Sector Ω (Omega) is one of four nebulae that inhabit the Lylat system in Star Fox Zero. It hosts the game's anti penultimate stage, Blasting Through!. It is the seventh stage if Wolf O'Donnell cannot KO Peppy Hare in Sector Beta, but if he did, it becomes the ninth stage.


The Sector Ω nebula is a large purplish-blue nebula that is shape like an 'Ω', a letter in the Grecian alphabet. In its centre is a black swirling vortex. Though it has this on the world map, it does not appear to have the vortex in the level until the Attack Carrier battle starts. In terms of astrological positioning, Sector Ω is located between Fortuna, Fichina, and Venom.


Five years ago, James McCloud, Peppy Hare, and Pigma Dengar were on-route to Venom near the nebula to investigate strange activities. Before they could go any further, Pigma betrayed the team, having been working for Andross the whole time. They were lured into a trap, but thanks to a noble sacrifice by James, Peppy was barely able to escape with his life. James never returned.

Five years later, James's son Fox McCloud and his new Star Fox team arrived at Sector Ω, traveling at maximum speed in order to reach Venom. They blazed through and around the debris, enemies, and asteroids they came across, all of them risky to dodge.

Just when they thought they made it to Venom, the planet suddenly disappeared. Soon afterwards, the Attack Carrier appeared, challenging them to a fight. Star Fox was able to defeat the enemy, but they still had one problem on their hands: how to get to Venom. They contacted General Pepper, who came up with an idea on how to get to the planet and he ordered Star Fox to return to Corneria at once.


  • This is the only sector in Star Fox Zero to have a capital Greek letter as the symbol; the other three sectors use lower case letters.
  • Sector Ω is described as a "Space Graveyard" and is the location or vicinity where James disappeared, making it parallel to the Black Hole, which its central vortex greatly resembles.

Names in Other Languages

Language Name
Japanese セクターΩ宙域 (Sekutā Ω chūiki) Sector Ω Space Zone
Spanish El Sector Omegues (Sector of Omega) (third declension, genitive Lis Sectorus Omegues)
Portuguese O Sector Omegues (Sector of Omega) (third declension, genitive Lis Sectorus Omegues)
Italian Il Sectore/Settore Omeghes (Sector of Omega) (third declension I-stem, genitive Lis Sectórius/Settórius Omeghes)
Latin Sector Omegae or Sector Omegā (Sector of Omega) (third declension, genitive Sectōros/-is Omegae/-ā)