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Slippy Toad is a childhood friend of Fox McCloud, and has been flying alongside him for several years. He serves as the inventor and mechanic of the team. The excitable amphibian member of the Star Fox Team, Slippy may seem like a hyper-doofus, but he has excellent mechanical know-how. Slippy specialized in engineering at the Cornerian Academy, and learned a lot from his father, Beltino Toad, who is Director of Engineering at Space Dynamics Co. Ltd. As a member of the Star Fox Team, Slippy has invented a wide variety of gadgets and vehicles. His inventions, from the Arwing, Landmaster, and Blue-Marine to the Reflector and Blaster, have helped the Star Fox Team prevail over the enemy, making Slippy a major contribution to the Star Fox team's success. Slippy's main role on the battlefield is providing a Shield Gauge to determinate the health of a boss, but only if he is present to do so.


In his childhood, Slippy was schoolmates with Fox, and possibly Falco. As he was the son of Beltino, the Director of Engineering of Space Dynamics, Slippy learned a great many things from his father and the two worked together for Cornerian R&D to invent and construct many inventions for the Cornerian Defense Force, and Star Fox Team. While Slippy was also classmates with Fox at the Cornerian Defense Force Academy and training to be a fighter pilot, Fox learned that his father, James McCloud, had been betrayed by Pigma Dengar, and presumably murdered by Andross. Fox then convinced Slippy to join up with him and Peppy to form a new Star Fox Team, as the team inventor and mechanic.

Slippy played a major role in the Lylat Wars as a new (and barely experienced) pilot of the Arwing. His main role was to give information about the area (in a similar way that Peppy does) and to analyze the shield strength of bosses. Slippy's inexperience and lack of talent while flying got him into trouble more often than any other team member, for which Falco taunted him mercilessly. When the first mission started on Corneria, Slippy's enthusiastic nature led to him breaking off and getting scolded by Peppy to get back in formation, only for a Granga Fighter to tail him. When passing the waterfall beyond the seas behind Corneria City, Slippy was able to spot Granga's Mech before the All-Range arena. During dogfights between the rival Star Fox and Star Wolf teams on Fichina, Bolse and Venom, Slippy shared a rivalry with Andross's nephew Andrew Oikonny, although there was never been anything to suggest the two characters have a history, and there was little to no dialogue between them. When Fox faced the malfunctioning Spyborg at the remains of the space base at Sector X, Slippy intentionally broke formation like he did on Corneria and ignored Peppy's demands as he attempted to take on the haywired robot by himself. Spyborg then managed to land a hit on Slippy's Arwing and send him flying off course. As per Fox's request for information, ROB was able to detect a distress signal coming from Titania. Since Corneria's Defence Forces did not have a tank force of their own, Slippy and Beltino constructed a prototype Landmaster tank for whenever the situation called for ground based missions. Fox used the only prototype Landmaster as his vehicle of choice when searching for Slippy after he crash landed on Titania. Slippy was very grateful to Fox rescuing him from the Goras that Andross augmented. On Macbeth, Fox used the Landmaster to closely follow the Forever Train, giving Slippy the opportunity to ask Fox how the Landmster was treating him. When the Star Fox Team aided the Cornerian Husky and Bulldog squadrons on Katina, Slippy expressed that because of the Invader IIs using camouflage paint to look like the Cornerian Fighters, it was hard to tell the good guys from the bad ones. On Solar, Slippy proudly said the Arwings could take temperatures up to 9000 degrees, but that was not enough to keep the shields from dropping, as the heat coming from the surface was even higher. Slippy eventually found the sweltering heat to be too much for him. For the mission under the Aquas Ocean, Slippy gave Fox tips about the experimental Blue-Marine, and expressed disgust at the pollution. He was congratulated by Peppy for his brilliance on being able to create the submarine for the occasion but also jokingly criticized for being useful for once, and Falco joined in by citing that he'd take the sky any day. At Bolse he informs Fox that the fighters are shielded and again fights Andrew of Star Wolf. At Area 6 he helps fend off some fighters and gives information on the Gorgon's weakness. On Venom he tries to stay clear of the temple where Golemech is, but goes in. At Andross's palace, he fights Andrew again, and protests against Fox going in but to no avail. After Fox comes out they head to Corneria to be congratulated by General Pepper. They then head to the Great Fox and fly of into the sunset.

