Hi Fox! I've been studying the mission and I think this will help you.
—Slippy Toad

The SharpClaw Disguise, aka SharpClaw Suit is the fourth Staff Upgrade for Krystal's Staff, which Fox McCloud learns at CloudRunner Fortress from Slippy Toad when he is captured by General Scales.

In the game

When Fox breaks out of his prison cell and contacts Slippy to have the upgrade sent to him, the stone walls of the fortress provides too much interference for a clear transmission, therefore Fox must clear a hole in the nearby wind tower to receive this disguise. By using the C-Stick Inventory, Fox can then use this disguise to walk past an unsuspecting SharpClaw in order to regain the confiscated Staff.


SharpClaw soldiers and other enemies will ignore Fox, even the Sentry Bots within the area will not attack him when this disguise is on. However, he cannot attack enemies in this state, and the effect will wear off immediately if the player presses the B button. Fox can also lift and throw SharpClaw crates and Fuel barrels that have their logo on the front, as he cannot lift them without the disguise. Fox will be able to access areas that are barred by SharpClaw feetpads when wearing the suit.

SharpClaw Disguise

Slippy cobbles together a very effective spell for Krystal's Staff - a disguise that will foolSharpClaw, robot or other enemy. The SharpClaw Disguise transforms Fox into a scaly lizard that can walk freely amongst his foes. He can also activate SharpClaw Pads and pick up Fuel Barrels and crates that are available only to SharpClaws. He cannot, however, wield his Staff while disguised. Cancel the disguise with [B] before attacking.
—Star Fox Adventures; Prima's Official Strategy Guide, pg 6



  • This is the only Staff Upgrade that is not learned in a Staff Cavern.
    • It is also the only Staff Upgrade that doesn't actually require the use of Krystal's Staff.
  • The easiest way to tell Fox apart from other SharpClaws is that he still wears his rucksack. He is also a head smaller and thinner than his SharpClaw counterparts.
  • General Pepper's report and the Prima guide claims that all enemies will ignore Fox when the disguise is in use, but certain enemies such as the RedEye tribe will still attack Fox even when wearing this disguise.


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