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Mission 1: Take Out Oikonny.

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Below is the in-game script and misc. quotes of Star Fox: Assault. The quotes are listed as they are scripted but in the game they may vary depending on the skill level chosen and whether or not certain events happen, like when characters take hits from enemies or by Fox, or if certain actions are skipped or performed quickly. Some quotes included below feature unique spellings and vocalizations to fit the speaking character's personality or emotion. Cutscenes are held together by bulleted points.

Mission 1. Fortuna; A New Enemy

Introduction Script
SFA-Commander Name.jpg
Remnants of Andross's butchers! You've kept us busy, but now your end is at hand.
No quarter! Show these dogs we mean business!
SFA-Commander Name.jpg
All ships: battle formation V! Break through the center!
SFA Ape Name.jpg
The Cornerian Fleet has broken through our front lines! They're everywhere!
Think you're tough eh? In that case, it's secret weapon time! Stealth squadron! Open fire!
SFA-Commander Name.jpg
Stinking Ape! We underestimated the strength of his reserves...
SFA Dog Name.jpg
Detecting gate transmission outside the combat sector!
Great Fox?!? Command! It's the Star Fox team!
Team Star Fox...ready for duty!
Aww leave these losers to the pros. We'll beat 'em in no time!
Planet Fortuna Script
General Pepper Headshot Assault.png
Well Fox, looks like we're not too late.
Yup! Of course General.
It's just so crazy... I can't believe Andross had so darn many troops left behind.
They're almost all common scum. In it for the money.
They're quite dedicated for a bunch of hired guns.
General Pepper Headshot Assault.png
The leader of this rebellion is none other than Oikonny.
OK, I see now. So we're here because...
We're here because we gotta put this creep on ice.
General Pepper Headshot Assault.png
Yes you must take him down. I'm counting on get prepped and go!
Let's go team!
Takeoff Script
Oikonny is no push over, so be careful out there.
ROB 64 Headshot Assault.png
Lift lock released.
The outcome of this battle hangs on you team. Are you all ready? Launch all ships!!!

Mission 1. Take Out Oikonny

In orbit around the planet Fortuna, the Cornerian fleet battles Oikonny and the remnants of Andross's army. Search out and destroy Oikonny's flagship by using an Arwing to navigate the battlefield. If Oikonny flees, follow him or shoot him down.
—Mission objective
"MISSION START" Script Action
All ships! Avoid the armada's fire! Aim for Oikonny's flagship! Mission Start
Here we go!
Hey Slippy! Don't get cocky!
Slippy! You've already got bogeys on your tail!
Uh-oh! I'm in trouble! S.O.S.
Thanks, Fox! I though I was a goner. Save Slippy in time.
You haven't changed a bit, frog boy.
Owowowouch! *Slippy's hit
This happens because you're reckless. Be more careful! *Slippy's hit.
Aww! *Slippy's hit.
ROB 64 Headshot Assault.png
Corneria Army now commencing third volley of cannon fire.
Andross's ships are being destroyed one after the other!
We can't give up now!
Andross's fleet is dead ahead! They're everywhere!
OK! Falco and Slippy, take the left side.
Krystal and Fox hit the right.
Everyone strike NOW!
Alright! Hit 'em hard and don't hold back!
Excellent! The enemy's defensive power is down.
W- What's that? Some kind of prototype? Winged Prototype appears
That beam's devastating! Watch out, Fox! Roll to deflect its attack! [L]
Take this, Fox! It'll replenish your shields a bit. Take damage from the prototype
Look! Troops down below! Take no damage from the prototype
Fox! Use this! Falco dropping Smart Bomb near Stealth Squadron
Got something on radar! Dead ahead and coming this way!
A stealth squadron! Look out Fox! Stealth Squadron appears
Try out your bombs, Fox! [B]!
SFA Ape Name.jpg
Star Fox is headed this way! After the Stealth Squadron
Star Fox eh? Work him over!
Ape Soldier: Our final line of defence has been penetrated! Last wave of fighters
Is this guy some kind of demon? Bah! I'll handle him!
SFA Ape Name.jpg
What? Are you...
ROB 64 Headshot Assault.png
The enemy flagship is fleeing to Fortuna. Oikonny's flagship retreats
That scum Oikonny's getting away!
After him, Fox!

Fortuna Script
Keep moving! Follow him into the atmosphere! Adjust G-diffuser system output. Let's go!
Oikonny seems to have fled, but, he may be lying in wait for us.
I want all of you to proceed with caution.
Worring a bit much, aren't you, gramps?
Let's take it in low!

Fortuna's surface.

Where did that crazed chimp, Oikonny, go?!? MISSION START
ROB! Find that blackhearted ape's location!
ROB 64 Headshot Assault.png
Fox! These guys are all over me! Get rid of 'em! S.O.S.
Use your boost to catch up [Y].
Great... I guess I owe you one.
  • Aaaargh! Dang!
    • Oof! This is as far as I go, I'm outta here!


ROB 64 Headshot Assault.png
Enemy base located directly ahead.
Oikonny is there as well.
Exit jungle
Alright! This time we take that ape down!
Fox! Use this!
That makes us even!
Dropping Smart Bomb
This must be it. Enter base
Huh? Look out! The enemy's waiting for us!
Whoa! Get off me!
  • Whew, Thanks, Fox!
    • Ouch!
    • Uh-oh! I can't go on! I'm heading back.
  • Rescue
    • (Retire)
Here we go!
  • Enemy ship down! / Hey! That's mine!
Krystal tailing fighters
  • K'O targets / Steal targets
There he is! It's Oikonny! Flagship appears
You've got nowhere to run to Okionny!
Bleh! Persistant little pests, aren't you?

Flagship's transformation Script
That's enough hide-and-seek!
Let me show my true power!
Oikonny, you ignorant ape...What're you up to?!?
Careful, Fox! You never know what a cornered beast might do!
I must bring an end to our relationship!
DIE! Haa ha ha ha ha!
You think you can win? Don't make me laugh!
Boss: Oikonny's flagship Script Action
Shield analysis complete. Bringing it up on the monitor. BOSS START
What's this? An Andross wanna-be?
W-Watch your mouth! I'll show you!
Ha ha ha! Is that all you've got?!? / You can't hurt me with that! Delay hits between incoming attacks
Watch how he moves his hands! Advice
Take that! K'O a hand with damage taken
Fantastic! K'O a hand without damage taken
Gah! It's not over yet! Clenched punch
Fox! Get busy and finish this fool! Boss shields critical
A new enemy Script
Ahh ha ha ha! Is that all you fools have got?!?
I am the one and only true heir to the great emperor Andross!
The new emperor: Andrew Oikonny...
Uncle Androoooooss...
What? Reinforcements?
That doesn't look friendly...
Such strange thought patterns...
No! It can't be!
ROB 64 Headshot Assault.png
Aparoid! Aparoid! Aparoid!
There's no time to hesitate! Return fire!
Boss: Winged Aparoid Script Action
I don't know who that is... but he obviously ain't nice. BOSS START
Enemy Shield Analysis complete! I'm bringing it up now! Slippy scanning enemy shields
Keep your guard up, everyone!
That's it! It's working! Hit weak points successfully
Nice work, Fox! K'O orbs without taking damage
Woo hoo! K'O orbs with damage taken
It's too early to celebrate... Look!
Keep your wits about you, everyone!
Second phase
Yeow! Gotta get... outta... the way! Rocks start falling
Ewww... There's just something creepy about this guy. Third phase
I can feel it... His weak point is that center spot. Core exposed
Great! You're damaging him! / Attack whenever you have the chance! Hit weak point in succession
You're the real deal, Fox!
Boy, watching you takes me back to when I was a lad...
Boss shields critical without damage taken
Somehow... we beat it.
Mmm... But... what a strange creature.
Wait! What's that...?
I don't believe it... Fox! You have to get that!
Really? Well, OK.
Whoa! We got company!
Unh! Fox! Grab that thing and get outta there!
Results (Bronze) Script
All ships are home! This must be how things get started.
You done well team! Come on up.
Results (Silver/Gold) Script
All ships are home! That was awesome team!
Nicely done! I see you haven't lost any moves.

Mission 2. Katina; Frontier Base Battle

Planet Katina Script
General Pepper Headshot Assault.png
Members of Star Fox... A grave dangers looms. The Lylat System is in peril.
What? How do you know?
General Pepper Headshot Assault.png
We know... The research director will brief you on all the details.
Betino Toad Headshot Assault.png
Hello again, everybody.
Dad! You're... the research director? You never told me that!
Betino Toad Headshot Assault.png
Oh ho ho! Yes well... Gee, didn't I? In any case, if I may continue, these aparoids, ahem...
Betino Toad Headshot Assault.png
Indeed, they are the enemies you faced earlier. I believe it was about, 17 years ago... A whole fleet was destroyed by a sole aparoid. We were somehow able to survive that trial... but that was just a taste of what's coming... We are currently analysing data from the Core Memory you found. But we could understand much more, if we had a complete specimen.
General Pepper Headshot Assault.png
We have detected a distress signal originating from the Katina Outpost. However, we're unable to contact anyone there. We suspect aparoid involvement. You must find the distress signal.
No problem at all, sir! I'll head to the surface immediately. That signal shouldn't be too hard to find...
By yourself? It's too dangerous. I'm going too!
No, I want you guys in Arwings, covering me from above. I'm counting on you... Let's do this!

Mission 2. Investigate Base On Katina

A base in the hinterlands of Katina has been attacked by an unknown assailant. At the same time, invading forces, thought to be aparoids, have struck in several places throughout the Lylat system and have interrupted all communications. Discover who sent the SOS signal and why.
—Mission objective

Star Fox arrive on Katina.

It's a trap Script
It's too quiet...
Something's wrong here...
Unh! It's a trap!
It's the aparoids, after all...


Peppy: Fox, first get rid of the aparoids in your path. (Quotes are randomised depending on actions taken)

  • The Longer you charge your shot the stronger it becomes.
  • You gotta change weapons to fit the situation [C]!
  • Dodge! [L]

Falco: Use that machine gun to blast the whole lot of 'em! (Triggered when taking out the Machine Gun before the next quote plays)

Falco: Fox! Looks like you've got more company!

Peppy: Head out for the target on your radar!

Landamaster Script
Whew... there's no end to these things! Peppy! Send me a Landmaster, will ya?
On its way! What's the situation?
Well I got my hands full, but what else is new?
Done! Here's your Landmaster!
Lemme know when you get lonely and I'll drop by.
Nah, all I need is that Landmaster!
Transmission complete! It's all yours, Fox!
Great... Good to see the transmissions system's targeting is as sterling as ever.


Falco: Show 'em what that Landmaster can do!

Peppy: Roll out of harm's way! Press [L] + < C stick >

Falco: Smash anyone and anything that gets in you way!

Peppy: Way to go Fox! That's the spirit!

Krystal: Fox! I've got enemies on my tail!

Peppy: Look above you and locate Krystal! Use [R] + C stick

Krystal: Unh! I'm hit! (If Fox delays rescue, the quotes will continue)

  • No way! I can't shake them! Unbelievable!
  • This isn't looking good... I'm in real trouble!
  • Nooooooooo! Fox!
  • Whew... I thought I was done for. Thanks Fox!

