Sound Of Lylat

The CD cover artwork.

Sound of Lylat
is an original promotional soundtrack CD of Lylat Wars (Star Fox 64's PAL release) released by Nintendo of Europe in 1997 as part of the "Nintendo Soundtrack Series".

While not an entirely complete collection, the CD features the majority of background music from the N64 game, mainly composed by Hajime Wakai, with some contributions from Kōji Kondō. The tracks are presented in a secondary loop. The sleeve advertises early development footage from upcoming games: Yoshi's Story, The Legend of Zelda 64 (Ocarina of Time) and F-Zero 64 (X).

Track listings

Track No Name Level Composer
1. Prelude Opening Kōji Kondō
2. Lylat Wars Title Screen  Kōji Kondō
3. Optionato  Main Menu Kōji Kondō
4. Sound of Lylat Level Select Kōji Kondō
5.  Versus Optionato VS Mode Menu Kōji Kondō
6. Overture (Demo I) Corneria's Intro  Kōji Kondō
7. Overture (Demo II)  Macbeth & Sector Y's Intro  Kōji Kondō
8. Overture (Demo III) Aquas' Intro  Kōji Kondō
9. Overture (Demo IV)  Meteo, Titania's Intro Kōji Kondō
10. Overture (Demo V)  All other Intros Kōji Kondō
11.  Mission In Dur Mission Accomplished Kōji Kondō
12.  Mission In Moll  Mission Complete Kōji Kondō
13. Bills Thema Bill's Theme  Kōji Kondō
14. Katts Thema  Katt's Theme Kōji Kondō
15. Abstrurz Serenade Ship destroyed Kōji Kondō
16.  Game Over Game Over Kōji Kondō
17. Corneria Corneria  Hajime Wakai
18. Fortuna & Sektor Z Fichina

Sector Z

Hajime Wakai
19. Meteo Meteo Hajime Wakai
20.  SektorY & Solar Sector Y


Hajime Wakai
 21.  Versus VS Mode Hajime Wakai
22. Titania & Macbeth Titania


Hajime Wakai
23. StarWolfs Thema Star Wolf

Team Theme

Hajime Wakai
24. Katina Katina Hajime Wakai
25. Andross Brainpower Andross's Brain Hajime Wakai
26. Versus II V.S Mode Matchpoint Hajime Wakai
27. Venom Venom Hajime Wakai
28. Area 6 Area 6 Hajime Wakai
29. Training Training Mode Hajime Wakai
30. Zoness Zoness Hajime Wakai
31. Superboss A Granga / Sarumarine / Spyborg Hajime Wakai
32. Bolse  Bolse Hajime Wakai
33. Aquas Aquas Hajime Wakai
34. Endboss Overture Venom's Tunnels Hajime Wakai
35. Sektor X Sector X Hajime Wakai
36. Warp Zone Warp Zone Hajime Wakai
37. Superboss B Boss  Hajime Wakai
38. Superboss B (Irreal) Shogun Warriors Hajime Wakai
39. Superboss B (Real) Shogun Warlord Hajime Wakai
40. Superboss C Copperhead missileSaucerer / Bolse's Core Hajime Wakai
41. Andross Robot Andross Hajime Wakai
42. Venom (Demo) Enter Andross's Palace Hajime Wakai

CD content


  • (P) 1997 by Nintendo of Europe GmbH (C) 1997 Nintendo Co., Ltd.
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