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Sector X's role in the games.

Star Fox

00 Star Fox Lylat Map

Sector X on the Lylat Map.

Andross's forces intend to build a base in this area!! Destroy their rock crusher!!
General Pepper's Briefing

Boss: Rock Crusher

In the original Star Fox game, Sector X appears on the Lylat Map's second level route. General Pepper's briefing reveals that Andross's air force intend to build a base within the space zone and deployed the Asteroid Destroyer: Rock Crusher to protect it.

Star Fox 64/3D

SF64 SectorX Intro

Sector X's Intro.

Mission No 4. Sector X: Combat Zone; Mystery of the Space Base

Vehicle: Arwing

Type: Corridor Mode

In Star Fox 64 and the 3DS rerelease, Sector X is approachable from Fichina or Katina. If the previous missions had been met with "Mission Accomplished", then the route can be taken to Solar or Sector X by choice, but if they were met with just "Mission Complete" then the choice of route will be cancelled and go straight to Sector X. There are three different routes that can lead out of Sector X to either Sector Z by the Warp Gate on the left side path, or Macbeth or Titania by battling Spyborg. If Slippy is knocked into space by Spyborg, the route choice will be cancelled and only go to Titania, but if Spyborg was defeated quickly enough, Slippy will still crash land on Titania if the route is chosen. If the route taken to Sector X included Katina, Bill Grey will appear to return the favour made for helping the Bulldog and Husky Unit's attacks against Saucerer, by flying on the left side path to help open the warp gate. But if the route taken to Sector X did not include Katina, Bill won't know where Star Fox had gone to so he won't appear at all.

  • If Slippy was put out of commission in an earlier mission, he'll enter the Sector X mission nearing the half point.
    • While risky, if the player is concerned about Medal requirements, it is recommended that they go after Spyborg.


  • Peppy will be tailed after passing the large, floating robotic arm which surprises Falco
  • On the right side route, Peppy will get tailed after he asks Fox to back him up


Boss: Spyborg

Official Site Data

Mission Briefing

Cornerian spies have reported that Andross was developing a star base in Sector X, but our remote sensors now only detect a huge field of space debris. It is unclear if Andross's base construction project has been destroyed by some kind of accident, or if this is part of his plan. It could also be a trap... Our scientists have also detected unusual "worm hole" radiation in the sector. The Star Fox Team must explore the Sector and find out what happened to Andross's construction project, and determine if the worm hole is part of his invasion plan.

Intelligence - Defeat HVC-09 before you lose Slippy, and you'll continue on to Macbeth instead of Titania.

—Star Fox

Medal Tips

Medal Score: 150 hits

Checkpoint Goal: 90 hits

At the beginning of the mission, you'll encounter waves of enemy fighters. Save up bombs for this mission and let em have it. After the Checkpoint, the course will fork to the left and right. Take the right path since there are more enemies that way. Later in the mission, you'll have to make your bombs count. Lock on to an enemy and wait until he approaches a squadron of others so you can blast them all with the bomb.
—Star Fox

Star Fox 64 3D site

  • To get to Titania, wait until Slippy gets hit by the boss's second form.
  • To get to Macbeth, kill the boss before Slippy gets there.
  • To get to Sector Z, take the left path, then shoot and fly through every warp gate.
Score needed for medal

150 HITS

Star Fox Command


Sector X in Star Fox Command.

Pigma's Revenge

Sector X is only playable in one ending of Star Fox Command, and is the final level in that story. Falco Lombardi (and eventually, Katt Monroe) are trapped within the sector, surrounded by Anglar forces. After fighting them off, they are confronted by Pigma Dengar, who was believed to have died after merging with the Aparoids during Star Fox Assault. However, Falco and Katt defeat him. Afterwards, Falco receives a transmission from Fox McCloud, telling him that the rest of the Star Fox (including Krystal) had already defeated the Anglar Emperor by attacking the home base on Venom. Afterwards, Falco is consumed with rage and leaves the Star Fox squadron. Later, he receives a transmission from Katt, telling him to forget Star Fox and create a new team. With Katt, Falco finds a third pilot, Dash Bowman. They make up the Star Falco squadron, and their ships are known as Sky Claws.

  • An error occurred in this sector concerning the coloration. In Star Fox 64, the hue of the sector is blue while in Star Fox Command it is red.

WarioWare: Smooth Moves

Sector X appears as the second level in the WarioWare: Smooth Moves boss minigame for 9-Volt and 18-Volt's stage. In its original starfield SNES design, there are spinning pylons and many enemies to avoid before reaching the giant R.O.B boss, where he coincidently has two flashing blocks to hit before clearing the level.


  • The intelligence report on the official Star Fox 64 site incorrectly indicates Solar as the next Mission Accomplished destination instead of Macbeth.


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