Peppy: (Quotes play depending on actions taken)

  • Use your boost to get up the slope [B].
  • Only a few targets left... Keep it up! (When targets are reduced to the last few / final)
  • The enemy numbers are growing! Use the Landmaster! (Triggered by staying out of the Landmaster for a bit.)

Fox: These things just keep appearing!

Peppy: Don't give up! You can do this, Fox!

Hatchers arrive

An Aparoid Hatcher in full detail. They can cling to walls or the ground.

  • Fox: Whoa! What are THESE things?
  • Peppy: Hmm... this looks bad. Our scans show those things can spawn more aparoids.
  • Fox: Grrr!


Peppy: Destroy the aparoids clinging to the walls!

  • Not bad! Clear the area of all enemies, now!

Falco: You're doing great, Fox! Destroy the rest of 'em.

Falco: What in the world is that giant thing? It looks nasty.

Krystal: It must have a weak point... Everything does...

Slippy: There're more enemy types around now. Be careful, Fox.

Slippy: Darn it! I'm being chased! (If Fox delays rescue, the quotes will continue)

  • Fox, get the enemy behind me!
  • This is bad! I can't lose 'em!
  • Ouch! Cut it out!
  • Thanks, Fox! I thought I was a goner!

Krystal: I'm sensing aparoids within the building...

Slippy: Krystal's sixth sense doesn't lie!

Krystal: Check inside buildings for targets too, Fox!

Slippy: There has to be a way to get inside those buildings...

Peppy: You must be able to get inside using the elevators.

Krystal: You're not pulling your weight, Fox! (Triggered by not killing any aparoids for a bit)

Fox: Blasted bugs! Die already!

Krystal: Is the distress signal still transmitting?

Peppy: The signal's still there, but there's no response... 

Krystal: I hope we make it in time...

Falco: If there are survivors, they'll be the only witnesses...

Slippy: We've gotta rescue them!

ROB: A new target has been confirmed.

Peppy: You gotta destroy that last one! Find it on your radar.

Leader arrives

  • Fox: Ugh, I gotta bad feeling about this...
  • Slippy: Yeow! That thing's huge!
  • Fox: So... The leader, huh?
  • Falco: That thing is giant... and ugly!
  • Krystal: Wait! That thing has a Core Memory!
  • Peppy: You heard the lady, Fox! You gotta get that Core Memory!
Boss: Aparoid leader

Slippy: Shield analysis complete. Bringing it up on the monitor.

Krystal: Aim for it's underside, Fox!

Peppy: Looks like the Landmaster's the only thing that hurts it! (When shooting the boss outside of the Landmaster)

Falco: Whoa! Here comes trouble!

  • Bring it on, big guy!

Krystal: The anti-air fire is too heavy! I can't get through...

Krystal: You have to get on top of it to beat it? What a pain!

Slippy: Stupid bugs!

Krystal: Now, Fox! Its weak point is on the top!

Falco: I'll try to draw their fire, the rest is up to you!

Falco: (If the Landmaster gets destroyed) Don't get your tail roasted down there, Fox!

Peppy: Get on top by hovering [Y]!

Falco: Don't let it shake you off, Fox!!

Peppy: That's it, Fox! That's its weak point!

Slippy: That's it, Fox! Now you got it!

Krystal: You have to get on top of it to beat it? What a pain!

Falco: Its getting weaker, Fox! Keep at it!


Core memory stolen

Pigma's Ship engages its tractor beam.

  • Peppy: Fox! Get that Core Memory!
  • Fox: OK! That must the it...
  • Peppy: Careful! We don't know anything about what we're up against.
  • Fox: I know that. Hey... It looks like that distress signal's no longer transmitting...
  • Peppy: Hmm... that doesn't sound good...
  • Pigma: Heh hoo heh! Hey, thanks for helping me out!
  • Fox: Pigma!
  • Pigma: Har har! Long time, no see, eh, Fox?
  • Fox: The SOS signal... It was you?!?
  • Pigma: Hoo heh! Since I'm here, I'll just help myself to this!
  • Fox: No! That's...
  • Pigma: Hmm... Is it that important? Ha ha! Then I'm gonna be rich! Smell ya later!
  • Fox: Stop! Pigma! Dang!
  • Peppy: Fox! I'm tracking Pigma on radar! Get back to the Great Fox now!

Results report (Bronze)

  • Fox: All ships are home! Anyone injured?
  • Krystal: How about you, Fox? Don't push yourself so hard!

Results report (Silver/Gold)

  • Fox: All ships are home! We're back, Peppy!
  • Peppy: You're as good as ever in the Landmaster, Fox.

Mission 3. Sargasso Space Zone; Hostilities Revisited

Hideout Briefing

The Ruffian who barged into the Star Fox team's Communications Channel, warning them of their intrusion.

Sargasso Space Zone Briefing

  • Peppy: Curse you, Pigma! Why'd you run to such a vile place?
  • Slippy: This colony's supposed to be a hideout for all sorts or criminals.
  • Ruffian: Don't you idiots know this is part of Lord O'Donnell's territory?
  • Falco: Hey, who let you in?!?
  • Fox: This is the Star Fox team! We're here for a hog named Pigma! We don't want trouble!
  • Ruffian: We don't know about no Pigma or any other fool. And now we know you're Star Fox, you ain't going nowhere. C'mon you lazy scum! Let's skin this fox and his whole crew! Get more guys up here! Come on!
  • Slippy: Hey! I got a message from my dad! It's about the Core Memory that Pigma nabbed! He says it might contain the location of the aparoid homeworld! We gotta get it back, no matter what!
  • ROB: Gateway initiation detected. Enemy force increasing.
  • Fox: Even if we pound 'em, this is gonna become a war of attrition. Gotta do something about those transfer gateways... OK! Slippy and I will wipe out the transfer gateways at the hideout.
  • Peppy: Understood! Falco and Krystal! Deal with those battleships outside!
  • Falco: All right! Leave space to us!
  • Krystal: Be careful, Fox!
  • Fox: Ah, you too, Krystal!

Mission 3. Take Control Of The Hideout

The Core Memory that Pigma stole may contain vital information on the war with the aparoids. (It is currently the only complete Core Memory taken from the aparoids.) It is believed that Pigma has fled to an illegal hideout; pursue him and take control of the hideout.
—Mission objective

Entering the Hideout

  • Fox: This is Fox... I've made it inside. How're things on your end, Slippy?
  • Slippy: I made it too!
  • Fox: OK. Let's get this operation started!
  • Krystal: Falco! Look! There! A battleship!
  • Falco: And here we go!

A Transfer Device, one of many throughout the Sargasso Hideout.


Peppy: Mind the gauge in the upper-left part of the screen! The gauge shows enemy presence around the hideout. Destroy the targets, before the gauge gets full!

Fox: Understood!

Peppy: Keep your wits about you everyone!

Slippy: No mercy!

Ruffian: (Quotes are randomised)

  • (monkey ooks) Gah, Scum! 
  • (monkey ooks) Are they really this tough or just lucky?!?
  • (monkey ooks) Oooh, I'm done for!
  • I'll remember this!
  • Rarragh!
  • Who are these guys?!?
  • We got the fox cornered! (When Fox gets hit repeatedly)
  • We'll take your tail as a trophy! (When Fox runs low on health)
  • Listen up scum! We protect the elevator to the end! (When reaching the second area)
  • Let 'em have it, boys! (When reaching the highest area)
  • Let's skin this fox already!
  • Shoot! They've made it all the way up here?!? (When reaching the highest area)
  • We've got to hold out until the boss gets back. (When reaching the highest area)

Slippy: Woah! There's a machine shooting out baddies!

Peppy: That's a transfer device! Hurry up and destroy it!

Fox: Transfer device, down!

Peppy: Yep! As good as ever, Fox!

ROB: Destruction of transfer device confirmed.

Peppy: Great, Fox! Only three transfer devices left!

Krystal: The enemy battleships are launching fighters!

Falco: Krystal! Concentrate your fire on the battleships!

Peppy: You can use a Sniper Rifle to pick off foes from a distance [X].

  • Use careful timing when hurling grenades [A].
  • Beware enemy attacks from above! Jump to avoid their attacks [Y]!
  • If things get dicey, use a barrier [B].
  • Use your bombs wisely [B]!
  • Don't forget the side-step when you need to [L] + <C stick>.
  • There are enemies behind you! Do a loop [C^]!
  • What's wrong, Fox? Execute the plan! (Played when doing nothing for a while)

Slippy: (Quotes are played randomly when staying beside Slippy)

  • Did you see how well I fought?
  • I wonder where Pigma's hiding?
  • No problems here, you can rest easy, Fox.
  • The hideout's sure complicated. Hope I don't get lost!
  • I'm doing my best and everything!
  • I'm doing fine. Check out the space front if you want
  • Don't go, Fox! I need your help! (When entering space at the start of the mission)
  • Hey! There are still transfer devices left intact! (When entering space when transfer devices are still active)

Peppy: They may be nothing but thugs, but they're well trained! These fellas may be more dangerous than Oikonny's army.

Slippy: You kinda have to admire 'em, huh, Fox?

Fox: Whose side are you on, Slippy?

Slippy: I'm just saying they did well with all these outdated machines.

Falco: A lot better than your place, Slippy.

Falco: These guys mean business.

Peppy: It's to be expected. We're the invaders, after all.

Falco: Heh! I've got more in common with those guys.

Slippy: It's been a long time since we've seen Pigma and Oikonny.

  • No one's changed at all.

Peppy: You're the one who hasn't changed at all, Slippy.

Falco: Just spotted a new enemy battleship! I'm off to ambush it! / Falco here! Enemy reinforcements on the space front! (When gauge starts to fill)

Krystal: Uh-oh! Enemy reinforcements have hot the space front!

Peppy: We're being overrun here! Blast the space fighters!

  • When the gauge is rising, hit the space fighters!
  • If this keeps up, the enemy forces will take this quadrant! (When gauge rises near fullness)

Krystal: You're going back to the base now?!? (When returning to the base while the gauge is still high)

Peppy: That's it, Fox!

  • Whew! We made it by a hair's breath...
  • You've improved your skills, Fox.
  • That's it, Fox!
  • My, oh, my... The quadrant was THIS close to being lost.
  • That was close... My heart almost stopped!

Falco: That was a big help! Sorry to bother you, Fox!

Falco: Attack the enemy fighters! I'm cruising over here! / No problems here. How're things on your end? (When gauge is empty while in space)

Krystal: Everything's fine here. How's the hideout? (When gauge is empty while in space)

Slippy: Looks like the other devices are in higher area!

Peppy: There must be an elevator! Find it!

Fox: So, this is the highest area in the hideout...

Slippy: Look out for enemy ambushes!

Peppy: That's it Fox! Only one transfer device left.

Peppy: Well done! This means we can take control of the hideout.

Star Wolf arrives

Star Wolf arrive at the scene of the Hideout to deal with the intruding Star Fox.

