SharpClaw Crates are objects that often contain health items or serve as obstacles, which appear in Star Fox Adventures.


Some crates are nearly as large as Fox McCloud and Krystal, and others are even larger, acting as unbreakable barricades. They are very usual objects that appear frequently through Fox's quest on Dinosaur Planet. Their main purpose is to help Fox by giving him PukPuk Eggs or Dumbledang Pods to refill his life, but they can also contain Scarabs. Either breaking the regular crates with Krystal's Staff or a Fuel Barrel will reveal the contents.


Krystal and Crate 2

Krystal stands next to a crate.

Hence the name, SharpClaw Crates are large wooden boxes with the SharpClaw Tribe's insignia on every side. Their name could indicate that they're actually meant to provide the SharpClaw with supplies. The crate does also exist in another variety, where it is smaller and seems to be made of rock or metal. Fox can only carry it while being disguised as a SharpClaw. It appears less often than its wooden counterparts and usually contain either Scarabs or Dumbledang Pods.


These boxes can be found throughout the game. There are three sizes of SharpClaw Crates, each with unique properties. Bust the medium creates with the Staff or exploding Fuel Barrels. The unbreakable large crates sometimes work for climbing. The smallest, metallic crates are very heavy and can only lifted and broken by a SharpClaw-or a Fox disguised as a SharpClaw. If there is an item inside a crate, chances are it's a DumbleDang Pod or PukPuk Egg. Scarabs have been known to hide in them as well. Also, a crate could be covering something important, like a Rocket Boost Pad.
—Star Fox Adventures; Prima's Official Strategy Guide, pg 8


Originally the SharpClaw Crates had a design similar to a swastika. Because it looked too similar, it was redesigned to the 3-prong design. A remnant of this design can be seen on the Flying Galleon, where you have to destroy the 4 blades on the propeller, which has the same shape as the prongs on the crates.


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