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General Pepper's Flight Log, pg 44
Our spies report that Andross has been developing a star base in Sector X, but all our remote sensors can now pick up is a huge field of space debris. We can't tell if Andross's base construction project has been destroyed by some kind of accident, or if this is part of his plan. It could also be a trap. Our scientists have also detected unusual "worm hole" radiation in the sector. In case a worm hole is part of Andross's invasion plans, we need to have you explore where the warp might lead!
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Sector X is one of three strange nebulae located in the Lylat System, named due to the unidentified reasons of the formation of a giant X. It was the location of a secret research base constructed by Andross's Empire during the Lylat Wars, before the base was destroyed when one of his secret weapons drastically malfunctioned, leaving a lot of wreckage behind.


Astronomic Data
Sector X is one of three mysterious zones of space in the Lylat system where luminous space dust has formed a nebula that appears in the shape of a giant letter. Scientists are sure these formations are not natural, but so far no one has explained the phenomena. Sector X has many strange magnetic currents flowing through it that make travel there extremely hazardous.
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Sector X is part of a trio of nebulae that appear in the shape of a letter, itself formed in the shape of a giant X. Scientists are sure that it is not a natural formation but thus far have been unable to explain how it was formed. Travel through the sector is ill-advised, as electromagnetic pulses from the nebula interfere with navigational systems and critical engine components, making flights near the area hazardous. Rumor has it that there's a long-forgotten warp gate connecting this sector with Sector Z, clear across the system.


Lylat Wars

During the course of the Lylat Wars, Cornerian spies reported that Andross created a secret research facility in Sector X, but then all contact with them was lost. Remote scanning revealed the existence of a debris field, but nothing more could be found out that way.

Unable to conclude what had happened, General Pepper ordered the Star Fox team to investigate, and to determine if a wormhole warp-driven invasion was part of Andross's attack plans. They discovered that the base had been destroyed by Spyborg, whose artificial intelligence had malfunctioned after it was created and caused it to attack the base. Star Fox fought through the Androssian fleet and defense systems that were still active after Spyborg's attack, succeeding in reaching the giant construct and destroying it before its rampage could continue elsewhere. The team also discovered the existence of an artificial Warp Portal generator, which allowed instantaneous convenient travel across Lylat to Sector Z.

Anglar Blitz

After following Star Wolf to Sector X, Falco finds not only that Wolf has already moved on, but that Pigma, who has now mutated into something reminiscent of a puzzle box after he was previously assimilated into an Aparoid. After the two exchange threats, Falco begins to attack the Anglar units in the vicinity. After a short time, however, Katt once again shows up to assist and the Anglar forces are soon defeated.

With the lesser units removed, Pigma feels that it is his turn to silence Falco. Despite his transformation, Pigma's weak spot is found and he is eventually defeated. Once the mission is complete, Katt once again heads off, after which Falco receives a transmission from Fox, telling him that the Anglars have already been defeated by a joint effort from Star Fox and Star Wolf. It is further stated that Krystal has rejoined Star Fox and that Slippy will be married on Aquas. Frustrated at the conclusion which took course in his absence, Falco heads off alone to do some thinking.


  • The intelligence report on the official "Star Fox 64" site incorrectly indicates Solar as the next Mission Accomplished destination instead of Macbeth.

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