Corneria's main battle fleet has suffered severe losses in Sector Y! A huge space battle has left our flagship crippled- or perhaps worse. Debriefed survivors have informed us about a new attack squadron of gigantic humanoid battle suits in the area. Although it may be too late to rescue our fleet from disaster, we need you to get in there and take out Andross's new iron soldiers! Their shields will deflect anything but a direct hit, so aim carefully! They are of course, accompanied by star fighters that will keep you on your toes.
—General Pepper's Flight Log, pg 60

A Shogun Trooper is a primate shaped combat robot that was manufactured and utilised during the Lylat Wars by Andross's legions, led by the Shogun warlord.


Shogun Troopers greatly resemble the twin Shogun Warriors and the Shogun warlord, and are even similar in combat strategy, except that they are much weaker. Being equally agile made them the biggest menace in the battle of Sector Y. They can be locked onto with the combat computer, unlike the superior models.

Lock on the Bot

The robot soldiers may have shields, but they can't withstand a hit from your charged laser. Lock on to a robot, then fire. It takes only one hit to overload its circuits and explosively crash its system.
—Official Nintendo Power Player's Guide, pg 62

Mech Trooper

The red robot is tougher than the other robot soldiers you've fought so far. It jets around a lot, so it's hard to hit unless you lock on first. At least two charged blasts should destroy it.
—Official Nintendo Power Player's Guide, pg 64


Shogun Troopers were the main muscle of the Venomian fleet massed at Sector Y. A huge space battle left the Cornerian flagship crippled in space. Debriefed surviours informed Corneria command of new attacks from a squadron of gigantic, humanoid battle suits in the area. This came true when a squadron of just four Shogun troopers were enough to easily overwhelm and ruthlessly destroy the Cornerian flagship, despite losing just one to returned firepower. The Star Fox team shot down several of these troopers before coming up against the force leader aboard the Saruzin flagship and adding their destructions to their service invoice.

Other info

  • More Shogun Troopers appear throughout the background of the Sector in black silhouette like shading, making them impossible to target.
  • What may have been a new production of Shogun Trooper was seen in Star Fox: Assault, referred to by Fox McCloud as "some kind of prototype". Just one was first as part of Oikonny's Rebel Army, then one was encountered again at the abandoned space station in the Asteroid Belt, infected by the Aparoids. Coincidently, the station was also near Sector Y.