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General Pepper's Flight Log, pg 96
Fox, we don't know for sure what Andross is up to in Sector Z. The nebula has become a space graveyard full of wrecked warships, so he may be scavenging them for spare parts. We're counting on your team to maneuver through the hazardous fields of space junk and scout out the situation, but be careful. Intelligence reports suggest that Andross is monitoring all space traffic in the area, and he may have a surprise for you
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Sector Z is one of three strange nebulae located in the Lylat System, named for the unexplained formation of the ship creating the letter Z. It was the famed site of much space wreckage left behind from a battlefield prior to the Lylat Wars and the site of an ambush laid for the Star Fox Team's flagship Great Fox during Andross's conquest of the Lylat System.


Astronomic Data

Astronomical Data
An impossibly huge letter Z formed from space dust looms in Sector Z. Of the three different space dust sectors, Sector Z is the most dangerous. Not only do strange magnetic waves here make navigation difficult, but the area is also strewn with the wreckage of an epic battle from several decades earlier when Cornerian Forces defeated Space Pirates.
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Sector Z is part of a trio of nebulae that appear in the shape of an alphabetical character, itself formed in the shape of a giant Z. Beyond the other two sectors, Sector Z is in fact the most dangerous, despite its smaller size and less amount of magnetic radiation. This is in part because the sector is strewn with the wreckage of an earlier battle, and in part because of its proximity to Venom and Lylat's two suns. 


Years before the Lylat Wars, Sector Z played host to a catastrophic battle between the Cornerian Army and a fleet of space pirates. Cornerian forces ultimately defeated the pirates, but left the sector a graveyard of wrecked warships, and apparently never got around to cleaning it. Some scientists believe Electromagnetism and the Atomic Weak Force drastically changed in this area after the war, likely attributed to the equipment left behind, reacting to the already unstable nature of the areas physical make-up, is one of the reasons it is so dangerous, even though the nebulae itself has less radioactivity than Sector X or Sector Y.

Lylat Wars

Cornerian Intelligence were well aware that travelling to Sector Z was not advisable as the space sector was extremely dangerous due to the magnetic waves and space debris making travel hazardous, as well as the combat sector being very close to Venom, therefore Andross's forces would be patrolling the area frequently, perhaps even scavenging spare parts from the wreckage in the area. It was while attempting to navigate through these debris fields that the Star Fox team came under brutal attack from the Androssian Army, intending to take out their mothership by the latest Invader III Fighters while escorting a half-dozen Copperhead missiles. Despite the impressive defensive systems, Great Fox was unable to protect itself from the sides and launched its fighters in a desperate bid to prevent the missiles from impacting and causing extensive damage. The Star Fox Team, assisted by Katt Monroe, succeeded in driving off the attackers and destroying all six missiles before they could damage the mothership. By successfully sneaking through Sector Z, the Star Fox team was able to take the Venomian air defense zone at Area 6 completely by surprise.

Anglar Blitz

11 years later, Sector Z was the site of a battle between the Star Fox team and the Anglers.

Names in Other Languages

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Japanese (セクターZ, Sekutā Zī)