  • Wolf: You fools! What're you idiots up to now?!
  • Ruffian: Boss! You're here!
  • Fox: That you, Wolf?
  • Wolf:: You're on my turf now! Watch...your... step... Fox!
  • Leon: He he! I think I'll torment you a bit before I cook you!
  • Panther: Allow me to introduce myself. I am Panther! And all who see my rose meet death! (growl)
  • Fox: We're just here for Pigma, OK? Shut your traps and hand him over!
  • Wolf: Pigma? Don't know anything about Pigma... But there is one thing... I'm owed an apology, and I WILL have it!
Boss: Star Wolf team

Fox: We didn't come here to fight with Wolf and his team!

Wolf: That's easy to say after all you've done... Enough small talk! Let's settle this, Fox!

Peppy: It's unavoidable, Fox. Repel the enemy with your Arwing.

Fox: Slippy! You're in charge of controlling the hideout!

Slippy: Understood! Leave it to me, Fox!

Krystal: Fox I've got enemies on my tail! (If Fox delays rescue, the quotes will continue)

  • Come on Fox! Get a move on!
  • This isn't looking good I'm in real trouble!
  • Nooooooooo! Fox!
  • Nice work, Fox. You're pretty good in a pinch. / I don't believe this... but I have to withdraw. (Retire)

Panther: Make me mad and your life's as good as gone!

  • How could this be?!? I-I've been...

Leon: Who do you think I am?!?

  • Me? Me?!?

Wolf: Don't mess with me, Fox!

  • Go down, Fox! (When tailing Fox)
  • Don't get uppity, you amateurs!
  • What's the problem? You done already?
  • When I'm finished with you, I'm gonna have a foxtail for my spaceship!
  • I'm gonna burn your brush!
  • Raarrgh!
  • You've gotten soft. pup!
  • That's the end of it! (When taking a charge shot from Wolf)
  • Now you've done it!
  • You ain't your father after all... (After shooting down Fox)
  • Can't believe I'd get beat...

Falco: Fox! Get the guys to the rear! (If Fox delays rescue, the quotes will continue)

  • Bah I ate that!
  • I'm not gaining power! I can't shake 'em!
  • Aaaargh! Can't...go this!
  • Aaaaah! Fox!
  • Sorry Fox! I'm not too proud of what you just witnessed! / Bah! Sorry, but I have to retreat. (retirement)

Peppy: Nice going, Fox! That's the end of our operation!


Star Wolf withdraw

Wolf leaves with a promise made to Fox.

  • Wolf: That's enough for now, Fox.
  • Fox: C'mon, Wolf! Enough of this! Just hand over Pigma already!
  • Wolf: Pigma's no longer part of Star Wolf. And he'd shown his filthy hide here, my men would have driven him out.
  • Krystal: But... Then where did Pigma go?
  • Panther: Whew! Ah. The lovely Krystal. Words do you no justice. I am Panther Caroso. Here's to us. (purring)
  • Falco: What? Who's this idiot?
  • Panther: Quiet, bird.
  • Falco: What was that?!?
  • Krystal: Forget him. Look, just tell us where Pigma is!
  • Panther: How can I resist this beauty? I believe the com record will point you toward Fichina...
  • Wolf: You talk too much... Panther! Leon! Let's go! Remember this Fox, Star Wolf will take you down one day!

Results report (Bronze)

  • Fox: All ships are home! Wolf's team was amazing!
  • Peppy: You did well. Considering the circumstances.

Results report (Silver/Gold)

  • Fox: All ships are home! That was some reunion, huh?
  • Slippy: I would have been happy not seeing that face again...

Mission 4. Fichina; Into the Storm

Planet Fichina Briefing

  • ROB: We have arrived at Fichina. This is where we lost track of Pigma.
  • Falco: Fichina, huh? Just great. There's nothing here but snow and ice.
  • Fox: Uh-huh. But after they built the climate control center, the planet became inhabitable. 
  • Peppy: This is a crisis team. From the look of things, the climate control generator's... Well it look's like it's been out of order for quite a while. If this blizzard keeps up, the planet will once again become barren.
  • Krystal: I wonder if this is Pigma's work... Could he be laying a trap? 
  • Slippy: Oh! We can'r fly our Arwings in this weather.
  • Fox: We have no choice! I go down and get the generator back up! If I can just get to the climate control center, we'll be OK.
  • Falco: Playing the hero again, huh, Foxie? Hey, more power to ya, buddy. Me? I hate the cold.
  • Slippy: Brrr! It makes me hibernate!
  • Peppy: It's up to you, Fox! I'll make sure the others are ready to launch their Arwings at any time!

Mission 4. Recapture The Climate Control Center

Pigma has fled to Fichina where he's takencontrol of and shut down the planet's climate control center. Find a way into the centre and get the climate-control device running again. Be warned: aparoids have been detected within the area around the climate control center. Proceed with caution.
—Mission objective

The Generators

  • Fox: ROB, scan the control center.
  • ROB: Affirmative. The climate control center is protected by a shield.
  • Peppy: Hmmm... all right. So to get in, we have to turn that shield off first.
  • Fox: Yeah, I guess you're right... No time for subtlety. I'm gonna have to blow up the generators.
  • Peppy: Don't go overboard, Fox.
  • Fox: It's under control.
  • Falco: Then get going and do it! We're just spinning our wheels here!
  • Fox: Careful what you wish for, Falco.


The Shield Generator tower, its emerald power supply is its weak point.

Peppy: The shield generators are being shown on your radar. There are three of them in all. It's up to you, Fox!

Fox: Got it! This blizzard is something else though...

Peppy: The shield generators themselves can't be destroyed. You're going to have to take out the power supply. once you do, head into the climate control center.

Peppy: That's it! That's the power supply!

Krystal: Looking good, Fox! Only two more shield generators to go!

Slippy: I bet you can't see much, so study your radar closely! There lot's of enemy swarms, so watch your step!

Peppy: You should see the shield generator any moment now.

Slippy: We can launch an attack at any time!

Falco: Yeah, me, too! Just get get rid of that blizzard, will ya?

Krystal: You all need to stop being so awfully selfish! I know your visibility's poor, but aim for the towers.

Slippy: You did it, Fox!

Krystal: Only one shield generator left. Keep going, Fox!

Slippy: Destroy the last generator and the shield will vanish!

Krystal: Just a bit further now, Fox. Keep going!

Falco: And only one more to go! Keep moving and waste it!

Peppy: The shield's gotta be dealt with first, Fox!

  • Use your radar to find the shield generators!

Falco: This is taking too long! Are you sure you're OK?

Krystal: We have to believe in Fox. That's all we can do.

Slippy: Fox...

Slippy: You can't get into the climate control center yet! (If the Fox tries entering when the shields are still up)

  • You've got to destroy the shield generators!

Krystal: You've got to turn the shield off first, Fox.

ROB: The climate control center shield has been disabled.

Slippy: Whoo hoo! Now we can put an end to this blizzard.

Peppy: Head for the middile control center!

Peppy: See anything that looks like an entrance near there?

ROB: The Landmaster will not fit inside the center.

Disabling the shield

The Interior of the Climate control centre.

  • Fox: This should be it... 
  • Guidance: Control settings confirmed... Beginning adjustments... 
  • Slippy: Whoo hoo! That's the end of the blizzard!
  • Krystal: You did it, Fox! ...Fox?
  • Falco: What's wrong Fox! Come in!
  • Fox: Quit yelling, Falco. I'm fine. Just a little hitch in the plan...There must've been an I.D problem... The sentry bots have taken a liking to me...
  • Falco: That must have been Pigma's work! Gah! I'm on my way! Hold on!
  • Fox: Yeah... Could you hurry?

Fox: Grrr. Locked in, am I?

Falco: Why in the world would those sentry bots attack?

Patrol Bot: Destroy intruders...

Fox: They can't sense me... What's going on here?

Fox: Falco! You gotta act quickly!

Falco: Dang! When am I gonna get to that control center? I'm on my way! Do what you have to do and hold on!

Peppy: Fox! Your survival is priority number one!

Slippy: If the sentry bots mark you as an intruder, look out! They'll just keep coming 'til you're neutralized!

Slippy: Fox, it's dangerous to stay in one place too long! (If Fox stands on one place long enough)

Krystal: Falco!

Falco: Don't start whining! I'm almost there!

Fox: Where are you Falco?!?

Krystal: Wait for the armor to open, Fox!

Slippy: Whoa, Fox, Hold on! (If Fox has low health from the sentry bots)

Falco: Don't even think about dying before I get there!

Falco: Gotcha! Is that it?

Flashy entrance

  • Falco: Eat this, scumbags!
  • Fox: Falco! Wow, that was a flashy entrance.
  • Falco: Quit complaining and climb abroad, will ya?
  • Fox: All right!
  • Falco: Hey, just do me a favour and try not fall off!
  • Fox: Hey, just worry about not getting shot down, OK?
  • Falco: Not a problem! Hey sure-shot! Get out your blaster and take care of our admirers, will ya?

Fox wing riding with Falco.

Falco: Here I come, Fox! Let's tear it up!

Falco: Looks like the scum are making house calls, Fox!

Peppy: Fox! Use the plasma cannon!

Falco: (If Fox shoots Falco when wing riding the quotes are random)

  • What? Is it bird season all of a sudden?!?
  • Yo, Fox! You think blasting me is fun or something?
  • I told you, cut that out, Fox!
  • Pay attention, Fox! You're supposed to shoot the bad guys!
  • Calm down, Fox!

Falco: (Quotes are randomised)

  • Someone on the ground's locked onto us!
  • Um... they kinda got a lock on me! Get 'em before I get smoked!
  • Dang! Someone on the ground's got a beat on me!
  • Whoa! One of these scum's got a beat on me!

Slippy: I'm coming to help, too!

Krystal: I'm on my way as well, Fox!

Slippy: Whoa! Get off me! (If Fox delays rescuing Slippy the quotes will continue)

  • Fox! Get the enemy behind me!
  • Yow! I'm gonna get hit!
  • Aiiiiii!

Falco: This is ridiculous! Fox! Take care of that stupid frog, will you?

Slippy: Well that was kind of a thrill.

  • I can't go on, I'm retreating! (Retire)

Falco: This is no joke, Slippy!

Slippy: Heh heh! Thanks, Fox.

Slippy: I'll do better next time.

Krystal: Are you OK, Slippy? Pull yourself together!

Falco: Bah, I've been followed!

  • Fox! These guys are all over me! Get rid of 'em!

Falco: (Quotes are randomised if Fox delays shooting down tailing aparoids)

  • Arwings aren't made to take this kind of punishment!
  • If I eat anymore laser fire, I'm going down!
  • Something's wrong. I shouldn't be getting hit this much.
  • Dang! Something ain't right! This is bad news...

Falco: Unstoppable! Way to go! (Take not damage on Falco's Arwing) / You've gotten better, eh, Foxie? (Keep shields high at the outcome) / Not bad for a fox (Shields fall below 50%)

Peppy: I've finished the Arwing transfer preparations!

Falco: OK. I'm heading in your direction.

