You can use a Sniper Rifle to pick off foes from a distance.
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The Sniper Rifle is a powerful default weapon available in Star Fox: Assault. It is equipped with a double magniscope for zooming. This gun is armed with bullets that kill most enemies in one precise shot.


The player must press the X button to begin scoping with this weapon. Once scoped, press the L button to zoom in or out, A to fire, and X to cease scoping.

The shots are thin, very powerful laser blasts, but shooting leaves you vulnerable for a good moment. This weapon is very useful against vehicles such as the Landmaster or Arwing because of the high amount of damage it does. In Single Mode, the Sniper Rifle is one of the few weapons capable of taking an Aparoid shield generator down in a single shot on the Aparoid Homeworld. The Sniper Rifle proves to be the essential weapon when Fox hunts down every aparoid Radar jammer, hiding in the vast Corneria City, waiting for them to open their center "eye". However, the player must first open the scope mode to cause the Radar jammers to open their hatch, leaving Fox vulnerable due to the rifles slow fire rate.

Though zooming in onto a target after scoping provides more accuracy in contrast to just firing the weapon, it decreases the overall field of vision, making it difficult to hit the enemy if they have dodged. It should also be noted that while scoping with this weapon, Barrier Spheres do not activate automatically, regardless of handicap settings.

The weapon is best used for what it's name implies it to be, a traditional and professional sniper role. It is best deployed in an area with large sightlines and no cover. Fire a shot, then move, as the blast does give away people's positions.

Official Site description

Sniper Rifle: A useful weapon but its low rate of fire leaves its user vulnerable to attack.
—Sniper rifle description on the official site.

Instruction Booklet description

Sniper Rifle: Press the X Button to use the scope and shoot at far-off enemies. Press the L Button to zoom in more.
—Star Fox: Assault; Instruction Booklet



  • In Versus mode, the Sniper Rifle can take out all Pilots instantly except for Wolf O'Donnell.
  • It is also based off the real world L115 sniper rifle.

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