The Missions in the original Star Fox game.


The game is played by controlling Fox's Arwing through a fixed flight path (known as Corridor Mode in later games) while avoiding obstacles and shooting down enemies and hazards, protecting teammates against tailing enemies, before finally reaching and taking down the stage boss before proceeding to the next level. The mission performance or taken route though the level will determinate the next level.

The objective of the game is to start at Corneria and then go through one route (Route 1 for beginners, Route 2 for more skilled players and Route 3 for seasoned veterans of the game) and to eventually reach the planet Venom where Andross has holed himself up at. Along each route, there are sx levels apiece, all different.

Not counting the Black Hole or Dimension levels, there are three route orders in the game. In the easy path: The Star Fox team then head to the Asteroid Belt where they destroy the Rock Crusher, attack the Andross Space Armada and destroy the flagship's Atomic Base, and destroy the Dancing Insector of the Battle Base Meteor. In the medium route, they go to Sector X and destroy the Rock Crusher, recapture the weather control base and destroy the corrupted Professor Hanger at Titania, and save the "undersea" lifeforms of Sector Y by eliminating the Plasma Hydra. On the hard route, they'll destroy the Blade Barrier of the Asteroid Field, destroy Andross's mutated Monarch Dodora at Fortuna, take out the Atomic Base II at Sector Z, and finally destroy the Spinning Core at Macbeth and stop the Venomian Army from building a base. This deviates the game from the normal space/flight sim mold in which the difficulty level is set by the player at an options screen, as each route corresponds to a difficulty level. This increases the game's replay value significantly by offering the chance to see and experience a new level on the higher difficulty routes instead of merely experiencing the same levels with more enemies, lower health, less time, etc.


The goal for every mission is to destroy the enemy leader that waits at the end of the stage. The Arwing is taken on a direct path to the main boss of each area, keeping the player locked in a fixed path and forcing them to navigate through a series of obstacles and enemies. If the player ventures too far towards the edge of the flight path, arrows will guide them back to the main course.



The map of the Lylat system.

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