Shield generator

  • Slippy: Fox, those bots seemed suspicious, so I checked 'em out... and they were aparoids!
  • Fox: Are you sure?!
  • Slippy: Yeah! Aparoids must be able to take over other machines!
  • Falco: Are you serious?!?
  • ???: Yep, it's true! And the one who's pulling the strings is me... Pigma! Wa ha ha ha!
  • Fox: Huh? Pigma!!!
  • Pigma: Up and at 'em, big fella!
  • Fox: What the---? That's part of the engineering isn't it?!?
  • Slippy: It's been infected by the aparoids!
  • Falco: You dirty swine!
  • Pigma: I wouldn't bother with me right now. That thing looks like it means business! Ah ha ha!
  • ROB: Danger! Danger! Climate control center generator reaching critical overload.
  • Peppy: Deal with Pigma later! Without the climate control center, we'll never stop the blizzards again!
  • Fox: ...Got it.
  • Pigma: Hraa heh heh heh! Hoo ha ha ha ha!
Boss: Climate control centre generator

Fox battles the Infected Generator.

Slippy: Did you say the climate control center's overloading? Does that mean there's gonna be an explosion?! YIKES!

Peppy: If you don't destroy the targets, this planet is doomed. You've got to destroy them and stop the explosion!

Falco: There's no way we're letting that explode!

Slippy: Shield analysis complete. Bringing it up on the monitor.

Peppy: Fox! I'm sending you an Arwing. (Peppy sending a new Arwing after the first one gets destroyed)

  • What are you doing, Fox?!? Get in the Arwing! (When delaying getting into the Arwing for a while.)

Krystal: Watch for the hatch to open! That's your chance!

Slippy: Oh my gosh! It's spitting out bad guys!

Peppy: Watch out! It's charging up energy!

Krystal: Fox! Look out!

Peppy: We don't have much time!

Krystal: That vile Pigma! He won't get away with this!

Falco: It's not holding anything back!

Peppy: The hatch is open! Now's your chance!

Peppy: You've got to utilise your brakes [R].

Falco: That's it! It's working!

Peppy: One more shot! Move it, Fox!

Krystal: It looks like the hatch opens after you defeat some enemies!

Slippy: The hatch is open!

Peppy: Fox! You must get bombs inside that thing!

(The following quotes are played when the boss timer is at 1 minute left)

Peppy: What's going on Fox? The generator won't wait!

Krystal: Hurry Fox!

Slippy: This is gonna be bad! We don't have much time!

(The following quote is played when the boss timer is at 35 seconds left)

Falco: Dang! we're not gonna make it, are we?!

(The following quote is played when the boss timer is at 20 seconds left)

Peppy:Fox, you're running out of time!

(The following quotes are played when the boss timer run out)

Peppy: The mission's a failure! All ships, pull out!

Falco: Dang!!!


Strong wills

  • Fox: This is Fox. The climate control center generator is undamaged.
  • Slippy: Looks like all the aparoids are gone, too...
  • Krystal: Nicely done, Fox.
  • Falco: Still... Getting attacked by your allies... Man that's just crazy!
  • Peppy: Machines are machines, after all... Those without strong wills can be easily turned to evil.
  • Fox: Those without strong wills... Allies or enemies...
  • Krystal: What is it, Fox?
  • Fox: Nothing. That just sounds like someone I know, that's all...

Pigma's nightmare

Pigma's nightmare.

  • Pigma: Obey us... Obey us... Obey us... Obey... Snrrr... huh? Whazzat? Was I just talking in my sleep? N-No! I won't turn a profit by obeying them! I... I... obey...

Results report

Fox: All ships home safely!

Peppy: The climate control center's still working. Nice job.

Mission 5. Asteroid Belt; The Aparoid Menace

Mission 5. Hunt Down Pigma

Asteroid Belt Briefing

  • ROB: Pigma's trail leads to this area.
  • Falco: Hah! You think you've found a safe place to run to? You think we're gonna give up and go away? Don't mess with us, Pigma!
  • Fox: So, is like an amusement park to a former gang member?
  • Falco: You know it!
  • Peppy: All right! THIS time we'll get that Core Memory from Pigma!

Mission 5. Hunt Down Pigma

Pigma's taken refuge in an asteroid belt. If you lose him here, you may never find him again. There are many aparoids in and around the asteroid belt, but you must fight your way through, capture or destroy Pigma, and recover the Core Memory.
—Mission objective

Fox: All ships move forward into the asteroid belt!

Slippy: Hey, was that...

Falco: It couldn't be... could it? Is that the Wolfen?

Slippy: So it was Wolf and his team that got destroyed?!

Krystal: I'm sensing faint brain patterns. They abandoned ship!

Fox: Keep your guards up, team!

Krystal: Watch out! Something's out there!

Falco: That stinking Pigma must have something planned...

Falco: Dang! These goons don't give up! (Quotes continue if rescue is delayed)

  • Fox, these guys in the rear are all yours.
  • Can't...shake 'em!
  • I've been hit hard...
  • Thanks for the help, Fox!

Falco: Thanks for lending me a hand back there.

Slippy: Why are these things chasing the Arwings?

Peppy: Roll! You've got to try rolling! [R]

Slippy: Hey that's a weird meteorite... and it's heading this way.

Fox: The enemy attacks are coming more fast and furious! / Slippy: That's a lot of ships shot down, Fox!

Falco: We can cut through these numbers easily!

Krystal: This isn't over, I'm detecting a big enemy presence!

Krystal: AAAI I I I I I I I! Fooooxxxx!

Fox: Kry-Krystal!

Krystal: I can't get away! Help, Fox!

  • Whew you saved me! Thanks Fox.

Slippy: Whoa! It's closing!

Peppy: You're going to get hit! Use your brakes! [X]

Krystal: This is for helping me.

Fox: What's this here?

Slippy: Looks like a base under construction, huh?

Falco: Pigma's building another base, eh?

Peppy: Just like Pigma...He never missed a trick.

Krystal: Looks like Pigma was planning ahead.

Falco: Oomph! More on my tail... I can't lose 'em!

  • Can't... get... away...
  • Dang!
  • Sorry about that. Hate to show you such bad flying.../Bah! Sorry, but I have to pull back. (Retire)

Fox: Hm? Isn't that... Is that the prototype we saw earlier?

Krystal: Look closely! It's been infected by the Aparoids!

Slippy: Yeeoow! 

Fox: OK! We can get in over there!

Krystal: Slippy! Behind you!

Slippy: Yikes! What do I do?

  • Knock it off! Leave me alone!
  • Whoa!
  • Thanks, Fox! / I can't go on! I'm outta here. (Retire)

Fox: Is this a dead end, too?!?

Peppy: To your left, Fox! Be careful not to hit that wall!

Krystal: I'm picking up a large enemy presence dead ahead!

Fox: That's what I'm hoping for.

Krystal: There's no way out of here, Fox!

Fox: This way!

Krystal: Pigma's up ahead.

Peppy: Fox! Proceed with caution!

Pigma's transformation

  • Krystal: Hold it, Fox! Look!
  • Fox: Pigma's ship?
  • Krystal: Fox!
  • Fox: Pigma!!!
  • Pigma: Raaa ha ha ha! Hoo hoo ha... Incredible... You must join us... Raah! Wroo... Wrah... Rrrraaaaaarrrrr!!!
  • Fox: Wha-What is that thing?!?
  • Pigma: Do not resist. You have been warned.
  • Fox: Looks like Pigma's already gone... Who or what are you?!?
  • Pigma: We will answer. We are the ultimate existence. You cannot resist us. You will join us.
  • Falco: We're not buying that garbage!
  • Fox: He can hear us, but he's not listening!
  • Peppy: Fox! The Core Memory that Pigma stole must be inside that thing!
  • Fox: OK, everyone! Attack!!!
Boss: Aparoid Pigma

Pigma Dengar, fully assimilated into an Aparoid.

Pigma: Join me.

Slippy: Shield analysis complete. Bringing it up on the monitor.

Pigma: Ha hm hm hm hm... Har heh heh heh heh...

Falco: Hey, freak show! Don't you listen?

Peppy: Take out those weapons, Fox! (Delaying in shooting down Pigma's arms)

Krystal:So infection leads to this.. A menace of this size!

Slippy: Uh-oh! This is tough!

Peppy: Looking good, Fox! Keep it up!

Slippy: You're on fire, Fox! (Reduce boss's shields quickly)

Peppy: Incoming meteors! Watch out!

Slippy: Yeow! Gotta get... outta... the way!

Krystal: Nice work! You're something else, Fox! (Reduce boss's shields quickly)

Slippy: Just a bit more Fox.

Slippy: Yes! All of his arms have been totaled!

Krystal: it's not over, Fox! I sense a mighty force.

Pigma: Hrrnn! Resistance is useless...

Falco: About time you showed your face, Pigma!

Peppy: Yeah, there you go! It's working!

ROB: Detecting high energy buildup in center of enemy mass.

Peppy: That energy reading's huge, Move your tail, Fox!

Pigma: Ha hm hm hm hm... Har heh heh heh heh...


Results report

  • Fox: Dang Aparoids! They'll attack anything and everything!
  • Slippy: I'm gonna have to give these ships a thorough check.

Results report (Bronze)

  • Fox: All ships are home! I'm glad you're all in one piece.
  • Krystal: I'd hate to end up like Pigma...

Results report (Silver/Gold)

  • Fox: All ships are home! Let's take a break! / All ships are home! We've recovered the Core Memory! (Silver/Gold)
  • Peppy: Hm! I'll send this Core Memory to General Pepper. / Nice job! Let's contact General Pepper. (Silver/Gold)

Mission 6. Sauria; Reunion

Cries of agony 

  • General Pepper: Good work, Star Fox.
  • Fox: We've retrieved the Core Memory. It should reveal the location of their homeworld, right?
  • General Pepper: That's right, Fox. Indeed, the time to face the aparoid queen has come...
  • Fox: Ahhha...
  • General Pepper: The source of all aparoid will, the queen herself, makes her vile nest on their home planet. As long as the queen exists, the aparoids will continue to multiply!
  • Fox: Understood! We're on our wa---
  • Krystal: ---Fox!
  • Fox: Hm?
  • Krystal: I'm sensing a distress call from planet Sauria...
  • Fox: Sauria? From Tricky?
  • Krystal: I'm not sure... But... I sense cries of agony!

Planet Sauria Briefing

  • Slippy: Fox.... look at that. It's horrible!
  • Fox: What have they done to Sauria's dinosaurs?!? This is unforgivable.
  • Peppy: Aparoid hatchers. This must be how they multiply. If we can destroy those hatchers, we might just have a chance.
  • Fox: OK, let's move ! Krystal and I will head down to the surface. Falco and Slippy! The skies are yours!
  • Krystal: A mission together at last.
  • Fox: Oh...Uhh... Yeah.
  • Falco: What are you two doing? Let's go!

Mission 6. Liberate Sauria

Sauria has been invaded by Aparoids. The denizens are fighting back, but all reports indicate that they are losing. The Star Fox team has been sent to Sauria. Defeat the Aparoids and return peace to the planet.
—Mission objective


The Arwing in the skies of Sauria.

Peppy: Fox! You know all about the Might gauge, right? The gauge shows enemy strength in the skies of Sauria. Watch the gauge and go to the skies when necessary!

Fox: Falco! Slippy! The airborne enemies are all yours!

