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The Scrapworm is a worm-like machine made out of many other parts of machines. It appears as one of the bosses of "Star Fox Zero", more specifically as the boss of the stage "A Fox In The Desert". Its role as the captor of Peppy Hare in the desert of Titania is similar to Slippy Toad being a captive of Goras in "Star Fox 64")

In the game

After driving his Landmaster through the landscape of Titania, Fox McCloud finds Peppy's crashed Arwing a sandpit. The advisor warns Fox not to come any closer. This is because Peppy and his Arwing are trapped by the Scrapworm's tractor beam. Using the Landmaster, the tank must aim for the centre glowing piece on the Scrapworm's head while avoiding being dragged into the pit, to allow Peppy a chance of escape. After Peppy manages to pilot to safety, the Scrapworm rises from the sand and exposes its vulnerable energy globes. The Scrapworm's outer shell is laser proof and it will attempt to circle its pit and crash into the Landmaster, and attempting to use the grapple beam to drag the Landmaster in, both requiring evasive actions. It will also launch enemies for a chance to increase hit points. The exposed glowing core of the head is still vulnerable when using the grapple beam and rising out of the sand. The Scrapworm awards 10 Hit points when it is killed.


Notes and Trivia

  • The Scrapworm can actually be damaged before its main fight's first phase starts if Fox shoots the creature's mouth while it rises from the ground.
  • What appears to be miniature versions of the Scrapworm are present throughout the Titanian landscape as common enemies, complete with their own grapple beams.
  • Phase 2 of "A Fox In The Desert" is titled "King Of The Desert", meaning the Scrapworm's gender may be male or at least masculine programming despite the boss's non-sapient nature.
  • The Scrapworm's death animation when it drops to zero hit points is illogical: normally, the body would collapse before the plates that make it up break apart. Instead, the Scrapworm's head appears to float as its body breaks from the tail end to the front.
  • It and the Monarch Dodora share their battle theme, which is titled Boss B. Ironically, this does not extend to the Cosmic Dodora.

Names in Other Languages

Language Name
Japanese (スクラップワーム Scrapworm)
(地底潜航兵器 Subterranean Weapon)
Spanish El Gusano De Basúrad, Rey Desiertis (Garbage worm, King of the Desert)
Portuguese O Verme Da Basura, Rey Desiertis (Garbage worm, King of the Desert)