The Solar Satellite is a gigantic weapon, built by the Anglar Empire and piloted by Zoldge.


Zoldge along with Andrew, Zako and Octoman, was hired to fight on the Anglar Empire's behalf. Zoldge led the occupation of Solar and ordered a weapon called the Solar Satellite to be made.

Falco Lombardi was the first to see the weapon while travelling to meet with Fox McCloud. But when Fox, Falco, ROB 64 and Wolf O'Donnell began to analyze the weapon they concluded that it could not be penetrated by standard starship firepower. Wolf then suggested that if the group manage to blind the pilot's vision, it could eventually topple over into the lava of Solar, destroying itself. Fox and Falco agreed, despite the tension between them and Wolf.

And so, when the three pilots came to take the Anglar forces out and destroy the weapon, Zoldge sent all his pilots to kill them. But the Anglar garrisons were killed by the small group, and Zoldge decided to face them himself in the finished Solar Satellite. A fierce skirmish began and Zoldge seemed to be winning, until ROB discovered a weakness, and to Zoldge's horror, began tipping it with their fire and melting it in the lava. Zoldge pleaded them to stop, but to no avail. Finally the Satellite began to incinerate. Zoldge's last words were surprisingly calm, as he said, "Hmm, what should I tell his excellency", before the Satellite burned up.

In battle

The Solar Satellite has multiple weapons, as befits a machine referred to as the Ultimate Weapon. The two pods on the side of the Solar Satellite can open up to release homing missiles or Solar Fighters, which can be shot down to obtain fuel cells. The two emitters at the back fire lasers that can cut through a starfighter, even during a barrel roll. The only way to destroy the Solar Satellite is to shoot the top flap to tilt the Solar Satellite down into the lava below, as the weapons of a starfighter are not strong enough to pierce the Solar Satellite's armor.

Wolf O'Donnell fighting the Solar Satellite.


  • Because Zoldge's last words were him wondering what to say when reporting to the Anglar Emperor, it's likely that the Solar Satellite was piloted via remote control and thus that Zoldge survived.
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