Falco: Gotcha! Try not to make a mess of things, Slippy!

Slippy: Give it a rest, Falco! Seriously! Shut your beak for once!

Krystal: We WILL save Sauria! You just watch and see!

Fox: Target destroyed!

Krystal: You did it, Fox!

Fox: The ruins of Sauria... These are a virtual stronghold!

ROB: Destruction of hatcher confirmed.

Peppy: Nicely done, Fox! Take out the remaining targets!

  • Well done, Fox! Three more hatchers to hit.
  • Way to go, Fox! Two hatchers remaining...

Krystal: Poor beautiful, Sauria... They won't get away with this!

Falco: Wipe out those scumbags with the Landmaster!!!

(The following is triggered by taking out several airborne enemies with the Landmaster)

Peppy: I've never seen a Landmaster used so well, Fox.

Slippy: Way to go, Fox!

Krystal: That's why you're our leader!

Falco: You could do better in an Arwing.

Slippy: Darn it! I'm being chased!

  • Fox, get the enemy behind me!
  • Ouch! Cut it out!
  • Whoa, my arwing's going down!...
  • Yaaaaaaaah!! Fox! FOX!!..
  • That was close! Thanks Fox! / Oh, no! I gotta bail!(Retire)

Fox: Dang! I've been flanked! (Fox getting attacked from 2 sides at a certain location)

Peppy: Are you OK? Watch out for the anti-aircraft cannons!

Peppy: Fox! Enemy reinforcements have just flow in!

Falco: Falco here! Enemy reinforcements have flown in!

Slippy: This is Slippy! We've discovered new enemies up here!

Slippy: This is Slippy! We're gaining control of the skies!

Peppy: You can land in wide areas. (Press and hold [X]).

Slippy: That was a close one! I was sure we were done for...

Krystal: I see no dinosaurs... I hope Tricky's folk are safe.

Peppy: Don't worry. I'm sure they've found refuge somewhere.

Falco: The skies are fine! Concentrate on the surface enemies!

Falco: Dang! I've got one on my tail! (Quotes continue if rescue is delayed)

  • Dang! This can't happen to me!
  • You saved me Fox. I owe you one.

Falco: OK! I'll take care of things here! / Slippy: Woo hoo! Leave the airborne enemies to me!!! (When leaving an Arwing with the Might Gauge low (may not always trigger).

Peppy: Assess the conditions and use the Landmaster or Arwing. (While on-foot, stand still for a while)

Falco: Take out all the factories as soon as possible.

Krystal: I bet Tricky's grown...

Peppy: If we save Sauria, you'll get a chance to see him.

Krystal: I hardly see any dinosaurs...

Slippy: It looks like even the Sharpclaw tribe's been wiped out... Crud! This planet is totally defenseless!

Slippy: What happened to all the airborne dinosaurs?!?

Peppy: The Cloud tribe is extremely proud... I hate to say it but...

Slippy: Aw...

Falco: Gah! What scum! Who could do this to Sauria?!?

Peppy: Aparoids are attracted to larger energy sources. Sauria's dinosaurs have an unmatched ability to survive.

Falco: Bah! These things keep making me madder and madder!

Falco: This planet is where the two of you first met. Isn't it?

Krystal: That's right. This place holds many memories for us.

Fox: We're not going to let these stinking bugs do as they please!

Peppy: Fox! We've received a message from General Pepper. The Core Memory has reached the research lab intact.

Slippy: Fantastic! Now it's up to my dad.

Peppy: But we can't rest on our laurels. It seems the apaorids are roaming the system in huge groups. We must free Sauria quickly and join forces with General Pepper.

Peppy: Hmmm... There are more escape routes than I thought. I suppose that quite a few dinosaurs have gone into hiding...

Peppy: Excellent work, Fox! Sauria is saved!


Results report (Bronze)

  • Fox: Everyone's OK! Falco You and Slippy return home!
  • Krystal: We're going to look for Tricky! 

Results report (Silver/Gold)

  • Fox: Everyone's safe! Now lets find Tricky!
  • Peppy: Looks like most of the aparoids have retreated...


Tricky's reunion.

  • Fox: Looks like almost all the aparoids have been wiped out.
  • Krystal: Sauria should be safe for a long time to come.
  • Tricky:Foxxxxxxsssss!!!
  • Fox: Tri---
  • Tricky: Fox! Krystal! I knew you'd come! Thank you so much!
  • Fox: Tricky... So heavy... Ouch...
  • Tricky: So Fox... You're here to fight 'em right? Well, I'm going with ya!
  • Fox: Uhm... I appreciate it, but you're needed here, old pal. Besides, I'm leaving Sauria in your care! Remember, you're the leader here now, Tricky!
  • Tricky: ...OK! Mm! I'll do it! Yeah, yeah! I'll take care of things here so you two can come back on your honeymoon!
  • Fox: What! What're you nuts?!? We aren't... We're not yet!... Uh...
  • Tricky: Not yet?
  • Fox: Uh... I mean... I mean... This isn't a conversation for children!
  • Tricky: You said you weren't gonna treat me like a kid anymore!
  • Fox: Then stop acting like one!
  • Tricky: You're just mad 'cause you don't want to talk about it!
  • Krystal: All right, that's enough boys!

Mission 7. Corneria; War Comes Home

Mission 7. Recapture The Cornerian Capital

Planet Corneria Briefing

  • General Pepper: Everyone, heed closely what I am about to say. While you were on Sauria, a colossal aparoid armada appeared. The majority of the Cornerian defense fleet... was decimated.
  • Fox: No!!! How could this happen? While we were busy, they...
  • General Pepper: The one silver lining is that you are all OK. You're our last hope, Star Fox. The invasion is progressing at an incredible speed.
  • Fox: ROB! What are the conditions on the surface?
  • ROB: Radar jammers are in place. Radar use is impossible.
  • Fox: Dang it!
  • General Pepper: Indeed. The enemy's using radar-jamming devices based on technology we know nothing of.
  • Fox: That's not important! We can still demolish 'em!
  • General Pepper: Possibly... but you must attack them directly from the surface... Please...Fox... I'm already... 
  • Fox: General? General Pepper!!!
  • Peppy: Oh, no! He's in serious trouble.
  • Fox: Forget this! I'm going planetside to take out the radar jammers!
  • Falco: What?!? Going solo again?
  • Fox: We can't atke the risk of all of us getting killed, can we? If I don't make it back, I want you to go next.
  • Falco: Yeah whatever. Just get outta here and smash those blasted radar jammers, will ya?!

Mission 7. Recapture The Cornerian Capital

Aparoids have launched a large-scale attack on the capital city of Corneria, using electromagnetic barrier devices to disrupt communications between General Pepper and his commanding officers. Mop up the barrier devices and create a window for the reduce of the capital.
—Mission objective

Corneria City?

Corneria, utterly devastated by the Aparoid Invasion.

  • Fox: Did they say this is Corneria? This is Fox. I'm going to destroy the radar jammers.
  • Peppy: Don't worry about all the enemies: concentrate your fire on the radar jammers.
  • Fox: Understood.

Peppy: There're more lurking about near the radar jammers.

Krystal: Ah! That's a radar jammer!

Peppy: Use the sniper rifle for far-off enemies!

Peppy: Yes! Keep up the good work, Fox! / Fox, you can likely get a bead on it from the surface.

Fox: Got it, Peppy! Consider all of them toasted!

Krystal: We should get radar back once the jammers are taken out.

Falco: If they blocked our radar, it means they're getting wiser.

Krystal: You're out surface contact, Fox. Good luck!

Slippy: We're counting on you, Fox.

Slippy: What are we supposed to do with non-working radar?

Krystal: Should we search places that radar doesn't show?

Slippy: Hey! That's a good idea. You're quick, Krystal!

Peppy: Watch out for the enemies lurking behind the buildings! / Watch out for enemies behind you, too, Fox!

Peppy: Excellent, Fox! Take out the stragglers as well!

  • Doing great, Fox! You're chewing through 'em!
  • Good going, Fox! Almost done!
  • Only a few targets left...Don't let up now!

Krystal: Fox I've got enemies on my tail!

  • Unh! I'm hit!
  • No way! I can't shake them! Unbelievable!
  • This isn't looking good... I'm in real trouble!
  • Nooooooooo! Fox!

Falco: This is awful...The city's been annihilated. We can't let these scumbags get any cockier, Fox.

Falco: Impressive, Fox. I'll have to rethink my opinion of you!

Slippy: Do you think General Pepper's OK?

Falco: I guess this is just what we gotta do here.

Krystal: All we can do is hope for his safety.

Fox: These things...You think they could be...

Falco: Dang aparoids! How far do they plan on spreading?

Peppy: Great, Fox! Now we can use radar. I've sent you an Arwing! Find it on your radar!

Krystal: Thanks to Fox, we can now tell where the enemy is!

Slippy: Now we can mop these things up!

Falco: Now we're in charge!

Peppy: Head out for the Arwing, Fox! (Delay getting into the Arwing)

A new alliance?

  • Fox: Aaah! What the---? Ohh...Hoh! Hnn... Guess I let my guard down.
  • Wolf: You're a pitiful sight, pup!
  • Fox: Huh! The Wolfen? Wolf! Aaargh! YAAAAAAAH! Wolf! What're you dong here!
  • Wolf: You're the once who dropped in unannounced. And if anybody's gonna tan your hide, It's gonna be me.
  • Panther: Riiiight...
  • Leon: ...Hmph.
  • Fox: Wolf...
  • Wolf: Wipe that stupid look of your mug! We're not done yet!

Mission Update

Wolf: You're on my Wolfen, Fox! Don't disappoint me.

Panther: Don't worry about him. You're like Wolf's surrogate gun....

Leon: Go ahead and blunder... and you'll end up as a target.

Wolf: It's the enemy, Fox. (Quotes are randomized)

  • Fox! one of these scum has lock on me.
  • They're all over us! The rest if up to you, Fox!
  • Curses! Someone's locked on me!
  • These things again? They aren't worth the time!

Panther: Oh, no! Once of my favorite cafes got totaled. When this is all done, I want a first-class meal.

Leon: Ugly bugs... It's no fun fighting unshakable enemies.

Falco: Hey! (Quotes are continued if Fox delays)

  • Fox! The rest of 'em are yours!
  • Arrgh! Can't...get...away!
  • These creeps don't give up!
  • You did it, Fox! That's another one I owe you. / Sorry, Fox! I'm outta here. (Retire)

Wolf: They look like sturdy little monsters, don't hey?

Panther: You're doing OK. I expect nothing less from my rival!

Leon: Well looks like I'm better than the bird...

Slippy: You're not too shabby, Wolf.

Krystal: Looks like we can rely on you...

Panther: Heh, you really enjoy shooting these creeps, huh? / You wanna ride on my wing, Krystal?

Krystal: As long as I'm covering Fox!

Panther: Heh heh, OK, fine.

Wolf: (If Fox shoots Wolf when wing riding, quotes are randomized)

  • What are you aiming at?
  • You stupid dog! Get a hold of yourself!
  • Point that thing at me and you better be ready to die, pup!
  • What're you doing to my darling Wolfen?!

