Sentry is a robotic security unit present on Dinosaur Planet under the leadership of General Scales.


Sentrys are U.F.O shaped, hovering robots with a lethal shock ray built into the underside. The Sentry bots are in fact similar to Saucerer in that they are dish-shaped craft with weapons on the underside.



Flying robots patrolling for intruders
—Star Fox Adventures; Prima's Official Strategy Guide, pg 17


If caught in a sentry's spotlight, prepare to be zapped by an electric shock.
—Star Fox Adventures; Prima's Official Strategy Guide, pg 17


Avoid detection by keeping away from their lights. Although sentries are indestructible, a Fire Blaster shot will disable them temporally. Don your SharpClaw Disguise and they'll think you're a fellow baddie.
—Star Fox Adventures; Prima's Official Strategy Guide, pg 17


Plight of Sauria

During the Saurian War, General Scales led the SharpClaw Tribe in an all out attack on the planet, using means of higher advanced technology to overpower the other tribes. On CloudRunner Fortress, Scales kept Sentry bots to police the land, programing them to attack any non-SharpClaw lifeforms by repeatedly zapping them. These Sentry bots were highly successful in their capture of Fox McCloud, rendering the pilot into full submission. Fox was eventually able to escape his cell with a SharpClaw Disguise, protecting him from further attacks by the Sentry bots. A blast from the Fire Blaster could stun a sentry bot but not destroy it. After turning the Wind Lift's power back on, the sentry bots were caught in the wind and destroyed upon impact with the ceilings, although not before sounding an alarm seconds before impact.


The Sentry bots at the CloudRunner Fortress speak in a distorted computer morse code, much like the Imperial Spy Probe from the Star Wars series. 



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