Scout Pods are Venomian starfighters, manufactured in the weapons labs on Macbeth and utilised by Andross's army, during the Lylat Wars.


Scout Pods are U.F.O like starfighters, with four spider like appendages at the edges, presumably for landing. They tend to swoop down from one angle and remain hovering, stationed in one spot. Taking certain paths under bridges will cause some more to cluster on screen.

Stunt Flying

They're trying to distract you with a sea of ground-pounders while Scout Pods drop in from above. Evade!
—Official Nintendo Power Player's Guide, pg 108

Medal Tips

There are tricks to getting enough enemies to appear to get a medal in this stage. Try flying between the buildings and under arches since this will sometimes make additional enemies appear. In general, in order to earn a medal you will need to use the charged lasers to destroy clusters of enemies with one shot. Also, make sure your wingmen survive the mission! Falco will be attacked immediately after the checkpoint-- be sure to shoot down his pursuers.
—Star Fox

In the games

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Scout Pods were utilised at the battles in Corneria City and Venom's plains, using the typical Venomian tactical strategy of overwhelming numbers and surprise attacks, appearing whenever certain fight routes were made in and out of the ruined city buildings. Scout Pods were present at Zoness too, where they could take cover under the base's construction pylons and take pot shots at the Arwings.

Scout Pods are also present within the game's Training Mode, appearing when the Trainer teaches the player how to use locking on, Smart Bombs, shooting and using a U-Turn.


Scout Pods reappear in "Zero" under the name Mambo II, behaving as they did previously.

In the Comic

Scout Pods also make an appearance in the Lylat Wars Comic. With Tripod Fighters, they tail Slippy Toad at Corneria City until he performs a Barrel Roll at Peppy Hare's advice.