Ski Bots are mechanoids that were encountered at Corneria, sighted at the stone arches beyond Corneria City. They were presumably Venomian in origin as shooting them does add HIT points towards the score check.


Ski Bots are robots, equipped with dual water skis for stability on the seas of Corneria (hence the name). They make no attempt to attack, so its unknown if they have any weaponry.

Enemy Recon

You'll encounter these mechanoids beyond the city, sliding across the lake like graceful cross-country skiers. They won't attack you, but if you hit one, you'll take damage. Lock on with your lasers and blast them. Many of them skip straight across your path, but look for others at a distance.
—Official Nintendo Power Player's Guide, pg 27

The Ski Bots move directly across your path between the arches. Knock them out as you skim the surface. Make a loop after the first arch after shooting the first Ski Bot before passing through the arch and pick up a Smart Bomb. Or you can simply shoot the Ski Bot before passing through the arch and pick up the bomb on the first pass through.


The Ski Bots were deployed by Androssian forces assembled on the seas beyond the capital Corneria City. While flying through the seven stone arches at the Cornerian sea, the Star Fox team encountered these weapons when fighting to liberate Corneria.