Slippy went to Titania's research base with the rest of the Star Fox team, save for Falco, who abruptly went AWOL. After witnessing Fox and Falco get into a dogfight that Fox narrowly lost, Slippy pointed out that he was more concerned about Falco's Arwing than Fox's since it maintained significant enough damage that it crashing in the Titania desert was pretty much a guarantee. After Fox explained his side of the story, Slippy was sent to Captain Shears's base to investigate anything about him, after the Star Fox team learned some facts (like Falco apparently siding with the Androssian rebels) that do not make any sense. Unfortunately, Captain Shears realized that Star Fox failed to stop the Hot Rodders (the group he claimed were Androssian rebels) so he dispatched the Goras to kidnap anyone who tried to come near the base. Slippy was competent at driving the Landmaster but was also uncomfortable with going to the base, as he has bad memories of the last time he was on Titania. Ironically, it was while reliving these bad memories that he ended up captured by the Goras and then being thrown into a cell by Shears' men. He was later saved by Fox and tried to halt Andross's revival, but only succeeded in quickening it thanks to Andross catching a glimpse of Fox and having his memories regained quickly in the process. Covered in slime from the laboratory equipment and Andross's breakout, Peppy mistook him for an alien parasite.

Due to Falco's departure, Slippy replaced him as Fox's "rival" regarding virtual training of the Arwing, although Fox was less than impressed since Slippy proved to be as incompetent in the training sessions as with the actual Arwing despite building the VR training in the first place. After ROB ended up breaking down during a briefing on what was occurring on Sauria, Slippy attempted to fix him up, eventually managing to do so successfully by the time the Great Fox arrived within close proximity to Sauria. After Fox and Peppy told Slippy to turn down the Jukebox, Slippy "complied" by throwing his wrench at the jukebox and turn it off altogether. Slippy also helped out in the Saurian Crisis. Instead of flying, he had stuck with giving Fox information and helpful hints about his surroundings. He also worked on a translation device for Dino, and gave his stab at translating the Queen Earthwalker's statements to Fox before it was completed. During the long 8 years between the Lylat Wars and the incident on Dinosaur Planet, Slippy withdrew from active flight duty so he could spend more time working on his developments, one such design was a SharpClaw disguise which enabled Fox to fool the Sharpclaw and access various areas. He also acted as Fox's "training rival" via a training simulator he had developed during that time, but his own imcompetence left Fox unimpressed. Upon learning of Sauria's impending destruction, he also attempted to fix up ROB after the latter briefly malfunctioned when giving data on what was going on, finishing his repairs by the time the Great Fox arrived at Sauria's proximity. When Andross was defeated again and Falco returned, Slippy happily recited: "The Star Fox Team is back together again.", showing his appreciation of Falco. Slippy also gladly accepted Krystal into the team as well.

Slippy played a role in the Aparoid Invasion similar to his role in the Lylat Wars. He was hinted as being less athletic than the rest of the team, such as when the team runs a long distance to board their Arwings, where Slippy slowly falls behind, and in the case where everybody jumps into their ships for launching, Slippy ends up falling head first into his ship.


Slippy and the rest of Star Fox participated in the battle against Andrew Oikonny's Rebellion over the planet Fortuna. Arriving just in time to save the Cornerian fleet from destruction, Slippy and the team got into their Arwings, and battled against Oikonnys fleet. Slippy got tailed easily, but was saved by Fox, and was teased by Falco who said "You haven't changed a bit Frog-boy". During the battle, Slippy was able to find Oikonny's stealth squadron via radar, giving Fox a heads up on the incoming enemy. They were eventually forced to go planet side, since Oikonny had made a hasty retreat there. At the battle, they reached Oikonny's base, but discovered they were waiting for them. Slippy was trailed, and once again rescued by Fox. They finally caught up to Oikonny, who transformed his ship to a weaker look-alike of Andross. Slippy was able to download his shields, and the team easily defeated him. Oikonny however, taunted them, before being shot down by an unknown assaliant. The shooter turned out to be a bug-like alien, that was proved hostile by its attempt at killing Krystal. After defeating it, Slippy spotted more of these creatures and warned Fox, but not before Fox got something from the dead Apariod that Peppy knew was important.


