Destroy intruders.
—Patrol Bot  

Sentry Bot is a term for robotic security units, but specifically the security robots stationed to defend the climate control center on Fichina from any intruders.


Their anatomy consists of a legless central body with two arms that end in pink "hands". They attack with a slam attack using these arms as hammers, akin to the Spyborg from "Star Fox 64".


Fox vs sentrybots01.jpg

One year after the Plight of Sauria, sentry bot units were discovered as security for the climate control center on Fichina. When the Star Fox Team arrived on the planet in the middle of their chase of Pigma Dengar, Fox entered the climate control center to switch the atmospheric program back on, getting caught by the sentry bots in the process. These robots were equipped with a force field that proved very strong, strong enough to repel the firepower of all weapons at Fox's disposal (save for large-caliber weaponry such as the laser weapons on the Arwing). With guidance from the telepathic Krystal, the weak point was exposed after the sentry bots made their swipe attack. Eventually Falco Lombardi arrived in his Arwing to rescue Fox, making short work of the robots. It was at this point in the aparoid war that Slippy Toad analysed the sentry bots to discover that they had become aparoids; he theorized that aparoids had the ability to take over the minds of bionic targets. This proved crucial to the continuing events in the war.


The Patrol Bot quote was provided by Michael McAuliffe, who also ironically voiced Slippy.


  • Sentry bots appear to be much like the robotic 'Sentinels' from the series Halo, as both of them (at one point) came in conflict with an unknown alien parasite.