What in the world is that giant thing? It looks nasty!
Falco Lombardi

The Spherical Tank Aparoid is a giant Aparoid found in several levels.


The Spherical Tank Aparoid is a giant, white spherical Aparoid that rolls around after exposing it's head.


It is very heavily armored, and it has at least eight legs when its shell is closed. when its shell is closed, it will fire torpedoes, which, like the somewhat similar Aparoid Missile Launchers, are interceptable. If you get close enough, it shell will open to reveal a large tread and a vulnerable head. In Bronze difficulty, it takes 3 hits to destroy it. At any other level, it takes five hits to kill. the head has at least six short, stubby legs to charge at you. The charge is very damaging, therefore using a Landmaster is advisable. Destroying certain Tank Aparoid will drop a Gatling Gun as a reward.



When the Aparoid Hatchers arrive, two of these appear in the open area where you face the titan Aparoid Ship later.


These are more numerous than in any other level. At least five or six are surrounding the Climate control center, another is on a nearby platform guarding the location of an S-Flag, and two more are locaed near one of the Shield Generators.

Aparoid Homeworld

There are Aparoid Rollers in certain lower areas. They can reduce Krystal's health gauge drastically if she is caught in the charge path, but she won't be killed.


  • There are smaller versions of these Aparoids, that look and perform similar attacks, found in sheltered areas.