Leon: Ssss! You're getting on my nerves! You're my prey!

Panther: This isn't the time for pleasantries, is it? (When shooting Panther's Wolfen)

Leon: If you fools really want to die, just say the word. (When shooting Leon's Wolfen)

Wolf: (Quotes are randomised if Fox delays shooting down chasing aparoids)

  • The more we're hit, the worse off we are, Fox!
  • Bah! Fox! Do you even see the enemy?!?
  • Grrr! Fox! Don't let 'em attack!
  • I've taken enemy fire, but I'm just getting started!

Slippy: Everything's going OK...Lots of baddies taken down!

Krystal: Don't get carried away and become careless, Fox.

Wolf: Looks like they got a thing for us...The battle's on, Fox!

Falco: Sorry about what happened earlier, Fox.

Leon: That's quite a wingmate you got there.

Falco: Shut your trap, lizard, or you and I are gonna scrap!

Krystal: Wing riding's quit a thrill.

Wolf: You got some skills, pal! (When getting through most of the On-Wing portion unscathed)

Panther: You're looking good, big guy!

Leon: Ha! I'm looking forward to the day I can fight you!

Wolf: Nicely done, Fox.

Slippy: Wow! Take ME for a ride someday!

Wolf: Quit your croaking, toady.

General Pepper?

Pepper's Flagship, infected by Aparoidedation.

  • ROB: Unknown vessel approaching at high speed.
  • Fox: Another enemy?
  • Peppy: Hold it...That silhouette... Is that the general's flagship?
  • Pepper: Is... that you, Fox? Too late... The aparoids...
  • Fox: General! It can't be!
  • Pepper: They took me.... My body's... no longer under my control...
  • Fox: ...No!
  • Pepper: This is my final request... Destroy this ship... Destroy me!
  • Fox: Don't say that! I can't...
  • Pepper: You would make an accomplice to these fiends?
  • Wolf: That's the truth of it. Accept it, Fox.
  • Fox: Why... Why is this happening?!? Noooooo!!!
Boss: Pepper's flagship

Pepper: My body.. It's betraying me! Take me out!

Fox: General...

Wolf: Don't hesitate Fox ! You gotta do it!

Slippy: Fox! General! Ahhhh! What am I supposed to do?!?

Pepper: Don't worry, Fox! Just fire!

Pepper: Gah...Urgh...

Wolf: That's the way to do it! Give it your all!

Slippy: I guess there's no way around it...Sniff...Sniff...

Wolf: Fox! Missiles! Shoot 'em down!

Pepper: Ooh!

Wolf: OK. Looks like the aparoids are in bad shape!

Krystal: General Pepper...

Panther: It's OK. The general's a tough old hound dog.

Pepper: Ugh. Never thought I'd be fighting all of you...

Slippy: Darn bugs...Why'd you have to pick on the general?

Wolf: I can't shake 'em! Grrr! Do something, Fox!

Pepper: I'm sorry...I'm powerless! Shoot! Shoot me!

Peppy: That's it. A bit more now, Fox.

Krystal: I never dreamed something like this could happen...

Wolf: He's launched more missiles!

Pepper: No reason to wait...I'm already an aparoid...

Peppy: Keep it up. We may end up by hurting just the machinery.

Falco: Stinking aparoids...This is lower than low!

Pepper: Let me die in battle. Do not let me transform. RRRRAAAAAAAH! Honour...Let me keep my honour, Fox!

Fox: General...


Don't hesitate

  • Peppy: General Pepper!
  • Fox: Peppy!
  • Peppy: General...Are you all right?
  • Pepper: Is that you, Peppy? What have you done?
  • Peppy: Heh heh! Looks like I'll never make retirement now... Argh!
  • Fox: Peppy...
  • Peppy: Contact the medical corps. One way or another, my duty's done....
  • Fox: I owe you my life on that one, Wolf. Thanks.
  • Wolf: I thought I told you... I didn't come here to save you.
  • Fox: Even so...
  • Wolf: Hm. So, how long do you plan on taking up space on my wing?
  • Fox: Oh, uhm...
  • Wolf: Fox. Let me give you one piece of advice... Don't hesitate! When the time comes, just act!
  • Fox: Wolf...

Results report (Bronze)

  • Fox: Dang! Everyone's so beat up.
  • Slippy: We were lucky Wolf and his team showed up!

Results report (Silver/Gold)

  • Fox: All ships are home! Peppy! You can't do things like that! / All ships are home! Minus a certain someone, that is.
  • Peppy: Well hey... I got results, didn't I? / Hm hm, "sigh"... It always seems to go like this, huh?

Mission 8. Orbital Gate; Incoming

Orbital Gate Briefing

  • Beltino: This is Beltino. We did it, team. We've found the location of the homeworld!
  • Fox: Great news, Beltino. Forward us the information to us and we'll start the invasion!
  • Beltino: Wait! You can't go yet.
  • Slippy: Listen, dad! We're going and you can't stop us!
  • Beltino:Yes, I know that, Slippy. But... If you go as is, you'll just get killed. Take the self-destruct program.
  • Slippy: What? Self-destruct program?
  • Beltino: I've discovered that the aparoids are vulnerable to apoptosis.
  • Slippy: Apoptosis, huh? You mean they contain cells that are created for the purpose of self-destruction?
  • Beltino: Right! And I'm making a program to set off a chain reaction in those cells. If you fire the program into the queen, all aparoids will self-destruct!
  • Fox: That's incredible! We can take 'em out in one blow!
  • ROB: A huge aparoid force has warped in. They are targeting the gate.
  • Peppy: They aren't going to make our trip to their homeworld an easy one.
  • Beltino: If you can't get to their homeworld, the program is useless. You must protect the gate until the program is complete!
  • Fox: Understood! We wont let the gate fall!

Mission 8: Protect the Gate

In orbit above Corneria is an orbital gate. At the present time, federation scientists are rushing to finish a weapon that will tilt the scales of the war in their favor, an anti-aparoid program bomb. Do whatever it takes to protect the gate from the aparoid invasion until the weapon development is finished.
—Mission objective

Protect the gate

  • Fox: Listen up, everyone... Do whatever it takes to protect the gate!

Peppy: You gotta protect that gate! It's up to you, guys!

Fox: Got it!

Slippy: Stupid pest... Stop following me! Fox! Do something about this guy behind me!

  • Yeow! I'm gonna take it!...

Krystal: They want to eradicate us all. I'm not giving up!

Slippy: Whew, that helped!

Falco: Unbelievable... You're such a basket case.

Slippy: I just let my guard down for a second...

Krystal: Help, Fox!

  • Aaaiiii! Foooxxx!
  • Peppy: You're in danger Krystal, get outta there NOW!(If forced to retire)
  • Krystal:Oh, all right...(If forced to retire)

Fox: Are you all right, Krystal?

Krystal: Mm-hm... Thanks for asking, Fox.

Falco: You overgrown gnats! I'll finish every last one of you!

Peppy: Do your best! We can't let 'em take this position.

Dog Soldier: (Quotes are randomised)

  • Whew! We made it! 
  • Thanks. The more we destroy, the better.
  • I feel a lot more confident with you around!
  • All right, soldiers! The rest is up to you!!!
  • Commander! ...Aaaah!
  • Y-You...blasted bugs!
  • Is this the end?!?
  • We'll protect the gate!

Inbound Missile

  • ROB: WARNING! WARNING! Warp signature detected.
  • Peppy: What's that?!?
  • ROB: Giant aparoid approaching. ...Inbound missile.
  • Peppy: A missile?!
  • Fox: Did you all hear that? Bring down that missile!
  • Peppy: Listen to me, team. Don't waste a single shot. Something that gigantic will take out more than just the gate.

ROB: Missile approaching. It is targeting the gate.

Peppy: Fox! Forget about those distractions! You've got to shoot down that missile!

ROB: New missiles detected. They are approaching the gate.

Falco: Leave this to me, Fox! I can down it in my sleep!

  • Missile down! Piece of cake! / Nice work, Fox! (If Fox downs Falco's chosen missile)

ROB: New missiles detected. They are approaching the gate. Warning! Warning! Multiple missiles detected.

Fox: What? They're everywhere... Too many!

Wolf: Don't start sounding like a coward now, Fox! Leave this missile to us!

Leon: Are you all beak and no bite, birdbrain?

Falco: Great, it's the lizard boy, Leon.

Wolf: Missile down! Ha! That was too easy... / Didn't you know that was my prey? (If Fox downs Wolf's chosen missile)

Leon: Hmph. That was so easy, it was almost boring.

Panther: I have to stop dazzling everyone with my aerial moves.

Krystal: Fox! Look for a weak point!

Wolf: Hey now... What's all this about? (If Fox shoots Wolf)

Panther: You looking to die, runt? (If Fox shoots Panther)

Leon: So, you're a wise guy, huh? (If Fox shoots Leon)

Falco: You overgrown gnats! I'll finish every last one of you!

Krystal: Hmph! That's no way to treat a lady! Eat this!

Peppy: Do your best! We can't let 'em take this position!

  • C'mon, everyone! We can't give up now!

Beltino: I'm doing my best too! (Quotes are randomised)

  • Do your best, team!
  • My apologies... I need a little more time.
  • Only a little more and the program will be complete!
  • Hold out for little while longer...

Wolf: You all right? You look ragged! (If Fox's shield guage is critical)

Peppy: Never give up! Trust your senses.

Slippy: Isn't the program finished yet, Dad? (Quotes are randomised)

  • They're not gonna even BREATHE on that gate!
  • You creeps! This'll teach you to underestimate Slippy!

Falco: One thing after another... This ain't never gonna end!

ROB: Missile approaching. It is targeting the gate.

Peppy: Trust the radar! You must find it!

ROB: Missile approaching. It is targeting the gate.

Fox: That's it! We did it!

The Final Missile

  • ROB: Another missile detected.
  • Falco: That looks bigger than a missile!
Boss: Aparoid Missiles

Slippy: Yikes! This one's even bigger than before!

ROB: Analysis complete. Missile is composite of multiple parts.

Peppy: Take it down! Don't let even one part get through!

Wolf: Fox! Leave the enemies around the gate to us!

Peppy: You've got to shoot down that missile!

Peppy: What? It's accelerating! It accelerates as it loses parts! Watch out!

Wolf: What are you waiting for? Shoot that thing down!

ROB: Only certain areas can be damaged.


Program completion

  • Fox: Missile destruction confirmed.
  • Beltino: We just finished the self-destruct program too.
  • Slippy: Way to go, Dad!
  • Beltino: Now all we have to do is gift-wrap it for the aparoid queen.
  • Fox: Guess it's time to head for their homeworld huh?

Results report (Bronze)

  • Fox: All ships are home! How's the gate? / All ships are home! Is the gate safe?
  • Peppy: We're getting ready to move! Lock down the Arwings! / Yep, they're fine. I'd like you all to come to the bridge.

Invasion of the aparoid homeworld

The Beltino Orbital Gate in Star Fox: Assault.

