Star Fox: Farewell, Beloved Falco is a manga created by Nintendo, chronicling the events after "Star Fox 64" and before "Star Fox Adventures". The manga was distributed on the Japanese website for Adventures and made available in limited print. It gives the back story as to why Falco Lombardi left the Star Fox team. It also introduces a new antagonist, Captain Shears.

Falco's revelation.


  • Interestingly, the manga ends with the Star Fox team seeing Dinosaur Planet breaking apart and deciding to save it on their own accord, whereas Star Fox Adventures opens with General Pepper ordering them to go there and save it, promising to pay them if they succeed (however, it could be equally suggested that they could have filed in a request to General Pepper to try and save the planet, due to the General mentioning that their "Fee had been approved").
  • Falco took down a Goras by spinning and speeding up before ramming it without damage to his Arwing. A similar trick was later demonstrated in Star Fox Command as the means to take down Anglar motherships on various areas of the map.
    • Goras is known as Golas, which is presumably a transliteration error.
  • An error occurred in this manga's continuity; Slippy remembers the incident of Titania when he was captured by Goras, even though the Star Fox team did not go through Titania in the true ending from Star Fox 64, as it is impossible to reach Area 6 from Titania, unless all routes are considered canon outside of gameplay.
  • As this comic was never translated into English, the instances of swearing is possibly due to the fan translation.
  • Fox and Falco use handheld flight simulators resembling Nintendo Game Boy Colors, playing a game that resembles the original SNES Star Fox. Before the manga draws to a close, Slippy and Fox use simulators resembling Game Boy Advances. This may draw comparisons with the real world marketing timeline gap the N64 and GBC had with the GCN and GBA and time period gap between Star Fox 64 and Star Fox Adventures.

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