth phrase
Action Hey!! Don't be so g-g-greedy!! Steal a target
Shield status So far, so g-g-good!! Shields: 100%
Shield status G-g-great!! Shields: 75%:
Shield status Remember not to shoot m-m-me!! Shields: 50%:
Shield status My ship's falling apart... Ribbit!! Shields :25%

Script Action
Wing damaged. destroy a wing
Wing repaired. pick up a wing gyro
Incoming enemy. Enemy Force Commander appears

Character Script
SF 93 Fox
All ships check in!!
SF 93 Slippy
Ribbit!! I'll bring up the rear, Fox!!
SF 93 Peppy
I'm behind you, Fox!!
SF 93 Falco
I'm with you, Fox!!
Results Score
STAGE 1 [Score Amount]%
STAGE 2 [Score Amount]%
STAGE 3 [Score Amount]%
STAGE 4 [Score Amount]%
STAGE 5 [Score Amount]%
STAGE 6  [Score Amount]%
STAGE 7 [Score Amount]%
TOTAL SCORE  [Score Amount]
AVERAGE SCORE [Score Amount]%
SF 93 Fox
Come in, Corneria.
SF 93 Pepper
This is Corneria. Pepper speaking. Congratulations on a job well done!
SF 93 Fox
Roger. I am heading back to Corneria.


  • The "ending" that is gained at the end of the Out of this Dimension stage plays the same credits (though there isn't an ending at all aside from the credits), except that the Arwing is still playable, the "THE END" letters can be rearranged, and there is no score given.
  • The appropriate sequence of Enemy Force Commanders is shown afterwards. For the descriptions, see below.

Enemy Force Commanders

Level Mission Boss Name Weapon Size
Level 1,2 Corneria Attack Carrier Missile Blaster H70xW100xD150
Level 1, 2 Asteroid, Sector X Rock Crusher Laser H60xW86xD45
Level 1 Space Armada Atomic Base Laser H600xW850xD1200
Level 1 Meteor Dancing Insector Fire Blaster H120xW87xD72
Level 1 Venom Phantron Laser H25xW22xD31
Level 2 Titania Professor Hanger Shadow Thruster H25xW18xD30
Level 2 Sector Y Plasma Hydra Plasma Spewer H96xW280xD55
Level 2 Venom Metal Smasher Crush Attack H17xW20xD38
Level 2 Venom Galactic Rider Air Bikers H80xW61xD25
Level 3 Corneria Destructor Plasma H45xW150xD90
Level 3 Asteroid Blade Barrier Web Attack H90xW90xD65
Level 3 Fortuna Monarch Dodora Fire Breath H85xW160xD200
Level 3 Sector Z Atomic Base II Laser H92xW90xD1100
Level 3 Macbeth Spinning Core Laser Size H63xW52xD45
Level 3 Venom Great Commander Laser H73xW97xD250
Level 3 Venom Great Commander Iron Balls H73xW97xD250
Final Stage Venom Andross... Telekinesis H100xW80xD30


  • Enemies will be encounter on a particular route, so if certain bosses are skipped, the screen won't display the data or animations from those bosses in the ending. The slot machine from the Out of this Dimension stage has no description, though it has no energy bar so it may not count as a canonical Enemy Force Commander. Your ship does, however, announce "Incoming enemy."

Staff Roll

Staff Credit
Executive Producer: HIROSHI YAMAUCHI
Assistant Director: YOICHI YAMADA
Programmed by: DYLAN CUTHBERT
Graphic Designer: TAKAYA IMAMURA
Sound Effects: KOJI KONDO
Super FX Staff: JEZ SAN
Software Support: YASUNARI NISHIDA
English Support: DAN OWSEN
Japanese Support: KEIZO KATO
TOTAL SCORE [Score Amount] 
AVERAGE SCORE  [Score Amount]%


Character Script Select
SF 93 Fox
Let's go! Select Yes to Continue

Character Script
SF 93 Falco
My ship's messed up... 
SF 93 Peppy
Pick me up on your way back!!
SF 93 Slippy
I c-c-couldn't go, Fox!!
SF 93 Falco
I'll cover your tail!! 
SF 93 Peppy
I'm off your starboard!! 
SF 93 Slippy
Hope there's no more!!

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