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Simple Map 3.

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Simple Maps are locations exclusive to the Versus Mode in Star Fox: Assault. The Simple Maps are arenas that fit certain types of battle strategies. The maps are five unique, colored wireframe hologram rooms without landscaping and allow pure action.

Simple Map 1

Simple Map 1 is the simplest of all maps as it's only a central platform and four pillars: one circular red tower, one blue square tower, a green ramped tower and a yellow pillar. The rd and blue pillars are good sniper rifle points but they're almost impossible to get onto - unless an Arwing / Wolfen is used to land onto the top. The yellow pillar can be reached from the ground with the use of a Landmaster's hover jets.

The Simple Map has a simple strategy: once a Sniper Rifle is collected, players can get on top of pillars and then snipe enemies, but will need to get down to collect essential items. Since there's almost no room to pull off fancy manurers in the Arwing / Wolfen, the map is better suited to Pilots to collect weapons and staying on the move and Landmasters, where rolling in and out behind cover from the pillars to give homing shots before diving for cover.

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Simple Map 2

Simple Map 2 makes the three modes of transport more equal - and possibly even gives the edge to those who go it on foot. There are a few key tight spaces that vehicles can't breach or shoot into, therefore maximising the advantage.

Unlike Simple Map 1, this battle arena offers a few places to take cover from Irwin's. When on foot, tight spaces within the blue buildings and the hidden tunnel the central structure can turn the tide. When in the Bandmaster, rumbling underneath the yellow bridge provides cover. The odd-shaped vertical structures provide a lot of challenge in a Booster Packs Brawl or a Booster Packs & Launcher Tilt session. Hopping all over the simple arena and gunning don ties quickly can be immensely satisfying.

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Simple Map 3

Simple Map 3 is completely confined to Pilots only. The arena is a tri-level building with a giant atrium at the center. It is possible to view the top of the building from the ground below, but the players will also able to leap from the first floor to the top floor. On the radar, the color surrounding the player will indicate their position.

Playing the Simple Map 3 with the Booster Packs & Launcher Tilt rules can be effective, where leaping between the holes between floors can surprise competitors.

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Simple Map 4

Competitors are confined to Landmasters, Arwings and Wolfens (once the latter are unlocked) in Simple Map 4. Players begin the match in one type of vehicle and when their vehicle is downed, they will respawn in a randomised vehicle.

Flying into the long pylons that crisscross the area will cause damage, therefore the advisable action is to fly under or soar over them as long as distance is kept. Skilled Arwing / Wolfen pilots can dominate the skies and invade each other's territory, and flying though the bowels of the main purple area can reveal congregating Landmasters hiding within the sheltered safety. Landmasters can also hover onto arching pillars and pick off pilots. Simple Map 4 is a great level for flying-only matches, since the arches invite daring pilot stop do loops and reversals around them to throw off pursuers and even turn the tide on their foes.

Simple Map 4 can be unlocked for play after completing 60 battles in Vs. mode.

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Simple Map 5

Flying space in Simple Map 5 is limited, which gives the advantage to ground forces, and especially walking warriors since they can scamper around the area's central structure more quickly than the Landmaster can move through the entire base, since its ramps and interior areas are pretty wide- they just manoeuvre more slowly. Leaving the safety of the base is required to collect power-ups, so dashing up the ramps when the way is clear and driving off the sides will be necessary.

Since flying space in Simple Map 5 is limited, flying vehicles may be better turned off, yet swooping around the central area and laying on the brakes while shooting at opponents on the ramps can take them by surprise. Pilots that stay around the central structure's walls and corners can give cover, otherwise on foot can make the player vulnerable prey for flying machines and Landmasters can quickly boost to the area and finish them off.

Pilots can plant a ring of Sensor Rockets around the tip above the building's top the main area can create an anti-aircraft zone position, which can trip the laser triggers and send missiles after the ships.

Simple Map 5 can be unlocked for play after completing 260 battles in Vs. mode.

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