The characteristics of Slippy, including physical appearances, personality and relationship with other characters as seen in the games and spin-off media.

Physical appearance

Slippy's last name suggests that he is a species of toad, but he closely resembles a bullfrog. Slippy is shorter than the other characters, and he and Peppy appear to be "chubby", which is shown by their poor speed stat. Slippy also has blue eyes.

Slippy wears a red cap that usually has his name imprinted on it and is humorously placed in between his eye-sockets and a yellow bodysuit with different kinds of equipment including a utility belt and a watch. In games including Star Fox 64 before Assault, Slippy is shown with a jacket similar to the one Fox, Falco and Peppy wear and also wears the same tunic with the same black belt with a V-shaped belt buckle and pants and silver boots except the tunic and pants are blue instead of green, orange or red. He is the only character, along with Krystal, to keep his bodysuit from Assault (although in some cutscenes, he is seen with his other outfit). His outfit in Star Fox 64 3D is much the same as it was in the original, although he, along with Peppy, has been given black gloves similar to Fox's.

Slippy also wore a trademark bead necklace in Star Fox and in the Nintendo Power comic adaptation, but this is absent in Star Fox 64 and subsequent games until Star Fox Command, where one of the endings shows an elderly Slippy wearing a similar necklace.


Slippy is generally good-natured and friendly towards most characters in the series, even towards the hostile Star Wolf Team. His father's inherited mechanic and technological knowledge have made him a respected and valued ally, he is able to make repairs and create new inventions, such as Slippy's creation of the Blue-Marine being made entirely from scrap metal and spare parts. Yet he is widely known for being little more than a competent Pilot, having not yet completed the Cornerian Flight Academy when Fox persuaded him to join the Star Fox Team. This drop out led to a serious strain on Slippy's Arwing skills, followed by his tendency of getting into trouble, a flaw that Falco has teased and criticised him for over the years. Slippy also has a certain clumsy, goofball nature, such as thorwing his wrench to turn off Fox's jukebox and when running into his Arwing during the Battle on Fortuna, where he comically falls down face-first when getting into his cockpit, in contrast to the others making an elegant leap.

Character Relationships

  • Slippy and Fox are childhood friends. The two seem to get along the most out of all other members of the Star Fox team; Fox is always prepared to help Slippy in times of grave need, as seen in Star Fox 64 when Slippy and his Arwing are knocked into Titania's atmosphere by Spyborg, in which Fox was willing to risk delay and dangerous outcome by traveling to the planet and saving Slippy using the Landmaster. In return, Slippy provides Fox (and usually other team members) with top-notch technology in the Super Smash Bros. games, like the reflector, and gives Fox valuable information in a manner similar to Peppy's when giving advice.
  • Falco is also a good friend of Slippy's, but the two are known to have a small rivalry, as Falco oftentimes picks on Slippy. Falco has shown disapproval of the Slippy-designed Landmaster and the Blue Marine (as seen while Fox was going through Aquas in Star Fox 64), despite using a Landmaster with enhanced hovering capabilities in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Slippy mentions to Snake in Brawl that Falco likes to "show off" his on-hand equipment, like his special reflector, which is magnetic and is kicked for a boomerang effect. In Assault, Slippy generally annoys Falco, and in Star Fox 64, the two bicker a lot, though to a lesser extent in Assault.
  • Although they bicker from time to time, Slippy is on good terms with both Peppy and ROB 64, as seen during the final cutscenes of Star Fox Assault where Slippy is deeply heartbroken and distraught over their sacrifices and overjoyed to see their survival. Even though he and Falco considered Peppy an "Old fart", Slippy may actually respect and admire the rabbit's seniority and superior pilot skills. With little funds available after the Lylat Wars, Slippy took the malfunctioning ROB's repairs into his own flippers, building a closer relationship than eight years before. ROB also considered Slippy his best friend as Slippy was the only one who remembered to frequently recharge ROB's proton packs.
  • In Star Fox 64, it is shown that Slippy has a rivalry with Andrew, who was then a member of the Star Wolf team; the two target each other during dogfights, and Andrew makes remarks insulting (or stereotyping) Slippy like "Stick to the pond, froggy!".
  • In Brawl during one of the secret taunt conversations at the Lylat Cruise stage, Slippy tries to relate to Leon by pointing out that they are both members of the amphibian family (although Leon is, in fact, a reptile). Leon, of course, disdainfully agrees, but is later annoyed to the point where he flies away.
  • In Command, Slippy met a toad woman named Amanda, with whom he forms a relationship with and soon marries. In one of the endings, they have numerous children, and one of them (colored orange) joins the new Star Fox team led by Marcus McCloud. In the Nintendo Power comics predating Star Fox 64, Slippy had a girlfriend called Croakella who apparently gave Slippy his first wart.


Language Game Voice actor
Japanese 2007-Present Kyouko Tonguu
English Star Fox 64/3D, Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U, Star Fox Zero Lyssa Browne
English Star Fox Adventures, Super Smash Bros. Melee, Brawl, 3DS & Wii U (archive) Chris Seavor
English Star Fox: Assault, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, 3DS & Wii U (archive) Michael McAuliffe
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