The Space Blade is a boss appearing in Star Fox 2. It appears only in Hard and Expert modes and is one of four bosses that is randomly selected by Andross to attack the Star Fox team.

Arguably the most difficult boss in the game, the Space Blade features high attack power and high defensive capability. It appears to be based in part on the Blade Barrier from the previous game in the series.

The Space Blade will attack by unleashing a barrage of plasma shots and explosive mines. The plasma may be deflected by performing a barrel roll, and the mines may be shot down with lasers. After attacking, the three large prongs at its sides will rotate 90 degrees to shield its body as it flies around the battlefield.

To defeat the Space Blade, the player must destroy six small triangular segments total along the top and bottom sections of its body. Once these have been blown off, the main body will turn orange, indicating it is now vulnerable. Focus attacks on its main body, and it will go down quickly.

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