The Sheild Gauge and Bossometer in Star Fox 64 3D.

Enemy shield analyzed!
Slippy Toad (Star Fox 64)
Shield analysis complete! Bringing it up on the monitor!
Slippy Toad (Star Fox: Assault)

A Shield Gauge is a gauge that appears in most Star Fox games, which defines to the characters health status in battle. This can be applied to the main character, Fox McCloud, his allies Team Star Fox and their various enemies.


The Star Fox Team's mechanic Slippy Toad, can provide an analysis on an enemys shield meter. Providing he is present on the battlefield, Slippy's "Bossometer" can detect the life force of Andross's powerful lieutenants. There are other Sheild gauges on the screen which the player must pay attention to, including those of wingmates and bosses. On the Battle of Solar, the conditions were so dire, the shield gauge dropped drastically with lower flight. This constant observation of the shield gauge proved highly dangerous to the pilots concentration.

Collecting Supply Rings or passing through a Checkpoint ring will refill the gauge, depending on the type picked up. Collecting three Gold Rings in Star Fox 64/3D will increase the gauge's size for the rest of the level.

In VS. modes, the handicap makes the shield gauge lower the higher the handicap.

Manual Descriptions

Shield Meter

The red bar here will be shortened when an enemy attack damages your ship or when you collide with a obstacle. Your ship will explode when your Shield Meter is empty. you will also lose one of your remaining ships.
—Star Fox 1993; Instruction Booklet

Shield Meter of Enemy Leader

When you encounter the final Enemy Leader in a stage, this meter will appear. This will tell you when you have damaged the enemy until you have destroyed it!
—Star Fox 1993; Instruction Booklet

Mechanical Whiz

Slippy will route sensor scans of major foes through Great Fox's computer. Once the scans are complete, the enemy's Shield Guage will be displayed.
—Official Nintendo Power Player's Guide, pg 6

Shield Gauge

If your machine takes damage, your shield gauge will reduce gradually. When the gauge disappears completely, your machine will crash. Find shield rings to increase your shield gauge.
—Star Fox 64; Instruction Booklet

Enemy Shield Gauge

When the enemy boss appears, this gauge will be displayed. When the boss takes damages, the gauge will reduce. If Slippy has left the battle, this gauge will not appear.
—Star Fox 64; Instruction Booklet

Shield Gauge

Shows the ship's remaining shields.
—Star Fox 64 3D; Instruction Booklet


Represents Fox/Krystal's Energy level.
—Star Fox Adventures; Instruction Booklet

Shield (Shooting Stages)

Your ship's endurance. If this raches zero, you loose a ship.
—Star Fox: Assault; Instruction Booklet

Shield (All-Range Stages)

The endurance of the vehicle you're using. If this reaches zero, the vehicle will be destroyed and only Fox will be displayed.
—Star Fox: Assault; Instruction Booklet

Life Gauge

This shows Fox's health. If this reaches zero, you will lose one life.
—Star Fox: Assault; Instruction Booklet


Your shields will weaken when you hit an object or take enemy fire. If your shields run out completely, your ship will crash!
—Star Fox Command; Instruction Booklet


Examples of Shield Gauges can be seen in the gallery below:


Early Footage

Other Info

  • Fox's health status does not go unnoticed by other characters, for his teammates will plead for Fox's safety when it reaches critical levels and even Wolf O'Donnell remarked this with "You OK? You look ragged!" during the Battle of the Beltino Orbital Gate.
  • Early development images of Star Fox 64 has revealed that the Shield Gauge was going to be presented in a style similar to a standard vehicle's dashboard meter with a pointer. This was changed to a more simplistic line graph.
  • Because the Great Fox does not exist in the original Star Fox game, teammates that lose their shield gauge's fullness will not retreat to safety, but permanently shot down for the rest of a gameplay round.


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