The Sky Bunny is Lucy Hare's personal air craft. It is armed with Plasma Lasers, a single lock, a single Smart Bomb, short shields, and a 2 sec. time bonus. Her ship is pink with hearts on the top wings and a 6 on the back.

In the game

Sky Bunny stats
Laser: Plasma
Lock: Single
Smart Bombs:
Shields: ● ● ● ●
Boost: ● ● ●
Time Bonus: ● ●


Below are all the missions that utilise the Sky Bunny:

  • Corneria: Father and Daughter
  • Corneria: Lucy and Krystal
  • Fichina: Oikonny Strikes Back!


Names in Other Languages

Language Name
Japanese (スカイバニー, Sukaibanī)


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