The Spinning Core is the boss of the planet Macbeth in the original Star Fox game. It is similar in appearance to the Atomic Base boss in Space Armada and Sector Z, but much bigger.


When first encountered, it starts spinning slowly and shows four plasma launchers that must be destroyed. When there are only two left, it starts to spin faster and the top opens up, showing eight parts, and the remaining launchers will start to fire missiles. Once all of the launchers on the outside of the boss are destroyed, it will jump into the air and flip over. It will try to land on the Arwing, making the only way to avoid it is to hit the brakes. When it lands, it will reveal its "core" in the center of the eight opened parts. This is its weak point. It will spin slowly for a short amount of time, then the eight parts lift off the ground, making the core easier to hit. Once the eight parts are off the ground, the core starts to fire lasers wildly and four metal balls will appear and start to spin around the core, moving further away over time, then four new ones will appear and will repeat. The metal balls cannot be destroyed, making them very difficult to avoid. If they collide with the Arwing, they will cause severe damage. When the boss's health is reduced to ten percent, all of the eight parts will detach, leaving only the top and core. Once the core is destroyed, all that is left will be the top, which will self-destruct after a couple of seconds.


Names in Other Languages

Language Name
Japanese (スピニングコア)


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