  • Gate Announcer: Zypher Ring now expanding. Main reblock dis engaged. All blocks, orbits confirmed. No anamolies detected. Commencing energy exposure. Expanding gate lens. Gate creation successful.
  • Peppy: Well, it's almost time.
  • ROB: Opening gate-wide transmission channel.
  • Beltino: Attention, fleet of Corneria. We in command have done all we can. From here on out, we're entrusting everything to you. So, please. Do your best... But try to come back alive.
  • Slippy: OK, pop.
  • Beltino: Link the gate! Target: the aparoid homeworld!
  • Fox: OK. Is everyone ready? Star Fox team. Move out!

Mission 9. Aparoid Homeworld; Breaching the Defenses


The Aparoid homeworld.

  • ROB: Coordinates of aparoid system confirmed and stored in memory.
  • Falco: This is it?!?
  • Krystal: It's lovely... I wasn't expecting that.
  • Peppy: Wait... It's size and mass are disproportionate!
  • Slippy: Wha-- What? What does that mean?
  • Fox: Are you saying...

Aparoid homeworld briefing

  • Peppy: Look there! That must be where the aparoids came from... Maybe we could use it to make our way to the planet interior...
  • Slippy: But after the aparoids come out, it looks like some sort of shield goes up!
  • ROB: Multiple shield generators detected. Displaying now.
  • Fox: If the past is any indication... There'll be hatchers with those shield generators, huh?
  • Peppy: Even if we could move forward, that'd be as far as we'd get! It'll be dangerous, but we've got to demolish all of the generators!... And turn off that shield!

Mission 9: Storm the Aparoid Homeworld

The Cornerian Armada commands the skies above the aparoid homeworld and is making advancements into aparoid territory. The entrance to the heart of the planet is protected by a base and a powerful shield. The Star Fox team has been deployed to the surface of the planet. Capture the base and turn off the shield.
—Mission objective

Aparoid Mini Rollers on the surface of the Aparoid Homeworld.

Falco: Let's invade this enemy homeworld already!

Krystal: To drop the shields, we must hit all the hatchers yes?

Peppy: Let's hit 'em before they solidify defensive positions!

Falco: Slippy and I will take over clearing these skies!

Slippy: I can take care of business when the time comes.

Peppy: This is do or die time. I'm counting on every one of you!

Fox: What?!? I'm not doing any damage! (When trying to shoot a shielded hatcher)

Peppy: It may be that it's protected by a barrier generator. There must be barrier generators somewhere nearby. Your job now is to search it out and destroy it!

ROB: Destruction of hatcher confirmed.

Peppy: Well done, Fox! Three more hatchers to hit.

Slippy: This base... It looks... It looks so tasty.

Peppy: You're pushing this happy-go-lucky thing to the limit, Slippy.

Slippy: Do you remember where you're going, Fox? Try not to get lost on your way out.

Peppy: I'm getting updates on the battle progress in the different areas. Grrr... I don't think I'm I'm going to say I put up a very good fight. We've lost 20% of the fleet. We've no choice but to retreat. Listen up everyone! We've gotta breach this, we gotta!

Krystal: Let's proceed with caution. (Triggered if staying near Krystal)

  • These aparoids are serious! Watch your tail, Fox!
  • Heads up, Fox!
  • Thanks anyway, Fox! But I'm OK!
  • This is Krystal. The mission's going as planned.
  • Things are fine here. Get in that Arwing!

Peppy: It's their homeworld; you've got to expect some resistance.

Fox: It's a trap!

Krystal: Are you all right, Fox?!?


ROB: Sensors detecting new presence... A hatcher.

Fox: What?!?

ROB: New hatchers located under the base.

Peppy: Fox! You've gotta get busy destroying things!

  • The hatcher is located directly below the base.
  • Take that thing out with your Arwing! Get to it, Fox!
  • The target's below you! Hurry up, Fox!
  • You get shot down there and your streaks over.

Falco: Dang! I've got one on my tail!

  • Bah!! I ate that!
  • Fox! Get the guy to the rear!
  • Dang! This can't happen to me!
  • Sorry, Fox!

Slippy: Darn it! I'm being chased! (If Fox delays rescue, the quotes will continue)

  • Fox, get the enemy behind me!
  • I let my guard down. Thanks, Fox!

(Below happens according to the skill level chosen. They are played in the correct order: Bronze, Silver, Gold)


Peppy: Blast! We're losing communications again! It looks like we may be the last hope... Don't give up! If only someone can defeat the queen... If we can insert the program, everything will be fine!

  • PeppyFox! Falco! Krystal! Slippy! I'm proud to have found alongside each of you.
  • Fox: Where's all this coming from, Peppy? 
  • Peppy: It's nothing... I'm just babbling, that's all. 
  • Fox: OK... Understood.
  • Peppy: Arrrgh!
  • Fox: What's wrong, Peppy?
  • Peppy: I've got company here on the Great Fox! We're OK... ROB! Boost shield levels!
  • Fox: Don't do anything too reckless!

Hatchers down

Fox: All targets down!

Peppy: You did it, Fox! Now we can invade the base!

Results report

  • Fox: Everyone's safe. Time to invade the enemy's homeworld!
  • Peppy: Did you receive the supplies? Its now or never, team!

Mission 10. Homeworld Core; The Final Battle

Hit the planet Script
Be ready... for anything and everything! Strap in, buckle down, and hit the planet!
Hang on, Fox!
Something's weird! Energy readings keep getting stronger!
You've got to be kidding!
What's going on?
The energy's forming a shield! Laser fire's gonna be useless!
Dang it...
Out of the way, everybody!
ROB 64 Headshot Assault.png
Extreme impairment. Main hull will not survive more damage.
Who cares!? Divert all energy to the main guns!
ROB 64 Headshot Assault.png
Damage capacity exceeded.
Too bad. We're goin' out in style!
Peppy... you can't die!
Back off! All of you!
Peppy... you mustn't.
Yes. This is my duty. And now you must fulfill your duty as well, Fox.
Don't do it Peppy!
What are you doing!? Crazy, old fool!
What are you fools doing? That shield will be right back!
Go! Get out of here!!!
Peppy's opened a road for us. We've got to move on... without him!
So come on... COME ON!

Mission 10: Defeat the Aparoid Queen

The aparoid queen is somewhere in the depths of the planet. Overcome all obstacles, find the queen, and deliver the self-destruct program. This is your final mission.
—Mission objective

Uninvited guests

  • Fox: Falco! We've got uninvited guests following us...
  • Falco: What?!?
  • Fox: Wolf!
  • Leon: Hmph! I'm surprised you fools have managed to get this far.
  • Falco: What was that?!?
  • Panther: Don't worry, Krystal. I'll protect you from here on in.
  • Krystal: Panther...
  • Slippy: So seven ships in all... Well, I guess that's better than four!
  • Wolf: I guess you managed to survive, huh?
  • Fox: Just barely.
  • Wolf: Let's do this!
  • Fox: Right!

Fox: Gotta do whatever it takes to reach the Queen!

Krystal: For Peppy and everyone else, we've got to finish this!

Wolf: You think we're just going to sit here and watch you work?

Leon: Well, just go on and do the best you can.

Slippy: I wonder what's up there... Yow! These guys sure are persistent!

  • You saved me, Fox!/Yeowch!

Slippy: Take this, Fox! (only if saved)

Fox: The enemy attacks are building. Watch out, Wolf.

Wolf: Keep your advice to yourself and your eyes front, pup.

Panther: I'd like to see you again once this is all done.

Krystal: If we lose here, you'll never have the chance.

Fox: Obstacles dead ahead. Watch out, everyone.

Falco: You're gonna block us at any cost, is that it?

Krystal: I've got enemies behind me! Help me, Fox!

  • Thanks, Fox. / Unh! I'm hit! (If Fox delays rescue, the quotes will continue)

Krystal: Fox, take this for helping me! (Only if saved)

Fox: These attacks are intense. It shows how far we've come.

Wolf: These scum are proving to be quite a handful.

Krystal: Fox! Falco's in trouble!

Falco: These punks just won't give up!

  • Whew... Thanks, Fox. / Yeeooowch! (If Fox delays rescue)

Falco: Thanks for lending me a hand back there. (only if saved)

Falco: Leon! Don't try sneaking up behind me!

Leon: Heh heh! Doing your best not to show any weak points, eh?

Slippy: Radar's picking up enemies ahead! F-Fox!

Falco: Wha... How in the world?

Leon: What's up? You're shaking, Falco.

Falco: What?!?

Panther: Looks like we're getting close to the grand finale, hon.

Wolf: We'll distract 'em... You guys take out the queen! Leon! Panther! Let's go! C'mon, you stinking bugs! Catch us if you can!

Fox: Wolf...

Falco: Look at that guy. He really thinks he's the man.

Krystal: Fox...

Fox: It's time to confront the queen... Let's move!

The queen

The Aparoid Queen, the source of all Aparoid will and instinct.

  • Fox: ... ... ... ...
  • Falco: That must be...
  • Krystal: The queen...
  • ??? (Pigma): Fox... Don't be a fool. Stop all this nonsense.
  • Fox: Pigma!
  • Falco: You swine! But you're supposed to be dead!
  • ??? (Pepper): Star Fox team... accept defeat.
  • Slippy: Ge-General Pepper!?
  • ??? (Peppy): Give in. This is not sacrifice... it is evolution.
  • Krystal: Not Peppy, too! Stop!
  • Falco: What's going on?
  • ??? (James): Fox...
  • Fox: Dad!?
  • ??? (James): That's enough... there's no need for you to be hurt anymore. Let us live as one.
  • Falco: Fox, don't let it fool you. You know your father is...
  • Fox: I know! My father... My father would never tell me to give up!
  • Slippy: Oh I get it! The queen is using information from everything she's absorbed.
  • ??? (James): Fox... There's no need to fight anymore...
  • ??? (Pepper): Let us live together... Together.
  • ??? (Pigma): Live... As one...
  • Wolf: Don't hesitate. When the time comes, just act!
  • Fox: Everyone, let's give the queen her present. Star Fox team... Let's go!
Boss: Aparoid Queen's 1st form

Krystal: Fox... Look at the queen. We can't get a self-destruct program through that armor...

Slippy: Rats! Stupid armor...

Falco: What's wrong? If something's in the way, we just blast it!

Fox: OK, first things first. Destroy that armor!

Krystal: Fox! Blast that red section!

Fox: All right! Concentrate your fire right there!

Krystal: How's this?

??? (Peppy): All of you... Join us... It's your only salvation...

Falco: Give up already!

Falco: Watch out, everyone! He's up to something!

Slippy: You jerk!

??? (Peppy):My friends... Will you destroy me, too?

Falco: Hah! As if Peppy would ever show weakness.

Slippy: Fox! Watch the condition of your ship! (If Fox takes a huge amount of damage from the queen) Falco: Incoming! Evasive maneuvers, everyone!

??? (ROB): Probability of Star Fox team victory is... zero...

Slippy: Shut up already!

??? (Pigma): You're fools... Get smart and surrender.

Falco: Hah! You think we'd be fooled by stupid impersonations?

Krystal: Look out! Get away from the front of the queen!

??? (Peppy): No matter what you do, you cannot win, Fox.

Krystal: Don't be fooled. Keep it up, Fox!

Slippy: You did it, Fox! That looks like it's working!

