Destroy. Destroy.

The Spyborg is an unfinished robot guardian aimlessly adrift in Sector X in Star Fox 64. It later appeared in the remake. It is referred to as a male in-game, as seen by how Falco says that, "He's (Spyborg) crazy." when the robot transitions to his second phase.


Spyborg was assembled in the weapons labs on Macbeth during the Lylat Wars by the Venom Army. Cornerian spies also reported that it was a secret weapon and that Andross was developing a star base in Sector X, but remote sensors only detected a huge field of space debris. It was unclear if Andross's base construction project had been destroyed by some kind of accident, or if was is part of his plan. Spyborg was apparently meant to be a weapon to be used against Corneria. However, a malfunction in its programming made it uncontrollable, and it destroyed the base it was housed in.

The Star Fox Team were sent to the sector by General Pepper to inquire about the reports of a secret weapon, which Falco expressed excitement in seeing. Star Fox encountered the Spyborg outside the remains of the base in Sector X on the routes between Macbeth and Titania, and were forced to destroy it. The machine was consistently inquiring about its master's whereabouts (which is assumed to be Andross, though this is purely speculation), striking out at anything in front of him. Falco assumed it to be crazy, but Spyborg was nevertheless destroyed and it's destruction added to the Star Fox service invoice.


Spyborg's dialogue in Star Fox 64 was performed by Lyssa Browne who ironically voiced Slippy too. Browne reprised her role for the 3DS release.



  • Spyborg is one of the few "talking" bosses where the pilot (the Venomian artificial intelligence) can be seen. If one looks closely at the area where Spyborg's head used to be during the second phase of the battle, one can notice a small panel that is primarily blue with a red circle in the center, not unlike Spyborg's communication channel portrait.
  • Spyborg is the only boss in Star Fox 64 3D to not have a descriptive subtitle when it appears.
  • Upon being beaten the first time, Spyborg, upon revival, then wags his index finger and shakes his head, similar to the T-1000 in the climax of Terminator 2: Judgment Day when Sarah Connor ran out of ammo before she could deliver the coup de grâce on him.
  • Spyborg's nature and origin seems to be similar to the M-5 Multitronic Unit from the Star Trek episode, "The Ultimate Computer". Similarly, its desire to find it's "creator" is similar to the V'Ger entity from Star Trek: The Motion Picture, which also wished to find its creator.
  • Spyborg's transmission channel is the only boss transmission channel that does not reappear in Star Fox Zero.
  • The Spyborg is the only boss to feature a remix of Boss Theme A. It plays during the second phase of the battle with a slightly more tense tempo, reflecting how the Spyborg unexpectedly revived itself. In Star Fox 64, the song plays a half step higher, but in Star Fox 64 3D

Names in Other Languages

Language Name
Japanese HVC-09 (Based off the Robotic Operating Buddy's Name)
Spanish El Espiaborg (Third declension based of Claque, base Espiaborgu- (Genitive singular Espiaborgus).)
Portuguese O Espiaborgue (Third declension noun, base Espiaborgu- (Genitive singular Espiaborgus))
French Le Spyborg (Loanword from English)
Italian Lo Spiaborgus (Fourth declension, claque of English name)
Latin Speculācyborgus (Masculine Second declension, based off Claquing the name Spyborg from English. Speculāre means "to spy or watch". Cyborgus (cyborg) comes from Greek Cybernēticus (good at steering) and Latin Organismus (organism, living being).)


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