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Solar's role in the games, comics and spin-off media.

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Solar's Intro.

Mission No 4.​ Solar; Out of the Frying Pan...

Vehicle: Arwing

Type: Corridor Mode

In Star Fox 64, Solar is the fourth mission on the medium route, where it can be approached from Fichina and Katina. If the previous missions have met with only "Mission Complete", the choice of routes on the map will be cancelled and go straight to Sector X instead. Should the route to Solar include Katina, since you helped Bill Grey destroy Saucerer and defeat the Venom invasion force, he is determined to risk his life and repay the favour. He'll appear to lend a blaster in thanks for helping out. Bill will swoop down in front of you during the first half of your sizzling journey across Solar's turbulent surface. If you follow his fighter through the searing heat, he'll drop Supply Rings and a Laser Upgrade in front of your Arwing. You'll need these provisions- especially the Shield Rings- to navigate the treacherous swells gathering on Solar's hot horizon. However, if the route taken to Solar did not include Katina, Bill won't know where Star Fox had gone to so he won't appear at all. The heat will slowly eat up the shields from either distance (taking less damage the higher up you go), but ultimately will not destroy the Arwing. After defeating Vulcain, the route will only lead to Macbeth.


  • Falco will be chased by Gores just after the checkpoint.
  • Soon after Falco's plight, Slippy will also be tailed.


Boss: Vulcain

Official Site Data

Mission Briefing

Scientists have been saying for years that nothing could possibly live on this world's surface, but Andross's ships have been scanned going to and from the planet. Only Andross would be so foolhardy as to try to find military benefit in exploiting a molten planet like Solar. Only the Star Fox Team's specially modified Arwings can withstand the heat on the planet's surface!

Intelligence -Don't fly too close to the fiery surface of Solar. Almost every enemy or object that you destroy will give you valuable Supply Rings that will replenish your Arwing's shields.

—Star Fox

Medal Tips

Medal Score: 100 hits

Checkpoint Goal : 50 hits

Lock on and destroy as many of the rocks that bubble out of Solar's molten surface. Most of your hit points will come from shooting these rocks. Rather than locking onto targets for your bombs, you will need to launch the bomb and manually detonate it (press B again) when it is close to the cluster of targets. Be sure to pull Falco's feathers out of the fire after the checkpoint, where he'll be menaced by a trio of firebirds.
—Star Fox

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In Star Fox: Assault, the player can view Solar on most planets by looking up to a big star surrounded by a red aura. Although Solar was not actually visited by the Star Fox team during the search for Pigma Dengar, it was visible at the Hideout located at Sargasso Space Zone and from the surface of Fichina. Coincidently the Sargasso hideout has an orchestrated version of Solar and Sector Y's traditional background music.

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Solar in Star Fox Command.

In Star Fox Command, there are just two missions on Solar.

The Red-Hot Planet

After teaming up with Wolf, Fox heads towards Solar to reunite with Falco. During the course of conversation, Wolf tells Fox that Krystal has joined his own team, and is in fact dating Panther. This revelation has stunned Fox, but he is still able to pay attention to the mission and the two warriors destroy the Anglar troops that have gathered on Solar's surface.

The mission is complete and Falco still hasn't shown up, but Fox's attention is elsewhere. He inquires Wolf about Krystal and Panther, and receives a hasty reply not to blame anyone. Fox then states that it just came as a shock to him, to which even Wolf recognizes that Fox still has feelings for Krystal and states that he now thinks less of Fox for being as such. Nonetheless, the two continue to wait for Falco, with the following mission.

The Ultimate Weapon

After waiting for a while, Falco finally reunites with Fox, only to find that Wolf is there too. Though angry at first, Fox convinces Falco to calm down and work together with Wolf. Falco agrees, and then remembers that he saw a large Anglar satellite weapon on his way here. Wolf comes up with a plan to destroy the machine by knocking it off balance so it can crash into the magmatic surface of Solar.

The crew proceeds to wipe out the Anglar bases on the planet's surface, and then launch their attack on the satellite. By attacking the top of the mech, they are able to force it into the lava and disintegrate it. Upon the wrecking of the satellite, Fox receives a transmission from Peppy to investigate Titania in order to find a device created by Andross that could turn the tide of the battle in their favor. As Fox and Falco depart, Wolf has the choice to join them (Wolf's Plot, Titania) or let them go on their own (Dash, Titania).

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Score Attack

Level Bronze Silver Gold
Solar 50 100 110

In the Score Attack replay, the silver Medal requirements are the same as the regular Medal requirements in both the Main Game and Expert Mode, also Bill Grey will not appear.

Star Fox 64 3D site

  • To get to Macbeth, play through the level normally.
Score needed for medal
100 HITS

Other appearances

Solar appears the original Super Smash Bros. game in Fox's single player mode game clear, and in a screenshot of the fourth Super Smash Bros, title.