This article is about the microgame in WarioWare: Smooth Moves. For the original game in the Star Fox series, see Star Fox (game).

Star Fox (WarioWare: Smooth Moves)


Appears in

WarioWare: Smooth Moves


9-Volt and 18-Volt


"Maneuver your Arwing by tilting the Form Baton! Take down the enemy! 1993: Star Fox / SNES"


A or B – Shoot


"The Chauffeur"

Star Fox (Starwing in European and Australian versions) is the boss microgame in the Wii's WarioWare: Smooth Moves for 9-Volt and 18-Volt's stage. It is based on the SNES game of the same name.


The object is to steer the Arwing, avoiding and shooting obstacles and enemies (respectively) on the way. The Arwing is controlled by "The Chauffeur" technique, using the Wii remote on its side with two hands and tilting it upwards/downwards to ascend/descend and pressing the A or B buttons to shoot. The Arwing cannot Charge shots, Brake, Barrel Roll or Boost, for gameplay reasons. There are also no items to collect, such as Smart Bombs or Laser upgrades.

At the end of the stage, the player fights a boss R.O.B. whose weak point is the flashing block(s) around it while also dodging the shots from its Family Computer Beam Gun (Japan only) or second-version Zapper (other regions). The Arwing can take damage, if the player takes too many hits, it will result in a game over, or miss. The Lylat System levels are as follows (depending on the skill level):


  • Level 1: (Corneria) Few obstacles and enemies. R.O.B. has one block.
  • Level 2: (Sector X) Some obstacles and enemies. R.O.B. has two blocks.
  • Level 3: (Titania) Many obstacles and enemies. R.O.B. has four blocks.


  • Team Star Fox will appear to try and train players into performing the necessary moves. Fox will teach the player to reach the stage boss and hit the flashing blocks. Falco will instruct the player to tilt the Wiimote up or down to descend. Peppy will advise the player to tilt the Wiimote left or right to steer. Slippy will tell the player to shoot with A or B.
  • Not all enemies can be destroyed, as the microgame focuses on reaching the giant R.O.B at the end of the stage.
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