Don't party just yet!
—Shogun's pilot

The Shogun, also known as Shogun Warlord or Saru Death II (サルデスII) in Japan, is a powerful mech used by the Venomian Army which serves as the second boss for Sector Y in Star Fox 64. It is deployed by the Saruzin carrier immediately after the two Shogun Warriors are defeated by the Star Fox Team. It was piloted by an unidentified monkey.


The Shogun warlord's pilot was one of the most powerful and intelligent of followers who been promoted to positions of leadership in Andross's military machine, and he had been given command of specialized war machines of great power. Andross has dispatched his key lieutenants to seize strategic locations throughout the Lylat system by engaging the Cornerian Fleet massed at Sector Y. Corneria's main battle fleet suffered severe losses in Sector Y where a huge space battle had left the flagship crippled-- or perhaps worse. Debriefed survivors told tales to Corneria command of a new attack squadron of gigantic, humanoid battle suits in the area. Although it may have been too late to rescue the Cornerian fleet from disaster, the Star Fox Team stormed the area and knocked out the new iron soldiers of Andross. The Shogun warlord was awaited the Star Fox team on the deck of the flagship Saruzin in an All-Range field just ahead of the area of space between Aquas and Katina, flying into battle after the twin Shogun Warriors were downed. The Shogun made the mistake of landing on the Saruzin, and after a sufficient beating, the guardian robot was defeated. The pilot's last word was a frustrated scream, and the robot's circuts overloaded before it exploded.

Other Info

  • Although more models did not appear after the Lylat Wars, Oikonny's Rebel Army's uprising featured a very similar mecha at one point during the Battle of Fortuna that was apparently a prototype given what the characters stated. The prototype was later encountered at the Asteroid Field in the Aparoid Base construction area, only this time it was infected by the Aparoids.
  • Going by the pilot's introduction, the Shogun was apparently a recent development at the time they fought.


  • The name Shogun is the Japanese equivalent of "General".
  • The Shogun's pilot looks very similar to Granga, considering they are both apes.
  • Like the Shogun Warriors, this boss is a full-on reference to Mobile Suit Gundam. Fittingly, it happens to be equal to that of a Gundam. RX-78-2, to be precise. It even launched out from a catapult in a similar fashion.


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