It was soon revealed to Slippy and the team that the creature was an "Aparoid" by General Pepper. It was then revealed to Slippy's chagrin that his father, Beltino Toad, was the research director. Beltino told them how 17 years ago, a sole Apariod destroyed a fleet, leaving few survivors. The thing Fox found, was revealed to Slippy and the team by Beltino as a Core Memory. General Pepper then told them that a distress signal is coming form the Katina outpost, but are unable to contact anyone, and tells them to find the distress signal. Fox tells Slippy and the rest to cover him from Arwings. At the battle, dozens of Aparoids were found, which later dropped Aparoid Hatchers. Slippy was tailed and rescued by Fox once again, who was currently piloting a Landmaster. Slippy wondered if there were survivors in the building. Finally, after killing the rest of the Aparoids, the Aparoid Ship appeared. Slippy panicked at its size, exclaiming that "It's huge!" He was able to download its shield, and they eventually defeated it. They discovered that it held a Core Memory, but suddenly, Pigma came out of nowhere and stole it, forcing the team to find him.

Sargasso Space Zone

Slippy later learned based on intelligence that Pigma apparently stopped at the Sargasso Space Zone, with Slippy growing nervous due to it being the home of all sorts of criminals. Because the thugs learned that Star Fox was in the system when they hailed them, and the thugs lack of cooperation, Slippy accompanied Fox to take on the interior of the space station, and held off several of the enemy soldiers/mechs that swarmed the building while Fox took out the transportation modules, and up to Star Wolf's arrival.


Upon learning of Pigma being at Fichina due to intel from Star Wolf recruit Panther Caroso, Slippy alongside the rest of the Star Fox team arrived at Fichina, only to discover that Pigma and the Aparoids had deactivated the climate control center on the planet. Slippy gave support to Fox via the comm channel due to Fox being the only one capable of actually going down to the planet and taking out the shield generators and shutting down the blizzard. He then celebrated that the climate control center had been reactivated and the disappearance of the blizzard, although his satisfaction was short-lived when Fox was cornered by malfunctioning Sentry Bots. He, alongside Krystal, later participated in backing up Fox in taking out the Aparoids. He later did an analysis on the security droids because they had acted suspicious when attacking Fox, and discovered that they had become victims of Aparoidedation and were slaves to the hive mind. He then relayed his discovery to Fox and Falco, although Pigma then proceeded to confirm Slippy's confirmation before infecting the climate control center's core.

Asteroid Field

After Pigma escaped in the chaos of Fichina, they tracked him down to the asteroid field. Upon arrival, Slippy discovered the wreckage of a Wolfen, indicating that Star Wolf had been through this area ahead of Star Fox. Slippy also noticed some vessels chasing the Arwings and warned about rocket meteorites and closing meteors. He later ended up ambushed by some Aparoid ships at Pigma's base and was shocked at the Aparoidetized prototype mech from Fortuna. Afterwards, he fought Pigma alongside the other Star Fox members.


When Sauria and its inhabitants came under attack again, Star Fox arrived to end the disaster, in which Slippy controlled the skies of Sauria with Falco.


When Corneria was devastated by Aparoid attacks, Slippy continued to hold the same role as before. He like the others, was very reluctant to have to destroy General Pepper's Flagship to prevent Aparoid Infection from taking control.

Orbital Gate

Contacted again by his father Beltino, Slippy was the first to understand the possible Apoptosis weakness that could wipe the Aparoid Race out and that a self-destruct program might be the solution. Bombarded by Aparoid Swarms, Slippy fought against the invasion with the Star Fox and Star Wolf team and remaining Cornerian military.

