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Sector γ (gamma) is one of four nebulae that inhabit the Lylat system in Star Fox Zero. It is the setting of the stage Copperhead Chaos.


The Sector γ nebula is a large yellowish-green colored nebula that is shape like a 'gamma (γ)', a letter in the Grecian Alphabet. In terms of astrological positioning, Sector γ is located near Sector β, Titania, Fortuna and Fichina.


Star Fox was called to Sector γ in order to destroy missiles launched from Fichina before they reached one of Andross's portals in the nebula.

The team, even with enemies all around them and the Great Fox, stopped the three missiles before they reached their destination. If the team failed to stop one of the missiles, Great Fox would sacrifice itself to stop it, failing the mission.


  • The layout of the mission bears resemblance to Sector Z from Star Fox 64/3D, taking place in a sector for one example; but instead of six missiles targeting the Great Fox, it's three missiles heading for a portal.

Names in Other Languages

Language Name
Japanese セクターγ宙域 (Sekutā γ chūiki) Sector γ Space Zone