It's time to try our new weapon!
—Shogun's pilot

The Shogun is a powerful mech used by the Venomian Army which serves as the second boss for Sector Y in Star Fox 64. It is deployed by the Saruzin attack carrier immediately after the two Shogun Warriors are defeated by the Star Fox Team.


Pilot Of The Shogun in Star Fox 64.

The Shogun is an ape-shaped combat space suit, armed with a laser pistol and a shield.


After the destruction of the twin Shogun Warriors, the Shogun will fly around the stage and shoot at the Arwings with greater speed and aggression than it's predecessors. Its shield can absorb the Arwings' Laserblasts, but it is relatively fragile, and will break off after taking several hits.The Shogun is much more agile than the Shogun Warriors and is that much harder to hit, but its pilot makes the huge mistake of periodically landing on the deck of the carrier for short periods of time and shooting at the Arwings while standing still. This makes him an easy target for laser-fire. His last words are "Aaaaaahhhhh!". Going by the pilot's introduction, the Shogun was apparently a recent development at the time they fought.

Other Info

  • Although more models did not appear after the Lylat Wars, Oikonny's uprising featured a very similar mecha at one point during the Battle of Fortuna that was apparently a prototype given what the characters stated. The prototype was later encountered at the Asteroid Field in the Aparoid Base construction area, only this time it was infected by the Aparoids.


  • The name Shogun is the Japanese word for "General."
  • If you hit Shogun, the pilot will say "Cocky little freaks!". In Star Fox 64 3D, if you hit him for a 2nd time, he'll also say "You're making me mad!"
  • Like the Shogun Warriors, this boss is a full-on reference to Mobile Suit Gundam. Fittingly, this White One (Har har) happens to be equal to that of the Gundam. RX-78-2, to be precise.
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