Aparoid Homeworld

Arriving at the Homeworld, Slippy held piloting position again with Falco. However, occasionally, he reported in telling Fox that he was unable to aid him in taking down the Aparoid hatchers due to the architecture of the base making sighting impossible, also complaining to the Aparoids for apparently never having heard of windows. He was able to make an immediate analysis on the impressive Anti-Laser Shield before Peppy made an impetuous suicide move to disable it. Though deeply heartbroken by the loss of Peppy and ROB, Slippy flew into the tunnels of the Homeworld with the rest of the team. Upon the encounter with the Aparoid Queen, Slippy dismissed the Queen's deceptive imitations of their fallen friends, allowing the team to carry out the Self-Destruct program. He provided the warning of the Queen's suppression towards the program as a dire counterattack, causing the true final battle to commence.

After the Queen's destruction with the rest of her kind, Star Fox managed to escape the exploding planet, taking both a tremendous victory and a heart crushing remembrance with them. Slippy was the first to discover that Peppy and ROB had miraculously survived their earlier sacrifice, albeit with only the bridge console remaining of the Great Fox, and ended up screaming in shock, initially causing the team concern before celebrating their survival. He also discovered that Fox knew, or at least anticipated that they would survive, causing him to call Fox a "sneaky dog."

Anglar Blitz

After the Aparoid race was destroyed, Slippy temporarily withdrew from the Star Fox team to spend more time with his newfound love, Amanda. However, when Fox needs backup taking out the Anglar forces, Slippy was happy to come to his assistance again. He piloted his customised Arwing, the Bullfrog, which had been fitted with Plasma Lasers and high shielding, and was the only ship in the game able to carry up to three Nova Bombs, but has no lock and only two boost bars.

Other Appearances

Star Fox Comics

Slippy is a major character in the Nintendo Power produced comics. He has a girlfriend called Croakella, predating his relationship with Amanda made in "Command".

Slippy appears in the Lylat Wars Comic, performing his comic relief, mechanical and analysis roles as the games. Arriving at Corneria, Slippy is chased by tailing enemies until he does a Barrel Roll at Peppy's advice. When facing Granga, Slippy sites the legs as the possible weakness, where Fox takes a single shot and destroys the Urban Assault Weapon. After leaving Corneria, experienced pilots Fox, Falco and Peppy are clear to go, but Slippy is still getting to grips with flying as he dropped out of the Cornerian Flight Academy too early, evident from when he fails to read his low fuel tank warnings and crash lands on Titania. Fox uses the Landmaster to search for Slippy and rescues him from Goras, telling him off for missing the low fuel warnings. After Star Wolf ambush the Star Fox team, Slippy asks Peppy about why Fox chased angrily after Pigma. Peppy then tells Slippy about Pigma's treason before the team take a quick break. Slippy is later more disappointed at the state of his battered prototype Blue-Marine than the state of Fox, following the battle with Bacoon. At Solar, Slippy once again points out that the Arwing can up to 9000 degrees heat, but reads the surface of Solar as being even higher at 13,000. Slippy, Fox and Falco's Arwings are then struck by a Time Bomb, planted by Pigma through infiltration, and plummet to Solar's lava before they are rescued by Katt Monroe's tractor beam. At the Great Fox's bar, Falco and Katt have a catch up drink before Slippy, Peppy and Fox walk in to Falco's embarrassment. At Venom's flatlands, both Slippy and Peppy are forced to retreat from overwhelming odds, awaiting Fox's return just as the planet explodes from meltdown caused by the robot Andross. Slippy then flies home with the team to Corneria where they turn down General Pepper's offer in favour of remaining mercenaries for hire. Slippy later takes a coffee break with Fox while watching Fox send the General the service bill.

Star Fox Zero: The Battle Begins

Slippy appears in the promotional anime made for the release of "Zero", performing a mainly comic relief role as he traditionally does in the games and spin-off media.