??? (Pepper): Don't be foolish...

Falco: All right! Just a little more, Fox!

??? (James): Stop right there, Fox!

??? (Pepper): The aparoids are not your enemies. Think...

??? (Pigma): If you waste this chance, you're utter fools.

Slippy: Woah! Here comes some more!

??? (James): Fox... I will show you a brand-new world...

Fox: You're hideous! Filthy aparoid!

??? (James): Fox, there's no reason to continue fighting.

??? (Pigma): We live...

??? (Pepper): We will evolve as one...

??? (Peppy): My friends...

??? (James): You who will be the food of evolution...

??? (Pepper): Think again, Fox!

Fox: Ignore that, team! Attack!

Falco: Hey, Fox! You OK? You gotta hold on! (If Fox has low health after taking too much damage from the queen)

??? (Peppy): It's no use... Withdraw, you fools...

Falco: More imposters? Ignore 'em!

Krystal: I know they're not real, but even so... it's tough.

Falco: Now, Fox! Fire that program in there!

The queen's escape

"Cutscene" Script
Take THIS!!! Is it working?
I'm not sure but...
Hm? Something's wrong, Fox!
SFA Queen Name.jpg
All for us... All things in the universe... will be ours...
SFA Queen Name.jpg
All for us... Everything in this universe exists for us... Bow before us! SUBMIT TO US!!!!
Is the self-destruct program working?
It should be working, but the queen's suppressing it! This is bad. If she escapes now, she'll create an anti-body!
We've got to defeat this thing and execute that program! This is it. The final battle!
Boss: Aparoid Queen's 2nd & 3rd forms

Falco: Look out, everyone! That thing looks really steamed!

Krystal: It must have a weak point! Watch the queen's reactions!

Slippy: Look at its mouth! Something's coming out!

Slippy: Oh my gosh! It's changing again!

Falco: I think it's trying to scare us with that ugly mug!

Krystal: It has something else up its sleeve!

Falco: I'll get close and blast 'em! Cover me, Fox! / Krystal: Watch my back, Fox!/ Slippy: Leave it to me

Queen: Fools! We are perfection. We possess all knowledge.

  • We are perfect. We are not the same as these fell creatures.
  • We are the perfect beings. We are truth.
  • Such pointless actions...
  • We are the ones who survive. Resistance is nothing.

Slippy: We've come too far to be beaten now!

Krystal: Don't hesitate! The queen's afraid of us!

Falco: THIS time we're gonna end it!

Krystal: It's time to do or die! Let's move!

Slippy: Those're mines! Watch out for the blast areas!

Falco: Fox! Take care of those mines!

Krystal: Aah! Fox! take out those mines!

Krystal: I can't get any closer! Destroy those mines!

Falco: Mines! Shoot 'em! Don't let 'em detonate!

Slippy: Whew! That oughta teach 'em! Thanks, Fox!

Falco: Now THAT's an attack! Don't let it hit you.( this line also plays when the queen runs out of health without Krystal around)

Falco: Dang! That's the end for me! (when forced to retire)

Krystal: My fuselage! Fox, you've got to take out the queen!(when forced to retire)

Krystal: Fox! Finish it!


Fox: Here I come, you evil space hag!

Results report 

  • Fox: All ships report in.
  • Falco: I'll manage. / OK here!//We're good to go!/All right!
  • Krystal: I can still fly. / I'm fine as well.//Everything's fine!/No problems!
  • Slippy: What you see is what you get. / Super duper!/This is Okay, isn't it?/Everything's A-okay!
  • Fox: OK, preparations complete. / Alright, all missions complete.

End of the queen

"Cutscene" Script
That's the end of the queen. Hey!!
The program's working!
Hey team!
Destruction is spreading across the entire planet.
So... I guess that's the end of the aparoids!
So, the whole thing was just one big entity. She tried to bypass evolution by stealing souls... but you have to be born with one. All ships! Evacuate at maximum velocity! Let's go!


Namco Staff Credits

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Mission Enemy Status Results Report
SFA DR Fortuna.png
Oikonny rebels: Destroyed
Aparoids: Expunged
Damage Level: C+ The aparoid raid was concentrated in the northern forests, so casualties were held to a minimum. Supplies for reconstruction will flow through the base retaken from the remnants of Andross's army.
SFA DR Katina.png
Aparoids: Expunged Damage Level: B- Many of the occupied bases suffered damage but the remaining citizenry survived largely unscathed. In light of the current circumstances, providing materials to the bases for reconstruction and the preservation of public safety are our top priorities.
SFA DR Sargasso.png
N/A Damage Level: None As a result of their battle with Star Fox, the gang occupying the territory is no longer a realistic threat. With Star Wolf's survival in question, it is imperative that succession is carefully monitored.
SFA DR Fichina.png
Aparoids: Expunged Damage Level: C The climate control center was severely damaged and requires repairs and improvements to all systems. In particular, the warning system and ancillary equipment is in dire need of being reevaluated.
SFA DR Asteroid Belt.png
Aparoids: Expunged Damage Level: B+ The disposal of the abandoned bases has been deferred to a later date. Gaining a quick and comprehensive understanding of the region is difficult because of the complex topography. the area will be placed under observation.
SFA DR Sauria.png
Aparoids: Expunged Damage Level: A Much of the native population was able to escape into the forests and avoid harm. Local resistance forces, however, suffered terrible casualties. Additionally, historical losses are immeasurable as ruins across the planet suffered during the battles. It is imperative to research and implement an aid program as soon as possible.
SFA DR Corneria.png
Aparoids: Expunged Damage Level: A+ The capital city was at the center of the conflict and suffered terrible damage. In fact, it was forced to abandon many of its duties as the center of the Lylat system. An interim government has been established and is operating from an orbital gate. Citizens are beginning to return to residential blocks from areas that suffered comparatively light damage, but the majority of the city is in dire need of goods and public order. A plan to quickly bring aid and relief to these areas must be formulated.
SFA DR Orbtial Gate.png
Aparoids: Expunged Damage Level: C Corneria City has been annihilated, so a temporary governing body has been established under military supervision. The administration will continue to govern until the destruction of the aparoids has been confirmed, at which point they will relinquish sovereignty as quickly as possible.
SFA DR Aparoid Homeworld.png
Aparoids: Exterminated Damage Level (Invading Force): A+ The collapse of the enemy homeworld has been confirmed. The self-destruct program bomb has effectively halted communication to all aparoid groups, and reports from invaded areas describe the annihilation of the aparoids at a "cellular level." This ends all anti-aparoid operations. The invasion force will return to the Lylat system as soon as missing ships and personnel are searched out and recovered. As regulations permit, Team Star Fox will receive a monetary reward for their meritorious service.

Peppy and ROB's survival.

Thank You

"Cutscene" Script
We did it, Fox!
Whew! I can't believe it, I'm still breathing!
But... So many casualties... Peppy... Wolf's team... So many noble sacrifices.
Slippy! What is it!?
What's that?
Hey, could that be... No, it couldn't!
Hey, you're all OK! Whew! That was hairy. I promise I'm really going to retire after this.
It's Peppy! Ha ha ha ha!
What's up, Peppy?
Fox, uh... tell me it ain't so, buddy. You knew about this?
So that's why you were so calm! You sneaky dog!
Pepper is all right as well?
Yeah... It's possible. And Wolf's team. Everyone.
What's up?
Yes, Fox?
Hm. What now, Fox. Hm?
My friends... Thank you.

Some quotes are not unique and are repeated in some missions, such as pleas for aid, or reused dialogue from certain characters.

"Character Select" Selection
Fox here!
Here we go!
Leave it to me!
Who?!? Me?!?
I'll get it done!
"Vehicle pickup" Collection
Got it!
Got it!
That's for me!
I'll take that!
That's mine!
"Ship K'Od" Downed
"Character Taunts" Normal Hidden
Now, it gets serious! Bring it!
Want a piece of me? This is too easy!
Toad's away! Hey! Over here!
Here I go. Try me.
Brrrr... Guess I'll give it a shot. Something wrong?
I'll take care of everything. Ha! Is that all you got?
"V.S Results" Victory
Guess that's that!
Heh, you can't touch me!
I won!
You're not ready yet!
Yeehaw! Oww, ohhh...
Victory's mine!

Fox's death cry if no-one is active to react.

Whoaaaa! K'Od with all team retired
Fox! Are you alright?
Good luck Fox!
Multiple hits
Hey! That's mine! Steal hits
Hey! Stop joking around! Hit by Fox
Enemy ship down!
OK, got them!
K'O target
Fox! K'Od
This is for helping me. Dropping Supply Ring
You OK Fox?
You're not doing too well are you, Fox?
Multiple hits
Oomph! Can't you tell your friends from your enemies?
Yo, Fox! You think blasting me is fun or something?
Hit by Fox
Enemy ship down! K'O target
Fox! K'Od
Fox, use this! Dropping Smart Bomb
Oof! This is as far as I go, I'm outta here!
Dang! That's the end for me!
Bah! Sorry, but I have to pull back.
Sorry, Fox! I'm outta here.
Fox, looks like you've got more company.
Fox, you've got company to the rear.
Tailed by enemies
Shield analysis complete. Bringing it up on the monitor. Bossometer appears
Are you OK Fox?
I can't stand to see Fox like this!
Multiple hits
It's me, Fox!
Whaa, that wasn't nice, Fox!
Fox, you're hittin' me!
Hit by Fox
You stink, Fox! You're gonna make us do all the work? Hit fewer enemies
Enemy ship down! K'O target
Fox! K'Od
No mercy! Mission 3.
*Uh-oh! I can't go on! I'm heading back.
*I can't go on, I'm retreating!
*I can't go on! I'm outta here...
*Oh no! I gotta bail!
"Gameplay" Mission:
*The blaster's not working on that enemy!
*The machine gun's not working on that enemy!
Hit stronger enemy 2,3
You can use a Sniper Rifle to pick off foes from a distance [X]. Pickup Sniper Rifle 3
Use careful timing when hurling grenades [A]. Pickup Grenades 3
If things get dicey, use a barrier [B]. Pickup Barrier 3
Use your bombs wisely [B]! Pickup Smart Bomb 3
Beware enemy attacks from above! Jump to avoid their attacks [Y]! Approach rolling canisters 3
There are enemies behind you! Do a loop [C^]! Tailed by enemies Any All-Range Mission
Don't forget the side-step when you need to [L] + <C stick>. Reach top floor 3
What's wrong, Fox? Execute the plan! Idle for a while Any All-Range Mission
I sent you a Landmaster Fox! Check the location of the Landmaster on radar! Landmaster respawns Any All-Range Mission


  • At one point during Mission 8, a Dog Soldier line is accidentally spoken by Peppy. This was most likely a programmer's error.
  • While it reads "Fox! Get the guy to the rear!" Falco actually says his "being tailed" quote as "Fox! Get the guys to the rear!".
  • The Aparoids are not capitalised throughout the game. After the game's release, this seems no longer applicable.
  • Although she is referred to as a female, and Falco supposedly erroneously stating that the Queen is a male by saying: ("Watch out everyone! He's up to something!"), she may not actually be male or female, but a hermaphrodite considering that she is capable of self-reproduction.