Space Dynamics Co., Ltd., also known as Arspace Dynamics Co., Ltd., is a company that is known to create spacecraft and weapons.


Yaru de Pon is the president of this organisation. Slippy specialized in engineering at the Cornerian Academy, and learned a lot from his father, Beltino Toad, who is Director of Engineering at Space Dynamics Co. Ltd. Together, father and son they have designed several products including those shown below. The late James McCloud contracted Space Dynamics Co., Ltd., to build the Great Fox, and took out an 80-year loan to pay for its construction. The Star Fox team is still using the prize money from their mercenary missions to repay this loan. ROB 64, the robotic pilot of Great Fox, was also created by the company in conjunction with the mothership.

Known products


Arwing Blue prints

The schematics for the original Arwing from Star Fox.

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The Arwing starfighter is the primary battle vehicle of the Star Fox Team, and is the almost the symbol of their team. Developed by Space Dynamics Co., Ltd., the Arwing is equipped with the revolutionary G-Diffuser system, an anti-gravity device which allows the pilot to accelerate or decelerate instantaneously and perform a wide variety of high performance combat maneuvers. By executing a barrel roll, the Arwing can also generate a electromagnetic shield which will deflect most optically based weapons, such as laser beams. The Arwings used by the Star Fox Team are much different from any production versions as they have been extensively modified with improved armor and advanced weapon systems, such as Hyper Laser Homing Bolts and Smart Bombs.
—Star Fox


Developed by Arspace Dynamics Co., Ltd. under exclusive contract. Because of the complexity of its components, most notably the G-diffuser system, the Arwing is not yet slated for full production. Four prototypes have been made available to the Star Fox team for flight and combat testing.
—Official Nintendo Power Player's Guide, pullout map


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The Landmaster tank was originally being developed by Space Dynamics Co., Ltd. as an armored exploration vehicle. However, when the Star Fox Team required a land based combat vehicle, it was converted by adding stronger battle armor and weapons systems. The only prototype is now part of the Star Fox Team's arsenal.

Rolling Thunder

The Landmaster tank shares many hull pieces with the Arwing, so it's not surprising that they look much alike. More important, however, are similarities that they share beneath their armoured skins. The Landmaster uses many of the same propulsion and weapon components as the Arwing (including the G-diffusser unit), adapted for use in a ground based vehicle. Though some space jockeys will always prefer flying over driving, they must admit that the Landmaster gives you the same firepower and flexibility that the Arwing gives you in the and in space.
—Official Nintendo Power Player's Guide, pg 14



Blueprints of the Blue Marine.

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Slippy's father, Beltino Toad, is Director of Engineering at Arspace Dynamics, and together they have adapted the Arwing's components for use in an aquatic vehicle. The impressive result is the Blue-Marine attack sub. The Blue-Marine has not yet been approved for mass production, but while there is only the one prototype in existence, it will be made available for your use in the coming battle.
—Official Nintendo Power Player's Guide, pg 15

Great Fox and ROB 64

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Main article: ROB 64
Developed by Arspace Dynamics Co., Ltd., manufacturer of the Arwing fighter, Great Fox was custom built under the direction of James McCloud. Featuring 3 NTD-FX9 plasma engines, Great Fox is light-speed capable and has a real-space cruising speed that nearly matches the Arwing's. Power for its 2 T&B-H9 hyper laser cannons is routed directly from the plasma engines, giving the ship the ability to punch through even a Zeram-class Cruiser's shields. ROB 64 was developed in conjunction with Great Fox and is hard-wired to the ship's primary computer. James McCloud took out a low interest, 80-year mortgage to purchase Great Fox, a debt that his son is doing his best to repay.
—Lylat Datalink, Great Fox, pg 105

Homing Launcher


The Homing Launcher is a large, shoulder mounted cannon that fires homing rockets on targets. It has the Space Dynamics company seal imprinted on the barrel, indicating they are the weapons manufacturer.


  • Another Space Dynamics exists in the F-Zero series, whom produced James McCloud's Little Wyvern.
  • Arspace Dynamics is misspelled as "Arpace Dynamics" in pg 15 of the Nintendo Power guide.
  • Beltino is still director of engineering even at his job as the Research Director for the Cornerian ArmyCornerian Defense Force, as he wears the Space Dynamics logo on his lab coat and sent his message to Slippy about the Core Memory via their channel.
  • Slippy's biography on the Japanese site reveals that the bizarre tanuki trainer is an actual character named Yaru de Pon, who is the president of the Space Dynamics company. The site also states that Slippy thinks he shouldn't say it out loud, but Beltino knows that Mr DePon is a scheming tanuki who trades weapons in the darkness, meaning that Space Dynamics is profiting on both sides of the Lylat Wars by dealing under the table.

Names in Other Languages

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