Don't party just yet!
—Shogun pilot

The Shogun pilot is the unnamed pilot of the Shogun, and appears as a boss in Star Fox 64 and the 3D remake. His design reappears in Star Fox Zero as a generic soldier serving on a few different battleships.


The pilot is a monkey with a stout nose and wearing an ivory helmet and uniform, with twin ear covers, an ebony visor and Andross's emblem emblazoned on the front. He is one of the few characters whose design had little alterations in the 3D remake.


He was shown to be extremely cocky, even doing reckless maneuvers such as staying on the ship and firing at them in place. However, when he is hit, he also loses his cool, even snapping "Cocky little freaks!" indicating he has a very short temper. This was further examined in Star Fox 64 3D, when takings hits for a 2nd time, he'll also say "You're making me mad!".


As one of the most powerful and intelligent of Andross's followers who had been promoted to positions of leadership in Andross's military machine, the pilot was a high-ranking officer in Venom Army, given command of the Venomian fleet in Sector Y, and was also tasked with the development of the Shogun weapons.

In the games

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The Shogun Pilot arrived shortly after a pair of Shogun Warriors were destroyed by Team Star Fox during the mission in Sector Y. Although he proved to be a challenge to the team in his Shogun mech, he clearly underestimated them, directly resulting in his downfall. Upon being defeated, he screamed in agony and frustration as the mech blew up with him in it.


In Star Fox Zero, his transmission icon is used by two soldiers of Andross's army: one in Sector α, where he notified his commanding officer about how Fox McCloud had broken into their flagship in a Walker, only to be told to release the attack robots due to thinking that he wants to die. He later says something similar when Fox reaches deeper into the ship, with the officer, clearly panicking, telling him to lock him out to prevent him from reaching the flagship's reactor; another in Sector β, where he is inside the dreadnought tactical destroyer, Granby, being ordered to charge by the Area 6 commander to charge the main cannon. He will later at some points tell him how much power the main cannon has. When the main cannon is powerful enough, he will fire it to one of the Cornerian ships, resulting in a failure of the mission for the Star Fox squadron.


Game Voice actor
Star Fox 64/3D Ja Green



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