You've located a secret base! Try to gain entrance.
General Pepper

The Secret Base is a mysterious area in the Lylat System.

In the game

The Secret Base is only accessible to the player if they have collected every Pepper Medal on the current difficulty level that is being played. The Secret Base's surface features a small neighborhood town, static copies of many planetary enemies which may be destroyed for health, and every power-up in the game. It features brown terrain and striking dark violet clouds.

In addition, the Secret Base is the exclusive location of the only Homing power-up in the entire game. There is no objective to be completed in this area. To leave, one must pause the game and select "Return to Map".

The Secret Base may be revisited as many times as desired. Destroyed enemies and collected power-ups will respawn on each visit. The only exception to this is the Homing power-up, which can only be collected once per squad member (by swapping squad members with the Select button on the Map, your secondary squad member may collect the Homing upgrade as well).


  • The Secret Base's environment appears to be very similar to Venom's, albeit at night. The neighborhood area was present in the unreleased beta build of the game, though in Venom's daytime environment. It was not normally accessible without the use of debug tools.
  • Based on Pepper's briefing remark, it's only one of several secret bases in-universe.


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