En route to Corneria from a ten-day flight from Sauria, on Great Fox's bridge, Slippy Toad has fallen asleep on the couch in the middle of reading a Nintendo Magazine travel brochure. Falco Lombardi is playing a 3DS flight simulator and gets easily frustrated at losing after viewing a Slippy version of the game over. Fox lays on a couch declaring his boredom in the middle of Slippy strapping his new model of pilot's visor on Falco's head after licking his hat back (which had landed on the bird's head) with his long stretchy tongue, annoying him, but the targeting aid provided by the visor really helps Falco play the game even better. Slippy complains about haven eaten nothing but canned food and is keen to try some real Cornerian delicacies, until Peppy interrupts their travel plan reminding them this is not a vacation and moans over the messy state of the bridge from Slippy's toys and that someone made a mess of his desk. Peppy is irritated that the team are messing around, but Slippy is positive that Corneria's defenses cannot be penetrated, until the alert is sounded so ROB reports a distress signal from General Pepper that the Androssian forces are attacking Corneria City. 

The team depart for takeoff, and wonder how Andross's army got past the Cornerian defences, which Peppy knows to be the work of a teleportation device, yet Slippy can't accept Andross to be capable of creating such technology. Slippy then suggests that the crab robots are using bio-tracking tech to find General Pepper and thinks they need to separate his bio-signal from their sights, which Falco thinks is crazy and gives Peppy an idea, pulling Slippy away to the lab. Peppy and Slippy return with two test tubes containing what looks like a D.N.A. strand within, and Fox notices that Peppy's good luck charm is missing the lock of Pepper's fur but they have no time to wait and depart for takeoff, after Slippy insists they wear his new visor headbands.

On Corneria's seas, Fox orders a G-Diffuser system check before Falco multi-locks and totals two Bandit fighters, liking the new visor that Slippy made. Slippy inserts one of his test tubes into his weapon systems and fires a spiraling blue laser, which creates a radius which draws half the Striders away from the tower. Peppy then fires the other test tube item out and creates a blast radius which draws the other robots away from the tower, because Slippy used the fur from Peppy's lucky charm to make missiles of Peppers life signs to draw their targeting away.

The four Arwing's then use a unified Smart Bomb volley to decimate the enemy fleet until Slippy and Peppy are grazed by impressive firepower coming from the warp portal, which is revealed to be the Androsa. Granga interrupts the communications and questions Fox daring to halt his mission and promises to squash them like the insects he thinks they are. Fox orders Slippy and Peppy to pull back and recover and let him and Falco take the ship down. Granga eventually is overwhelmed and gets ready to takeoff and retreat, cursing the Star Fox team and warning them about Andross hearing what happened and it will be the end of them.

The Cornerian people cheer for the victory and General Pepper thanks Star Fox for saving them once more, and hates to ask for more of them but there's a battle going on in Sector α and request urgent back up support from them. Slippy is disappointed that he won't get his crab after all when the Star Fox team ship out to their next mission. 


  • In the original "Star Fox", Slippy had a unique speech impediment - he croaks in the Japanese version, and stutters in the English translation. This was also true in the Nintendo Power comics adaptation and the original game's sequel, but the quirk was removed in later appearances.
  • With a count of 100 quotes, Slippy is the third most talkative character in Star Fox 64 behind Falco and Peppy. The 3DS release added seven new ones.
    • Slippy is also the only character (apart from Fox) to respond directly to Peppy in Star Fox 64.
  • Slippy is one of three in his generation whose father is affiliated with the Cornerian military, along with Fox and Lucy Hare.
  • On the Shadow Moses Island stage in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, if the conversation is interrupted by the opposing player, Slippy will react to Snake getting KO'd in same manner as Snake's allies.

Names in Other Languages

Language Name
Japanese スリッピー・トード (Surippī Tōdo)
Chinese 史利比•陶德 (Shǐlìbǐ Táodé)
Korean 슬리피 토드 (Seulipi Todeu)
Russian Слиппи Тоуд (Slippi Toud)


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