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Sculpins are tadpole like sea creatures and are found on the planet of Aquas. Andross had been using bio-engineering techniques to mutate the sea creatures of Aquas into bio-tech enhanced monsters from the abyss. Each mindless bio-tech drone had been conditioned to think only one thought, destroy Star Fox or be destroyed.


Sculpins mainly lie motionless within the floors on the ocean depths, until the Blue-Marine approaches, were they will rise up and pick out their path before charging into the sub. They can be taken down with one shot while they lie on the seabed, therefore it is advisable to lock on with Torpedoes to take a gathering down in one shot, in order to get the bonus Hit benefits.

Enemy Recon

Schools of Sculpins lie on the seabed waiting you approach. If you don't stir them up, they'll launch up and hit you. Start blasting them with your laser and torpedoes at a distance to score mass hits.
—Official Nintendo Power Player's Guide, pg 85

Medal Tips

Shoot, fire torpedoes and barrel roll simultaneously for best results in the seas of Aquas. To make sure you destroy as many enemies as possible, use the brake to hold back and get them all! The underwater canyon just before the final lieutenant is a particularly target rich environment full of shrimp mutants and starfish. Be sure to destroy the huge barnacles on top of Bacoon's shell as these are worth 12 hit points.
—Star Fox


Normally the Aquas ocean teems with life but the predations of Andross's forces have done severe damage to the planet's ecosystem. Andross had been using bio-engineering techniques to mutate the sea creatures of Aquas into deadly weapons. However, because of the rapidly spreading pollution in the planet's ocean, Cornerian Intelligence were unable to determine exactly what was happening on the planet. During the Lylat Wars, several Sculpins were encountered by the Blue-Marine, but the unlimited supply of Torpedoes were able to reduce them to fried calamari.